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  1. $6.95

    Chubby Chinese Snow White takes measurements, steps on a scale, and dances while chugging cream

    Watch this clip in which Chubby Chinese Snow White tries on her much too large birthday dress, takes her current measurements and weight, and then strips down to her undies and dances around and plays with her belly while drinking a quart of her new favorite beverage: heavy whipping cream. 

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  2. $5.95

    Chubby Chinese Snow White Tries on old shirts and chugs cream

    Watch Chubby Chinese Snow White try on several old shirts and a pair of old shorts that don't fit as she describes them to the camera, after struggling to find clothing she gives up, chugs cream instead, and dances around her kitchen only to chug more cream. 

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  3. $5.95

    ChubbySnow devours 10 Popsicles and plays with her body wishing you were there to do it for her

    Chubby Chinese Snow White has been melting in the heat all day, its time for her to unwind with some music and some delicious popsicles after a huge Thai dinner... Her bloated belly hangs out over her leggings as she devours popsicle after popsicle, chatting out her stream of consciousness, singing and dancing, and wishing you were there to grab her body. After she finishes her 10 popsicles she closes out the camera with a kiss from her way-too-red tongue to go get herself more snacks.

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  4. $3.99

    Chubby Chinese Snow White chugs a quart of heavy whipping cream

    Watch my gut spill out of my leggings as I chug an entire quart of heavy whipping cream in one sitting. After I finish chugging I play with my full belly and enjoy how soft I'm getting every day. Teaser video of what's to come...

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