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  1. Is it bad that I am an attention whore? I've realized that because of how I feel about myself and my body that I seek the attention of others to make me feel good about myself. And that in turn creates me to have some confidence in myself. So does that make me a bad person?😕

    1. >_< 0_0

      >_< 0_0

      It doesn't factor into being bad; it's just a weakness (like my arms atm). After a while, you'll gain some life experience and confidence, so that you won't need acknowledgement from others for self-worth.

    2. Ontario_feeds


      Absolutely not. We all yearn for types of attention, that's why celebrity culture is so lucrative. Totally normal and human thing to want/need.

  2. Thank you for the support so far. I'm slowing opening up and becoming happier with myself. I have more bad days then good, but I want to move past those

  3. Kinda felt beautiful here


    1. Ontario_feeds


      Kinda looks beautiful too 🎈

  4. Its hard to accept my weight for how I am 

    Screenshot_20190708-170424_Chat Hour.jpg

    1. justcallmeB


      Ugh I completely relate to this. Sometimes is so difficult to accept your weight and other times you feel sexy. 

    2. slobodan33


      People can adore  you the way you are.  know that a lot of people out there find you very attractive.  i certainly do.

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