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  1. Sara’s getting really chubby Seems to have really started to pack it on over the last few weeks.
  2. She knows she shouldn’t, but she just can’t resist
  3. I wouldn’t give up on this one just yet. Sarah’s weight loss was courtesy of liposuction, not gaining control of growing appetite for sweets and junk food. a week after liposuction she posted that she was staying in an ice cream themed hotel, with all you can eat ice cream. Sarah has become a greedy girl and unless she can gain control of that she’s just going to end up getting fat again.
  4. Sara looks close to bursting her first button.
  5. That waistband on those little denim shorts is being worked pretty hard here
  6. Check out those meaty thighs Sara is developing
  7. Most of the extra pounds Sara is packing on have gone to her ass and tits, but now Sara is starting to show signs of filling out all over. Sara knew how hot her skinny little body was and worked it for all it’s worth, I think a slightly chubby Sara is looking pretty cute. i wonder how Sara feels about the thicker, softer filled out body she is getting now?
  8. No one else seems to be getting on this slow gain of the slimmest playboy playmate of all time. She’s no longer skinnier than the rest of them.
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