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  1. I’d say four is just about the borderline to fat. Belly starting to hang is a good indicator
  2. So my wife has started to rub and massage my belly when she sits besides me in the car. Very distracting when driving. Last night she asked me: “do you want another piece of pie?” me “No I shouldn’t” She: “I’ll give you a piece anyway, because your belly is telling me it does want another piece”
  3. My wife knows my preferences but isn’t keen on going beyond a slightly chubby level. Lately I gained a few kg and I find that more arousing than I expected. My wife seems to like it, especially in bed. She has made statements like ‘I want you to be my big man’ and she hinted at me gaining more of a belly. But I’m not certain (yet). But love it when you touches my belly or that she has been pushing me to eat more...
  4. Agree with the advice above. And sounds like you are very lucky to have a girl with this attitude!
  5. Sometimes its helps to slow down or fast for a few days, skip breakfast. Eat most at the end of the day. Congratulations on your dedication!
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