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  1. Did you get to see her running alongside other people and getting a comparison of her ability and body to fitter girls (older or younger)?
  2. I was at a high school reunion, and there was one girl with a very similar body type. She used to be an athlete back in school days but now she's skinny fat with little muscle and a little belly. there was a dancing activity with some jumping around and it got a few of the girls all huffing. The phys.ed teacher did the dance with them, and near the end of the dancing I heard her tell her ex athletic ex student "so it looks like it's been a long time since you've worked out".
  3. Usually my wife takes the bus from the train station back home even though it's just a 20 min walk with a slight incline at the end. The other day she came home absolutely exhausted, sunk to the couch, panting. She started kneading her thighs, all sweaty and her shirt clung to her belly. I asked her what happened and if she ran or was in a hurry - she said no, she just wanted to walk and was really surprised at how hard it was. Even carrying her light bag was tough for her, and she incline in the last part of the walk just killed her. Later that week she was wearing an log t-shirt she got from a race she participated in. It was a few miles with a heavy weight. The stark contrast was absolutely showing, as the shirt that used to be loose on a fit body was now a bit too tight, and the girl who used to run for fun miles with heavy weight was now struggling walking home with a small bag. What a sight would it have been if she attempted that race again today...
  4. Wow... looks like she was real fit and muscular - and then the muscles turned to mush. Did she try her old workouts?
  5. Do tell more! what kind of exercise did she try to do? What did she manage and what couldn't she do? Was she fit before?
  6. Went to the library yesterday and saw a young librarian. She's probably about 20, she was wearing a sleeveless shirt so I saw her arms were skinny but absolutely soft, with no trace of muscle when she bent her arms or lifted books. Her sedentary work made me suspect there was not much fitness there, and she did have the hottest little gut just spilling over the waistband. She was wearing a pretty baggy shirt so the belly wasn't visible when she stood up, I think that's why she picked it. but when sitting down the material of the shirt fell on her body outlining the entire belly. She had those skinny limbs and the soft face of a girl who used to think of herself as skinny but never worked out a day in her life, not really sure what to do with the belly she's got now. When going out of the library I saw there was a gym next to it, so she must see fit toned girls working out wearing belly revealing clothes every day. Wonder what she thinks when she's passing them by.
  7. How does she react to the changes in her body? Is she in denial about her softening belly? And you said you think she'd collapse after 1km run - did you happen to see her attempt something requiring stamina?
  8. There are also the thighs. I once saw two girls in shorts in. a class I took. One athletic and the other skinny fat. They sat down on two adjacent seats, and the skinny fat girl stared surprised and wide eyed at the other girl's thighs. The fit one then asked her what's the matter and the skinny fat said "how do our thighs just... stay there and don't squish when you sit down?" The fit girl laughed and said it's because she has muscle and you need to work out for that - and she patted her own leg to show its firmness and that nothing jiggled. Then the skinny fat one tried to do the same but of course her leg just jiggled. The fit one said maybe if she flexed but the skinny fat one replied she was already trying to flex.
  9. It's the absolute hottest body type for me too. It's hot when they happen to fitness comparisons with much older fit women or much younger fit teen girls. The physical effort combined with the disbelief is so hot. A skinny fat gf of a friend of mine went once on a hike with us, and his kid sister came too. The kid was like 10 years old but did gymnastics, and totllay smoked the girlfriends ass and kept laughing about it.
  10. I heard once a skinny fat girl describe herself doing push-ups. “I bend the arms, but when I go past this point” - and she bent her arms a bit, far from a 90 degree angle - “I can’t hold myself and my arms just collapse”. She described it with a real surprise, as if she didn’t know why it was happening.
  11. One skinny fat girl relative of mine once wanted to open a soft drink bottle at a family dinner and just couldn't. She was too weak. Really tried to open it, she was wearing short sleeves so her "triceps" were just jiggling but the bottle won't open. She was frustrated and embarrassed and tired. Her 50 year old mom looked at her in total shock, just opened the bottle easily for her and told her "she really needs to work out". Another skinny fat girl I visited lived on the 3rd floor with another unfit roommate. we got up the stairs and in the middle she stopped, totally panting, and said "here we stop to get our breath back". They just accepted their unfitness.
  12. What do you think would be worse for her if she tried to wrestle - the lack of strength or the lack of stamina?
  13. Her nephews talked her into playing badminton with them. At first she was chasing all the balls, and each hit sent ripples though her gut and her underarms wobbled each time. Quickly enough she was unable to hit the ball, and had to bend down to pick it up from the ground making her gut fold over, huffing loudly when picking it up, she needed to put an arm on her side because she had a stitch and her back was hurting from picking up the balls she couldn't get to. Then her younger sister wanted to play her. Once my wife used to beat her with ease, but now the the tables have turned. My wife tried to make an excuse but the thick-fit younger sister hinted she's scared her young sister is fitter then her now - and that got my wife back to play. The sister was really torturing her. She was in full control of the game, her muscles visible under a small layer of fat. She was serving my wife so the balls were close and she could get them, but needed to run a few steps each time. And she kept it within my wife's reach even as she got more and more winded, and could run less and less. So the game was one long round with no rest. after a minute or so my wife was gasping desperately for breath from taking one step and swinging the bat. By the end of that one round her arms could no longer lift the bat and she could no longer even get one step to the ball. it was a super easy serve and she just couldn't take the step and lift the bat to hit it. Later she tried to explain it off by saying it was because she played with the nephews before playing with her sister. But she literally could not lift her arms for an hour at least.
  14. She's really struggling with the realization she's out of shape now, always trying to convince herself it's not that bad and she's still "fit enough". If you have any ideas for teasing her about that or showing her how unfit she is I'd love to hear. She's not in total denial. she knows things are not as they used to be and she will acknowledge it, but she really hopes it's not as bad - and that's so hot when she will try something to prove she still has some fitness left.
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