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  1. Quarantine has really pushed me up on the scale and has been testing my stomach’s capacity. I get the biggest challenge I’ve faced so far; $300 stuffing in one go, very little breaks. I even chug a bit of cream to make sure I’m packed tight 💕 watch me jiggle and show off my swollen hog gut 😋 I’ve really blown up lately, let’s see how much more weight I can pack on till my next weigh in video 😜


  2. @Belly Goddess hey, how are you doing during this quarantine?

    I was wondering if I may ask you the question: do you ever struggle because of your hips or butt in tight spaces or chairs? Or for example turnstiles?

    1. Belly Goddess

      Belly Goddess

      I do in certain plastic chairs 😂😂

  3. Quarantine has really taken a toll on my body! It's only been a few weeks into staying home and it's already getting harder to move around...Watch this chunky fatty show off her new gains when she plops her growing gut in the sink and jiggling her body! (This piggy is completely empty too!)


  4. What videos would you guys like to see? I've taken a little break from here but I'm excited to show off my gain soon! Quarantine is really taking a toll on my fat ass ahaha

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Addicted2Bellies


      Omg, so pumped you’re doing a video! You’ve been getting so frickin chonkyyy!! 🤤 would love to see some outgrown clothes, belly side view, and how much that gut is making you waddle

    3. Submissivefeeder



    4. Enoch_blackthorn


      Go buy a button up that's small and do a stuffing video while wearing it


    5. tonydoo


      Heavy cream chug!!

  5. BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! Review this video and comment “twenty” & what video you’d like to get! ❤️


  6. Buy one get one free sale? 👀

  7. Watch this overstuffed fatty rub body oil all over her belly. She stuffed herself with everything she seen and now she could barely stand, belly swollen and out. She slowly massages her belly to make more room for more food..


  8. Guess who decided to have a massive mcdonalds stuffing? This fatty did if you couldn’t tell by my swollen, overstuffed gut! I can barely stand up, panting and moaning about how overstuffed I am yet I still slowly drink milkshake to make sure the extra calories stick!


  9.  I tried a mentos and coke bloat last night but it seems it didn’t work 😞



    1. bigd1420


      Wow, it'll be amazing when it does work. Try to chew the mentos as little as possible so all the fizz can get oxidized in your belly. And having 1-2 liters helps too.

    2. cchaser805


      Please try again! 😍 and if possible don’t dilute your belly with water.

  10. I found an old video where I chug a quart of heavy cream on top of a already stuffed belly! I felt ready to explode, slowly rubbing my belly until I can’t stand to swallow more fattening cream...watch and see the heavy cream slowly fill me up and swell me even bigger!


  11. I ate everything and anything I could! I felt so close to bursting! It’s getting harder and harder to keep my huge belly stuffed. Listen to me moan and groan about how much I ate and watch me rub my swollen gut 🥰


  12. I swear I've been stuffing my face so much, I barely have been outside...God, I've been such a lazy pig.

  13. Join me in this soapy shower to celebrate my first steamy set on Curvage!


  14. I’m starving and tired but I finally got to edit some videos today! I’m so ready to sit back and stuff my face 😭😂

  15. I’m thinking 350 as my first goal 🥵 imagine me as a lil butterball 😭

    1. Enoch_blackthorn
    2. Imabloaterboy
    3. Imabloaterboy


      I think we can all agree with that 👀

    4. Imabloaterboy


      Youd look amazing!!!

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