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  1. Every time I see a fast food restaurant..I think of my food stuffing fantasy. A challenge. I've been training myself and doing so well - finish description later.


  2. I'm going into Asheville tomorrow..what all should I get to eat to make this big ass even BIGGER??! I'm SO excited 🤗

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    2. lovemfat


      Might try eating at a buffet and then taking home some containers and seeing if you can finish those off before returning home. Milkshakes with mass gainer mix in them, plenty of pop and beer for those empty calories that sneak up on you when you are not even watching.  Cinna stix from dominoes after the 2 large cheese pizzas, the baconator from Wendy's.

    3. Goddess Indira

      Goddess Indira

      Just the Baconator from Wendy's? I think you need my latest video ☺️ 

    4. lovemfat


      Lol, I drew a blank and could only come up with the baconator, glad to think you crushed passed that.

  3. ** Pt 2 ** The first part gave you a taste but how much did I really eat in one sitting?? There is NO way I could finish 1 Big Mac, 2 Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese, 1 Chicken Sandwich, 20 Pieces of Chicken Nuggets, 2 Large Fries and a 1.25 Liter of Coke..can I?? Have I REALLY become this fat of a slob?!


  4. Fans ask to pay for dinners - this is a way for them to do so through Curvage. And it sells..so..take your negativity elsewhere 😉
  5. Fatten up your favorite BIG, FAT American piggy by purchasing this sexy photo set! 15 screen grabs of pure joy on my face while overindulging on McDonalds like the fat slob I am! Buy this sexy set along with PT. 2 of Big Fat American Piggy - feel how amazing it feels to fatten your American slob and have the hardest explosion yet!


  6. I love being your BIG, FAT, American Goddess! Shoving face and stuffing myself silly, for you! And what better way to celebrate America's Birthday than to show you what a BIG, FAT, American I've become?? 1 Big Mac, 2 Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese, 1 Chicken Sandwich, 2 Large Fries, 20 Piece Chicken Nuggets and 1.25 Liter of soda..all in one sitting! I can't believe what a FAT SLOB I've become! Drinking soda for the extra fizzies to rip some burps and stuff myself more You like it? I want you to tell me, 'I'm your FAVORITE Big, Fat, American Goddess"! Mmm..SO sexy!! I love the way you look at me while stroking your big cock! ** I TRIED sitting on my second tier buffet..underestimating what a BIG, FAT ASS I've become..did it break??* **2 Parts since the file was so big. I didn't want to break the quality on this - this is my FAVORITE clip to film so far! I had SOO much fun 🤗**


  7. Last month was my given Birthday month but I just feel like I let myself down..I KNOW I can do better! I know I can be an even bigger piggy than I was last month! So I'm kicking July off with a bang! 6 Donuts Red, White and Blue donuts ready to stuff myself silly! Stuffing myself and talking all about my plan to get nice and FAT while showing off my gains as they try to burst out of my lingerie with every bite! The last donut..ugh..I know I should..I can already feel my skin stretching and expanding to capacity but, ugh..its just SO good! Swallowing the last donut all in one bite..the way my stomach is already stretching..I'll have no other option than to BURST!


  8. 1 Big Mac..2 Quarter Pounders with cheese..2 Large Fries...1 Chicken sandwich..1..Ugh, I better stop there..I can't spoil the rest for you 😉 This 4th of July clip is going to be SOOOO sexy! I love being such a fat, sexy piggy!

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    2. Goddess Indira

      Goddess Indira

      This has been my biggest stuffing to date! Oh wow. And a liter of coke with BIG burps 🤗

    3. lovemfat


      If I did not know better I would say your trying to get fat!  Lol

    4. monhall


      Amazing...please don't forget to give us some nice front and side shots of how big that belly gets!  :)

  9. The best part about my given Birthday? ALL of the free food! I had such an amazing day cashing in on all of my Birthday Freebies and I couldn't believe how many calories I consumed! But, I'm not done yet..I still have this 2.5 lb burrito filled with everything and anything fattening! Watch as I dig in like that fat slob I am..not missing one bean or shred of cheese! I want it ALL!


  10. Day drinking in the sun 🤗 I NEED to get this belly bigger!!! 




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    2. SeanBean172


      You should get yourself good and drunk then and enjoy yourself ;)

    3. Goddess Indira

      Goddess Indira

      I ate SO much last night! lol. I had a party to myself filled with Donuts, pizza, ice cream and cookies for dessert 🤗 

    4. Rebeljoe


      I was in Bristol last night. Looks like I should've headed down 77. 

  11. Baby its cold outside! But luckily for me, I have all this new Winter weight to keep me warm in even the most frigid temperatures! I've been stuffing my face non stop and you've seen my new December Weigh In, I've got so much fat - I could hibernate for months if I needed to! But lets be honest, this isn't Winter Weight, this is my new lifestyle. You've shown me a whole new appreciation for the World and I'm living my best life - not worrying about having a tight, toned little body and calculating macros..all I have to do is eat my heart out while you rub my belly! And this new weight is actually a great thing, I can be in my Birthday Suit all the time - no need for clothing or a jacket anymore! But, I'm not done! This Christmas, I want all of the sweets and desserts we can find! This is the last push before the year is up and I want to finish this Holiday season with a bang!


  12. I'm uploading one of my favorite clips tonight that I filmed on my deck during a beautiful snow storm, 'Baby Its Cold Outside'. 

    Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 6.35.09 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 6.35.25 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2019-06-28 at 6.36.06 PM.png

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    2. monhall


      that one was a classic...agreed!

    3. Rebeljoe



    4. Goddess Indira

      Goddess Indira

      @fattony20 Yeah and I live on top of a mountain 3,500' up so we get more than most

  13. There is only one place where they encourage you to "Eat Like You Mean It". They always have sexy models tearing into the food but they haven't seen anything yet! All this new fat, I'm going be the sexiest model yet! Showing off all my new rolls and huge ass as I show how I can seductively eat a single cheeseburger thats almost bigger than my face. I'm such a greedy little piggy..this isn't enough! I need MORE food! A single cheeseburger? I want it real thick and juicy! Find me a juicy double! Lots of bacon..2 layers..dripping in cheese! Mm. They say you are what you eat and I'm such a little porker! I want to feel like a real balloon, I want a lot of soda! I want a whole 2 liter all to myself! Filling myself up, shoving my fat piggy face..tonight is the night, I know you'll have to roll me to bed! You want to POP me? Roll me into the bedroom and just, POP me like a big balloon! ** Consumed a Hardee's 1/3 lb. Thickburger followed by a Monster 2/3 lb. Double Cheeseburger with Bacon and a 2 liter of soda**


  14. I've been such a fat pig today! I filmed a sexy 4th of July clip and devoured donuts..now I'm already eyeballing the pizza and beer for tonights debate ☺️ On top of biscuits and gravy this morning! 

    Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 6.36.49 PM.png

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    2. Rebeljoe


      Mmmmmm biscuits and gravy. What a woman.

    3. monhall


      wow... belly is looking amazing!

    4. notto125


      I can't wait to see your belly bigger and softer ahh❤️😍😍

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