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  1. @AdjectiveNounCombo Says the code is invalid
  2. Other existing stories are fine but I'd rather see some new stories for the series.
  3. @McK The pregnancy idea is a good one but too soon if the stories are going in order of Lalia's life. Lalia would have to curb her eating because she can't take care of a baby while being the size of a house. A lesson she learns the hard way. Now Lalia struggles with control and finds a career that makes her happy and loses interest in binge eating. Eventually something brings her back. Maybe depression and remembers eating brought joy. Maybe her kid goes to College and remembers how she lost control there and relives her memories at a local buffet. The next logical step should be the introduction of a feeder. Lalia stated in an earlier that she wants someone who shared in her love of food. And a feeder would be the next step in her finding that person. It would give her the support to really let go. With a person there to encourage her eating that could open up some new directions to go in. Although the feeder should not be Jane. In the world of CC Jane is the voice of reason. Also, she and Lalia ended badly in Double Dip. Now we need to see them rebuild their friendship. I think it's very unlikely that we'll ever see Jane put on weight or get stuffed more than what we have already seen. It would be awesome but highly unlikely. The same can be said with Trevor. He needs to atone for what he did while he gets his shit together. Maybe making an appearance at the end of a chapter as a cliff hanger.
  4. @AdjectiveNounCombo Maybe it wouldn't be redundant for Lalia to deal with her weight again. In Double Dip, Lalia's weight bothered her as she didn't feel attractive anymore. She then snaps out of it and the subject doesn't really come up again because she's happy. But what if the weight issue is positive from the start? Maybe Lalia is loving feeling fuller and bigger. Purposely buying clothes that she's too fat for to wear at home. Then gets the courage to dress that way outside for the looks and attention. Lalia craving the attention leads to more over eating. Many people have commented on the CC series about how Lalia eats and never gains. Could you put up a poll to see how many people would be interested in seeing her gain? She'll never be SSBBW size, but something more than the end of Double Dip. Just to get an idea from the masses. Not sure if this is a tease but Marvel has a series called What If. They take stories and twist a few things here and there such as Uncle Ben lives and Aunt May dies or Deadpool becomes Venom. Maybe something like that can be done with CC. What if... Jane was like Lalia? What if... Lalia was a BBW? And have a short series of stories that don't effect the main CC universe.
  5. @AdjectiveNounCombo You teased the idea of giving Laila a voice. Is that still in the works?
  6. @AdjectiveNounCombo You're busy and I get what you're saying. Also Arthur doesn't want to exceed the Thanksgiving size, which is fine too. But one has to wonder could Lalia get back to her feet at that size? And how the hell did she get home?
  7. @AdjectiveNounCombo Any chance you could draw a single page of Lalia from Thanksgiving after she's back on her feet from breaking the table? So we can see Lalia in her fullest size. And if you wanted to do more CC can you just do it or do you need to clear it with Arthur first?
  8. @AdjectiveNounCombo On the left Lalia is happy for more Double Dip. But then the right she looks devastated because it's the end. Any word on a new artist?
  9. @AdjectiveNounCombo Can't wait! Poor Trevor looks terrified like he thinks Lalia is going to vore him. I know there's no vore in this. Can't imagine how Lalia could fit in the back seat if she's still as big as we last saw her.
  10. @AdjectiveNounCombo Awesome work! Looks like a throw back to the early Arthur pages where Lalia is licking frosting off her chest. When do you expect these pages to come out on your DA page?
  11. @AdjectiveNounCombo That sounds great. What a way to send off Lalia's swan song than with a ton of pages from Arthur. Are you adding any of your own pages to the 15?
  12. @AdjectiveNounCombo If Double Dip is wrapping no later than September what does that mean for the release schedule? You said it'll be many pages so are you planning on releasing a few pages each month?
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