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  1. Friday night takeaway for one😍


  2. Just waiting to finish work before my two days off and looked down and thought - My curves/belly look so cute right now 😉💗


    1. Matt66


      Really cute! Nice gut!!! 😍😍

  3. Did somebody say golden hour? 😍 this time of evening is my favourite, so flattering and everything is sparkling! 

    ps: I have a new video, stuffing in bed so I can have these amazing curves!! Go watch and tell me what you think ❤️ 





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    2. regbill


      Stretchy clothes are a curvy girls best friend.😁

    3. freeak


      Artistic chub! Chub is luv! You are mindblowing ❤️🤯

    4. G_G


      Thank you so much 🥰

  4. Going out for cocktails tonight, thinking of wearing this green bodysuit under a tight skirt😍


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    2. Luminous
    3. regbill


      Any outfit would look great when it's enhanced by your stunning curves.😉

    4. Matt66


      Marry me! 

  5. My new video is up.. listen to me tell you about how much I love my belly rolls while I stuff my face 😍 


    1. notto125


      Soo hot 😍😍😍

    2. G_G


      Thank you🥰

  6. Watch me stuff my face with a Big Mac, fries, coke and doughnuts for dessert. I was having a super lazy morning and just couldn’t stop thinking about a burger and filling my big round belly up. Now I can lay in bed and rub it for the rest of the day..until I start thinking about my next snack😉


  7. Just waiting for my new video to be approved.. it’s a long one!! I love talking to you while I stuff my chubby face 😘


  8. Check out my topic I just posted ❤️ And get ready to see me stuffing a MacDonald’s later 😉


  9. I think this is my new favourite skirt! Feeling extra chubby and sexy in it.. it’s so hard to dress in summer without my fat showing off hehe I’ll have to save it for my videos! A new one is coming really soon 😘



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    2. Kult drolle

      Kult drolle

      Wifey material!

    3. Neil Moores

      Neil Moores

      Looking gorgeous 

    4. G_G


      Thank you so much🥰

  10. 💗3 day weekend sale💗

    As it’s a special occasion 3 day weekend for me, I want to make it a special weekend for you as well. 3 of my videos are on sale until Sunday!! I am one chubby bunny right now, going to eat and dance all weekend! 








  11. I really want to do a long eating video with all the food you have lovingly got for me😘 I’m hungry and I know you want to see how much I can fit in hehe - if you’re interested then message me and we can arrange it! Xoxo 

  12. I know it’s not Easter but I am the ultimate cute chubby bunny!💗🐇 keep an eye on my page as I’m having another sale - this time on my oily belly clip😘 




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    2. G_G


      Aw thank you😘

    3. Rebeljoe


      You are so beautiful. I'd love to feed you some carrot cake.

    4. G_G


      I would love that! Carrot cake is up there with my favourites 

  13. I LOVE a pair of fish nets 😍 incredibly sexy, don’t you think? It’s too hot for real clothes here! What have you been upto and what do you want to see next?! 


    1. Rebeljoe


      You look amazing. How about turning around and give a full view. 

    2. G_G


      Thank you! The next picture for sure 😉

  14. Why not a selfie to change things up a bit?! 😜Sorry I’ve been so quiet over the last few days, it’s been incredibly sunny and warm in England so I’ve been out enjoying the weather! ☀️ But I’m back because I missed you! I’m thinking of doing a sale on my POV video...keep posted 😏❤️


    1. John Smith

      John Smith

      Is this just my imagination or do you really look alike @KittyPiggy when she used to be about the same range of bodyweight than yours?? 😲 

  15. Tried this cute little lace top on earlier! Really want to go back and get it, loved the way it hugged to my curvy body😍


    1. ice on my wrist

      ice on my wrist

      Wow it sure does! So cute😘

    2. ice on my wrist

      ice on my wrist

      Your also from the UK?!

    3. G_G


      Yes! 😊

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