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  1. My Weight Gain

    What do you think of these before and afters!

    Before is 2017... After is today.

    My panties are so tight they are squeezing into my hips now! I need to size up.... Should I do a video where I talk about my before weight and my goal weight? 


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    2. Dr. Feeder

      Dr. Feeder

      Yes, love the origin stories, whether they're about super-heroes or feedees!

    3. SophieSQ


      I really did! I had no idea how big i'd got until these pictures!

      No I don't drink beer, but I have been eating a lot of carbs recently and they are bloating me so much but they just taste soooo good.

    4. jex1


      You look amazing at both weights, but I'm pretty sure you know which one I prefer.  😉

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