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  1. Only 3 days left to VOTE me into the Top 5 so I can move to the second round! I can't explain how much this means to me 🤗 But I've been talking about it for 2 years now so you should..lol. Please..vote!!!

    I have a bunch of new clips I just have to find the time to upload between schoolwork 😜 I'll try to get a new Taco Bell Facestuffing Challenge clip out soon. Top 5 might motivate me though.. ;) 

    1. I'llSpoilYouFat


      Do you know how many votes you need to get to to five currently?

  2. I have talked about being a prized piggy for the longest time and now is finally my chance 🤗 If my clips have ever brought you happiness - Please vote! This means so much to me.

    First round of voting goes until July 5 and only the Top 5 move on. I am currently #12 and if you vote each day, for free, I should be able to move forward for the JEWELED CROWN & $500 🤗

    If you help me win, I will put all of my facestuffing/overeating clips FOR FREE and do a 2 large, stuffed crust pizza mukbang (Facestuffing/overeating) with a 2 liter of soda. So, thats incentive. 

  3. As many of you know, I have been wanting to be a prized piggy for the LONGEST time! And now is my chance!! MV has a "MV Mukbang Vid of the Year" contest which I have entered and REALLY, REALLY want to win! I would LOVE if you vote for me each day, for free, and possibly some paid votes 😉 Winner gets $500 bonus, promotion AND 💕 A Jeweled CROWN!!!!!! I want it. I want so badly to be a prized little piggy that if I win, I will make a VERY special 2 Large pizza mukbang/facestuffing video Voting starts at 11:00 am (in 1 hr and 28 minutes) and goes until July 5th at 8pm EST
  4. @Monty HallI'm so glad you liked it! I have a feeling with the way my belly hangs now, there will be plenty of side views!
  5. @extra_m13I had been doing pizza and beers clips for the last year? I am not sure how much longer I will do them though as those were requested by a fan. Other food options out there!
  6. Your favorite! Watching my muffin top pour over these jeans shorts waiting for those final 10 seconds..


  7. I have been late in uploading clips with my full school schedule over Summer but its finally here My May 2020 Weigh In!!


  8. * 2/3 lb. double Monsterburger with cheese * Chicken sandwich * 5 piece chicken tenders * Milkshake


  9. Wiggle My Jiggle Clip! And Booty clapping


  10. So, what was supposed to be a 24 hr Apple ID recovery has now turned into 3 days..and Apple support can't speed up the process because its computer based 😩 I'm going to be late in pushing out Birthday clips because I'm also registered for 107 hrs/week of school this Summer and if I don't pass with 80%, I fail. So0o..if you have ANY clips saved to buy - BUY THEM, please! And June 5 (as of now) I'll try as hard as I can to push out new clips.

    1. Goddess Indira

      Goddess Indira

      And if anyone needs a computer with GREAT security, I STRONGLY recommend Apple! 😂

    2. I'llSpoilYouFat


      Don't stress about it, as they say the best things in life are worth waiting for 😀

      That is quite the course load and pass rate, sounds like the cut off to pass nursing courses where anything below the typical B range is failing.

      As far as buying saved clips will do. If it saves you stress, keeps you eating and growing then there is no reason not to so I encourage everyone to get clips. After all school can be enough stress and isn't beneficial even if stress eating is a thing lol.


  11. My Birthday is this Saturday and I had so many fun clips to release but I'm locked out of my Apple account for another 13 hours 😩 I guess that's enough time for a couple Pre Birthday stuffings?

  12. @dcow7777Wait until you see me try and fit into last years shorts 😂
  13. Its been a year since I've worn shorts and on our first hot day, I learned just hot FAT and THICK I've gotten this last year! Watch me shake, and jump my way into shorts that are clearly WAY to small for my new round belly and FAT ASS!


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