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  1. @monhallAbsolutely! Thanks for the suggestion and support
  2. Amazing vids.  Belly is looking great.  One request....can you do one with lots of profile (side) views?  That belly (and butt) must really give you a nice profile these days!  

  3. Here it is...the moment I can't believe I am releasing. I was talked into releasing this by a friend who is not even into Facestuffing/Gaining and he LOVED it! Its very raunchy, dirty, filthy and full of mess. Enjoy


  4. Just look how SEXY you've made me! When I first started, I had so much self control, a strict diet, heavy exercise routine but you showed my life. You showed me love. How good it feels to let go and give up ALL self control. Hand it ALL over to you and let you modify my sacred body. And now, look at me! You did all of this and I want you to show OUR belly how much you love it.


  5. You can't imagine spending your Friday night anywhere else than with me. Stuffing myself silly on Pizza, Adult Beverages and Donuts..I'm such a naughty girl! Eating and eating..even when I'm full..I KEEP eating - for you! And it turns me on so much..mm..I can't help but share my sexiest sexual fantasy. Maybe you can help?


  6. Look what you've created! I know you love stroking to my sexy belly and all of my gains. I did all of this for you. Let go..gave up ALL control to you and I've never looked sexier! But its time I have some control. Follow my instructions as your worship, admire and cum for my sexy belly!


  7. It starts with you in your really tight secretary outfit maybe with a clingy top tucked in looking like you're about to burst out of it. You're bending right over at your desk really arching your back sticking your bum out to make it look as big as possible as you stuff your face with a donut. You look back and catch your boss staring. you ask if he's looking at your big fat ass as you show it off laughing and joking about how big its getting. You stand up say how fat you're getting as you it happily show it off teasing yourself calling yourself all the names you can think of and how youre bursting out of you skirt. you even put on the flirtatious puppy eyes telling him how you've been such a naughty girl stuffing your face all day like a fat pig he should spank your big fat ass as you bend over to offer it to him. You say its these damn donuts you cant get enough look what you've done to yourself, but they're so good. you ask what's his secret but imagine he cant tell you its his secret ingredient. you laugh and say he'll have to buy you a bigger chair soon if he keeps feeding you like this, he'll have to roll you around the office! just then you get an urgent text/message telling you theres a new bad guy in town and you have to get downtown asap. you make your excuses and imagine he's left you alone. talking to yourself you explain the situation, but hope your still fit in you costume after all those donuts, its stretchy, but is it stretchy enough? I was wondering if you could put together a superhero costume with yoga pants and crop top to show off you're tummy and bum maybe with a cape or anything else to finish the look. it returns as you walk into shot with your belly obviously bulging as you stop look down and then at the camera as you talk about how fat you've got but like you kind of find it funny as though your looking at yourself in the mirror. you talk about needing to get your fat ass to gym when this is over. no time now though, maybe you can just suck it in and hope no one notices. you try a few times letting it all bulge out agin before sucking it up and heading out. you burst into a room with a table and chair with a plate of donuts on the table. you look around for the enemy with lots of bending over even getting on all fours sticking your ass out. Suddenly you realise he's behind you and turn to face him. You realise its your boss all along. you're having like the one sided conversation with him as though he is explaing the donuts were laced with his special serum that enhances your appetite, so thats why you couldn't stop stuffing you face with them! you hope he's happy look he's turned you into a fat cow, you're a blimp. imagine he says it also saps your super powers, you laugh saying you don't believe him, and how did he know you had enough, but then you look down at your stomach and realise saying you know your a fat cow, but it cant be enough to sap all your powers, but imagine he asks to to turn around, you do confused asking why as if he asks you bend over and then it dawns on you, as you give in saying yes you have an enormous fat ass and your practically bursting out go your costume now your as fat as a house, you hope he's enjoyed his little game watching you expand by the day, because its coming to an end. you pretend to attack and it cuts. It return to you now tied to a chair really showing off your tummy. as you ask what he's going to do. realising he's about to feed you more donuts to beg him not to saying how fat you are how you're going to burst even asking what he whats you to say teasing yourself about being a fat pig a fat cow anything to see if he'll have mercy. It cuts to you now completely stuffed belly pushed out as far as you can as you talk about how STUFFED you are, how you cant move and how you're gonna burst, pop, or explode any moment. You're shocked by the size of your stomach saying look at what he's done you to you're so fat, you're new super hero name will be FAT GIRL! you really think you're going to burst, you sound almost scared like you really are going to burst! you've got to get out of there, but struggle to even sit let alone stand. you try few times but fall back. you have to arch your back and lift you head like you're trying to lift your stomach like a sac stuffed full of food in front of you. you stumble to get your balance as you stand due to the weight of it. you look down and you're shocked by the size of it. you try to walk but can only waddle a few steps under the weight of your stomach until you have to get on all fours letting your belly hang down arching your back lifting your head like your heaving a sac of food strapped underneath you as talk about how you really are a fat cow now! the final scene is you lying flat on your back unable to see over your stomach as you talk about how full and stuffed you are and how fat you are. you've just got to lie there like a beached, whale or a blimp ready to pop and hope you don't burst until someone can roll your fat ass to the gym to get in shape an get your revenge- fat girl fights back!


  8. There are so many thing that you can stroke to but the ONLY thing that gives you the BEST orgasm? Cumming to my perfect, superior, sexy belly button! And I just love when you fill me up!


  9. It wouldn't be a Friday night without pizza and a few adult beverages..with me This is extra special though - I brought dessert. ** This was my FAVORITE clip to record yet! I had SO much fun **


  10. You can have all of the sex in the World with your Wife but all you really want is to jerk and cum for my belly, isn't it? Mm..yeah. You love my perfect, soft, pudgy belly! You love how I do it for you. Well, go head. Pull out your cock and show me how excited you are for my belly. Mm..look how excited you are! Its huge! Start stroking..stroke to this perfect, curvy, superior, soft belly! I bet you would love to cum for me wouldn't you? Really ruin your orgasms for your Wife and give everything to my PERFECT belly!


  11. I was such a NAUGHTY little girl last night! I filmed another "Pizza and Beers" clip and went to show off my double layer cake but since I have NO self control..I ate that too! With NO hands. LOL. Full on shoved faced like the good little PIGGY I am 🤗  I was so messy and full! I honestly felt like I was going to POP.

    1. monhall


      Wow...would love to see how you look at the "about to pop" stage!

  12. August Weigh-In & Measurements clip is uploading and should be available tomorrow! Until then...here's a sneak peak. I'm SO happy with my thighs!!! :) :) 

    Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 7.08.36 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 7.04.27 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2019-09-05 at 7.05.49 PM.png

    1. Rebeljoe


      Damn you look amazing

    2. monhall
    3. myself75


      perfect.... I love this part

  13. Just got done weighing in and taking measurements...😱 I shock myself sometimes. My ass has gotten HUGE!!!!!

    1. bauman1979
    2. myself75


      yes babe... lets it be bigger

  14. The Ice Cream maker on my Wishlist, IndirasDesires.com, is only $31! I would LOVE if a fan grabbed this for me! I'll get so much fatter making my own Ice Cream with heavy cream..😍

    1. Nuo


      You should also invest in a potato farm so that you can dip your chips/crisps in your own favourite and fattest oils!

    2. Goddess Indira

      Goddess Indira

      @NuoWell, I have a farm..lol. I'll just plant extra potatoes! 

    3. monhall


      Wow.  You may get a few ice cream makers!  Did you get any yet?

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