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  1. Had a huge stuffing yesterday uploading soon 







  2. I’ve been eating sooo much today. Wondering if I should upload the vid of me eating this 🤔


    1. Crafty Barnardo

      Crafty Barnardo

      That Mac and cheese!

  3. I’ve been getting a lot of requests to upload more content, Trust me I’m working on it! I have dozens of videos that I can’t post here due to the strict rules and sometimes I forget when I record new content for other platforms and then I wind up not being able to upload here. More vids coming soon promise ❤️

  4. From what I’ve noticed on here it seems like people don’t wanna see huge bellies but instead want to see the barely chubby thick girls lol very strange to me.

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    2. Jiggly_Bum


      I don’t think that’s true, and honestly as someone who is a barely chubby thick girl I am so envious of your big belly and can’t wait to be caught up with you. Can you say #goals! ☺️

    3. Kyle2014


      Not me, I love big round bellies

    4. Crafty Barnardo

      Crafty Barnardo

      Round bellies FTW!

  5. Wearing this tight mesh dress, There’s no hiding this balloon belly. I ate a filling breakfast and bloated up a bit with some more water, I couldn’t help but to record the aftermath. Indulge in some burps & Watch me sensually rub some lotion on my huge belly. Lots of navel play also. I’m such a big fat girl 😊


  6. New videos coming in a bit 🥵

    I had a decent breakfast and lots of water 💦 



    1. Crafty Barnardo

      Crafty Barnardo

      Now you can take on the day!

  7. Looking pregnant lol


  8. 🌸 This was filmed vertically FYI 🌸 Fat and sassy. Imagine me getting ready to meet you at a bar for a blind date, What would you say when you caught your first glimpse of me? Talking about my huge belly and how I want it bigger and oh how I wish you were here right now 🥺


  9. I’ve been eating Mac and cheese for 5 days straight and now I’m having Alfredo 😊

    1. FortunateDan


      That's a lot of carbs!

    2. Akemicakes


      I’m a carb queen 😊

  10. Fatty akemi can’t help but to lay around and eat all day, Feeling her big gut filled with food and liquid is the best feeling and she’s addicted to it.


  11. Just dropping off pics from the last few weeks! 




  12. Selfies before I filmed today 




    1. Kyle2014



  13. Trying to get the hang of the site, New uploads coming soon ❤️

  14. These pants have no stretch, Watch me struggle with taking my huge belly out and trying to put it back in. You can see from the red marks on my belly that these pants were entirely too tight! When I’m finally free watch my belly jiggle and sway.


  15. Just finished a huge meal and immediately had to lay in bed and rub my huge swollen gut.. I’m so mesmerized my my belly, I can’t believe how fat and round I am.


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