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  1. Hello beautiful lady❤️ My name is Gosha. How are you?🥰

  2. Aslyn and Hayden love nothing more than stuffing themselves to the max. A full belly feels so good and in this video they both push themselves to eat more and more. They've been in Vegas eating at all of the buffets but they've had to get fattening snacks to tide themselves over in-between binge sessions and this time they picked up some whipped cream to stuff themselves in front of the camera. Aslyn and Hayden share the can of cream back and forth, feed each other and eat and eat until the can is empty. Then with bloated bellies they jiggle, shake and show off how big this mini stuffing session has made them both.


  3. Fat Chat Belly Play & Dropping Aslyn and Hayden can't stop binge eating. At home they can order take-out or go to the fast foods places around their own cities, but here in Sin City they can really indulge in their gluttony. Las Vegas is filled with buffets and amazing food and they can't get enough of it. They talk about their stuffing sessions, how bloated they've been getting, what they've been eating then it's on to showing off their full bellies. They jiggle and shake their bellies, compare to each others (Aslyn's is firm and Hayden's is soft and jiggly). Hayden suggests they try belly plopping on the counter in their hotel room bathroom and wow does it get loud! They both take turns plopping their big heavy gut's on the counter and it shakes the entire vanity and rumbles in the room. Then they do it both at the same time over and over - if they were any heavier it sounds like they could damage it with their weights! Maybe after some more buffet stuffing they could try again. What do you think?


  4. Aslyn and Hayden have been in Las Vegas and they are loving it so far - eating at so many buffets and stuffing themselves full at each one. They sit down and talk to you about all of the delicious and fattening foods they've been eating, how bloated and stuffed it makes them, recent weight gains, fat struggles and gaining goals for 2020. (Includes: fat chat and light belly play)


  5. Happy Valentine's Day! In this clip I show off my soft belly as I bounce, jiggle, grab, and smack my fat apron. I show off different angles and different jiggle types while wearing my sexy red heels and red glasses for the holiday.


  6. I love a good bubble bath, and the way my chubby belly giggles in the warm sweet water. I show off in my tight two piece and show off my curvy fat body.


  7. After a full week of binge eating I weigh in for you. First, I need a snack and discuss what I have been eating.


  8. My gowd your belly👌😛😍🔥🐖

    Keep it growing babe!!💕😙

  9. I talk about the food I've been eating, play with my round sexy belly, bounce and show off. Nothing fits so I've been sitting around in my undies. I measure my fat belly sitting and standing.


  10. I've so fat and curvy and I know how much you love it! I spent a whole week eating buffet food and junk. Enjoy watching me play with my big belly, bouncy tits, and cute ass. I show you all my juicy fat body parts then measure them each.


  11. Hey everyone! I am super excited to confirm that Hayden and I will be traveling and filming together later this month. It's perfect timing, since we are both super full and soft after binging the holidays away. Looking forward to making more stuffing clips together and showing off our big curvy bellies. Enjoy this latest update on my belly size.
  12. Hey GR! Your post triggered my google alerts and led me to this AWESOME site! You can find more clips of me here You can follow along and get in touch with me here I want to thank you for alerting me to a pirated video by sending you a clip for free. Would you please send me a DM? x0x
  13. I will have to look for some older photos for the before.
  14. Hello Everyone! My name is Aslyn, and I am brand spanking new to the site! my current stats: 5'0" 220lbs Size 18 Activity Level: Zero Diet: Junk and lots of soda! I have been a huge calorie consumer my whole life, but as a young adult I was always active and stay curvy, but relatively small. Once I became a full time housewife I got extremely heavy very quickly. Eating non stop and sitting around more and more. I'm so glad to have found you all to go on this journey with me. I look forward to connecting with fans, and answering any questions you have. Check out my clips here!
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