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  1. The holidays are here and what better way to celebrate then butter your butterball! My belly has gotten so BIG and ROUND and I can't think of anything sexier than covering this FAT belly in coconut oil - for you!


  2. I have a VERY special "Sweet Treat Challenge" being released soon. For EVERY photo set purchased, I will eat a treat - in public. I vow not to leave the bakery (open 24/7) until I finish ALL of the sweets I'm challenged to 🤗 (Photo Sets MUST be purchased before 11:30 PM TONIGHT).






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    2. monhall


      Let's fill her up!

    3. monhall


      I just got mine...let's go everyone...buy the set...fill her up!!

    4. monhall


      I am in for 3.  Come on everyone....buy this set...let's get her to eat at least 10!!

  3. I have a VERY sweet treat! I'm spending the day in Charlotte where my favorite bakery is located and I can't think of a better way to be a naughty little piggy than to do a public stuffing session - for you! From the moment you enter, the bakery is covered in sweets from door to door and I plan to eat as many treats as you challenge me to! My concert ends at 11:00 PM tonight - for EVERY photo set purchased, I will eat a sugary, high-caloric treat and not leave until I've eaten EVERYTHING you challenge me to - like the naughty, FAT pig I am!


  4. My November weigh in!! Time to find out if I hit my goal weight or if I need to continue the stuffings


  5. I know I haven't been very active with the messages and emails but I worked hard to vacation. I deserve it - without emails. I am super friendly and always up to chat but PLEASE respect my right to down time. Also, heads up, sending an email, "No response = no money" just guarantees you a free block - on me. I will not be bullied or pressured into responding to emails. 

    Sorry for the Debbie Downer note. My new weigh in will be out late tonight or early tomorrow 🤗

    1. lovemfat


      You have no reason to explain yourself.  Although, I understand why you needed too.  It really is disappointing when people cannot respect the privacy of others or that you have a LIFE outside of this fetish.  I for one cannot wait for the new weigh in clip.  Here is to a 200+ pound Goddess in the new year.  :)  Have a great evening and enjoy yourself to the fullest!

  6. Sorry I've been so busy with the holidays and haven't been able to post/respond much! Yes, I am STILL gaining 🤗 Lol, you guys think I'm going to quit now??!? Anyways..I had a few minutes and wanted to pop in to let you guys know..I've BLOWN UP and I'll be back to posting regularly again tomorrow! 💕

    1. fattony20


      Well you have my attention

  7. Wow...looking huge!  Nice work.  

    G I huge.jpeg

  8. The holidays are here and I just got back from a VERY filling vacation and I'm not done yet! A few more vacations before the New Year and this next one, is at a huge resort which will require a lot of walking..so, I decided to have a pre-holiday stuffing session with tacos! I already ate a burrito, taco and a thing of cinnamon twists but I still have 12 tacos to slam down - just for you! Will I succeed or will I finally meet my first stuffing challenge?


  9. She's been looking very nice!

  10. While getting ready and doing my morning "Wiggle My Jiggle" self admiration, I noticed how BIG I've gotten! This bra fit perfectly in August and now..my boobs are popping out! But thats not that only thing thats gotten FAT and I LOVE showing it all off! Wiggling, jiggling, shaking and twerking..my new FAT is SO sexy!


  11. Fall is here but the ONLY pumpkin that you want..is my FAT, round, pumpkin belly! Its gotten so BIG this last month. At first, these curves started enhancing..my face has gotten so much FATTER..nice double chin..but this belly is the sexiest thing! I used to love my perfect, curvy ass but now..its so FAT and HUGE but this belly..it not sticks out further than my ass ever has! We have made so much progress and I want you to stroke to my new BIG, FAT, pumpkin belly! Rub it and stroke..mm..build up a big load for this belly!


  12. I didn't run into town for beers..but I have one HEAVY pizza with stuffed crust and a BIG new belly to show off (I am LOVING my new belly!!! It is so sexy..just had to say that)


  13. I used to think that having a nice, flat, toned tummy was the sexiest thing but since you've taken control of my body..I'm starting to realize a full, round, soft belly is SO sexy! Stuffed full of happiness and love NOT like a sad, deprived flat tummy. And now that I've seen how much sexier I can be..I want to get this belly SO much BIGGER! You've seen many bellies but my sexy, round, fat belly is the only thing that you cum so hard for..isn't it? Stroking and getting so turned on with every bounce..every jiggle..mm..I know exactly what turns you on and I want you to cover this sexy, fat belly with your hot load in 10..9..


  14. September 2019 weigh in! Officially 1 year since we started this journey.


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