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  1. It was a yt subscriber of mine who had asked before for pictures which at the time I wasnt involved in sex work. But after becoming involved and I offered my clip site information then he stayed he would buy me a particular mic for what I do on yt after he had allegedly "had fun" to my content out of left field completely he said who would ever pay for your clips you are a fat slob. I was actually feeling like the whole thing was too good to b true but he really turned that quick and I think it embarrassed me for the most part that I fell for him being so nice lol I am feeling much better since I slept for a while tho and thanks so much for your response, I know it's likely I will get some reactions this way. I had decided I am going to surround myself with bbw fetishists and ppl I know would appreciate me for me so i can b safe lol
  2. Does energy drink and chocolate covered almonds count? 😅
  3. Had an exchange with someone earlier regarding my clip site where I was called a fat slob. Anyone have experience with this? I'm a sex work fledgling and holy shit my spirit was crushed by one person. [emoji21] anyone have advice?
  4. Just getting ready for work [emoji849] I wanna stay in bed
  5. Im new here! Just popped in to say hello, how is everyone? I am new to making sexy content so I am kinda awkward at it yet! Looking forward to getting to know you all
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