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  1. The reason why men are so reticent is simply evolutionary. Fat girls are regarded by society as unfit partners further down the pecking order. Men who like them subconsciously assume that people will perceive them as non-alpha or unfeasible and that something is "wrong" with them. In my opinion, these are stupid reasons, but hard to overcome. One thing that's useful to realise is that societal competition is not the way to happiness, self-recognition and fulfillment are.
  2. I do not think it's become part of the zeitgeist (alas!). The content explosion on the internet is for the same reasons as many other fetishes, it has given people reason to connect. Also, as has been pointed out, people are getting bigger, and that's positive too. But think for a second of your social circles, at least here in Europe most people would think liking bigger girls is an anomaly, the health & fitness cult is alive and well, and people gaining weight is still perceived negatively. It is possible though that it may enter the zeitgeist, skinny preference is only a modern phenomenon, but I said it hasn't happened yet.
  3. kururu

    Kerry Marie

    But is she comes back even just a little bit chubbier then all will be forgiven.
  4. http://xhamster.com/movies/2780954/gorgeous_ssbbw_topless_in_skirt.html Anyone knows who she is? Isn't she everything you ever wanted?
  5. So when you browse over what an individual user has posted as attachments showing also thumbnails would be brilliant.
  6. Sudden flash of clarity, her name was Cristina! (legitimate bump, in the context of new information) Anyone remember her?
  7. Fapmourning is over! It's okay to fap to Anna Nicole again! How long was it?
  8. So sad to see the loveliest of them all go. But this is a case of what I'll call 'the curvage paradox': Internet gaining is inherently unstable. As time goes on, pressure to gain (by fans) grows linearly, while the costs of gaining grow exponentially (health + daily life stigma) and the net economic benefits of gaining actually start to regress after a certain tipping point (which varies from case to case). Ergo, she steps out of the market :'(
  9. This one still haunts me and people who've been here a while (2007 thereabouts) will remember, I hope. It's this very pretty Greek/Italian girl, black hair, tanned who starts off slim and progressively gets fatter and fatter. The first pictures were of her partying with her girlfriends and the last ones are of her with her cheerleading team, but by then she's too big to be on it and she's standing all self-conscious on the side. I remember it was quite a popular thread back in the day, but it disappeared in one of the transitions... I still beat myself up for not saving those pictures. And I can't recall her name either...
  10. Low self-confidence, stupidity, and ugly feet
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