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    Looking at beautiful curvy women who love showing off their voluptuous butts, legs, and bellies.

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  1. Do you do anything extra other than normal eating to make your butt plumper? Like squats or something?? Asking for a friend..
  2. There’s something about the dimples and craters that’s so raw and animalistic in its attractiveness. What a figure..😍
    So much sauce.. 😍🤤 And, Thankyou!
  3. Dang... i guess I should... you’re a badass.
  4. Wow, I love that you have a method other than just force feeding yourself. They say you cant target or “spot” train/gain a specific area. But I disagree. It just takes patience and a plan. You look great, and it’s so refreshing to see a skinny model type woman choose to put on weight. It’s important to stay flexible too, for circulation. being fat doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to touch your toes! It’s important! You’re awesome. Walking video would be sweet. Camera just below your booty. 👌🏼
  5. Wow, I was not expecting that.. 👾😳ummm... wow. You’re gorgeous. Is your name Zoey? Lol. I’m Samuel nice to meet you all.
  6. This girl is my hero. It’s so wonderful. 🙌🏻
  7. Okay, purely for research purposes. This may sound funny but here it goes.. does your mother or anyone in the family have the same curves as you? Or are you a complete anomaly? Respectfully.

    1. Udderlyadorable


      On my mom side I come from a long line of big booties, all very pear shaped😅 And on my dad side the women have big boobs and very slender legs and are more straight up and down. 

      I guess I am a mixture I still have some sort of boobs they just look small in comparison to my huge bottom half 😅 I think the booty gene is very much dominant lol 


    2. Secretsquirrel


      Bless you and your family. 🙌🏼 You do have great boobies, no doubt about it. What ethnicities? Or do you know? I might try 23 and me, cause I haven’t much of an idea myself..

    3. Udderlyadorable


      My mom side is Italian and Slovakian my dad side is Italian, Filipino/Chinese. As you can imagine on my dads side I am always the fattest person at every family party 😂🤣 

      I myself just look like Casper the friendly Ghost lol 

    4. Secretsquirrel


      That’s a very eclectic and interesting mix of nationalities. I bet there is always awesome food at the parties too! I knew a lot of cool Filipinos in the Navy.  And you are extremely friendly. You’re completely awesome and I appreciate you Casper. 😁

    5. AllContrast


      Woo! Go Italians! Haha

    That was incredible girl. You’re so sensual in the way you move, and your voice is so sweet and sultry sounding. I’m so glad you decided to become a model. 🥳😍. Also, I’ve watched enough of these now to see tiny glimpses of your beautiful face.. don’t think we haven’t noticed; though I do like the mystery behind your videos. Thankyou!!!!
    Maybe what I want to actually say would get me in trouble or kicked off the site, might be too risqué. Damn girl, you are so wonderful. I love watching you’re videos! They just keep getting better and better.
  8. You’re always going to be sexy. I think you already know that though. Thanks for sharing with us all. 🍝🍔🍩
    Those are some bouncy tit tays. Beautiful girl. You are admired by many.
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