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  1. Hi Betty ! You look gorgeous as ever 😀 Can you please tell me a bit more about one of your feeding sessions ? What do you eat, how much ? Keep the good work on anyway !
  2. You sure can keep going ! You look awsome, and the more weight you put on, the more gorgeous you get ! Anyway, that's up to you, the main thing is you feel good with your body. Hopefully you get the right mood to accomodate with your curves
  3. You're so cute, as usual 🙂 Your waist looks thicker than the lower part of your belly, is it because of your stomach peeking out, or just a soft layer of fat ?
  4. Damn, that's the outfit to go out for dinner ! :-) I bet you didn't have to worry about stretching the fabric +1 about some looks at your belly, you probably got some ?
  5. Hi ! Welcome there ! You look so good, the add weight is definitely an improvement ! Thanks for sharing :-)
  6. Yeah, nice thread ! Good thing she has some ''buoyancy'' for lifesaving on beaches ;-)
  7. Hi ! Hope this is the start of a nice journey into feederism and sexy curves :-) Thanks for sharing !
  8. Hi there ! You're so cute, thanks for sharing ! Such nice rolls are nice to see :-) I like the contrast between your tiny feet and your roundish body
  9. Your stomach is obviously about to burst ! Keep the good work on
  10. She's cute, good looking and has such a smile ! Thanks for that thread ;-)
  11. Nice girl ! And nice starting belly ;-)
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