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  1. I see myself as a woman. With trans being an adjective. Just as there are white women, black women, straight women, gay women, feminine women and gender nonconforming women, there are also cis women and trans women. They're all just descriptors of certain kinds of women. In my personal life, I know dozens of other trans people and not one of them identifies as a third category or something separate from our identified gender. If a person happens to consider themself non-binary well, that's a slightly more complicated topic but... Yes, day to day, in all social contexts and all public spaces, I'm grouped as a woman. Personally, I think it would be strange if this site were the one exception.
  2. Hey. Trans girl here! 🙋‍♀️ Also one thinking about posting some photos. Here are my two cents. If there's a separate section on this site that trans people are limited to posting in, I'm 100% certainly not going to be sharing anything. If I'm allowed to post in the general Women of Curvage section, I will but with a full disclosure that I'm trans (don't want any of you poor fellas vomiting in your mouth or whatever it is that happens). Now if there happened to be a trans generated thread for trans feminine individuals to share photos of ourselves, that would be pretty cool. I thought that's what this thread would be when I clicked on to it actually...
  3. Did anyone see this episode? I really want to know the dialogue around her eating donuts. I'm wondering if they were able to get through a scene where she's double fisting donuts without making comment on her weight? That would honestly be impressive, but I'd love it either way! Also, she and Katie McGrath together! 🤩
  4. I genuinely love her music. Till now I've only known her voice. Now I know she's also a hottie with body - extra extra bonus points to her! 💜
  5. #wcw to the girls who always order venti at Starbucks 🧡 Also, pumpkin spice season is upon us! 🎃 The pumpkin cream cold brew is goood! 

  6. It's one thing to be happy and enjoying food, another to be depressed and gaining weight despite your intentions. As much as I'd love to enjoy food and happily let myself go in a feedist relationship, all I've gotten is the latter, and yeah, it sucks. Poor Kenji! Glad to hear he's doing well! And congrats on finding a feeder! 💜
  7. This is so real. Every pound I gain both terrifies and excites me. I fight between feeling super self-conscious and secretly loving it. For what it's worth, you look amazing!
  8. Thank you for following me. :)

  9. sugardork

    Noelle Foley

    "🎶 These are a few of my favorite things 🎶😋🍰🍕Chocolate cake and pizza, my oh my!!! This might be an evil question of me, so please forgive me, but if you had to give up one FOREVER, which would it be??? 😱😭😳🙀🤭 I would have to give up chocolate cake because I cannot live without PIZZA 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 #EatWithNoelle"
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