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  1. My lap is disappearing! These are my yoga pants that used to be a little bit more stretchy and forgiving
  2. My belly after stuffing today.

    Photo on 4-28-20 at 4.59 PM #4.jpg

    1. pancetta87


      You look so big 😍😍😍

    2. mrman1980uk


      That is a lot of tummy! I wonder how that little black dancing outfit would fit after you'd eaten this much?

    3. mischnickde


      That was one big meal. Stuffed like a turkey for Thanksgiving :-). 

  3. I was a dancer my whole life, and was the captain of our high school dance team. I found an old costume the other day and tried to put it on. I wish I had an old picture so you could see me before but I can't find any:( This costume used to be a lot longer on me, but something is making it ride up a ton. Not sure if it is my belly or my growing ass? When I pulled it on I could barely pull it over my hips, and I almost thought I was going to rip it. I wonder what my teammates would think if they saw me in this now
  4. Hi everyone. I know its been a while but I thought I would share some updates for anyone who is interested. At the beginning of this year I had lost some weight and had started being much more active/healthier. But in the last month and a half or so, I have gained it all back and a little more haha. It seems that no matter what I do, the number on the scale just keeps rising. So, I figured I would embrace it for the time being. I always love hearing your thoughts on my weight gain, and I appreciate any insight you may have while I explore the new curves and roundness of my body. I'm not sure if you can tell a difference in these pictures but feel free to let me know. I think my thighs feel thicker and maybe my hips.
  5. I had some users request I make a video of me playing with my belly😉Let me know what you think
  6. Maybe I am, guess that means I'm a real piggy now huh
  7. Haha I have been eating a lot the last couple days, and I guess its catching up to me.
  8. this is really interesting! my belly is not as big yet as any of your examples. do your categories apply to smaller bellies too? i want to know what mine is haha
  9. Thanks! I'm glad you think the weight is distributing well on my body. Sometimes I can't tell really where my body is prone to collecting the fat/what body shape I'm taking on, but I'm glad you think it looks good. Yeah besides my thighs, my legs are still pretty slim. And my arms and face haven't really gained much fat either.
  10. I do think it is important to stay somewhat healthy. I don't think I'll ever go to far above 200 in my lifetime, at least not intentionally. I like the way my weight gain has given me a more womanly figure, but i like having a somewhat active lifestyle too much to become immobile or anything. I usually walk to campus, or i go on runs every once in a while. the fact that i eat a lot just kinda offsets it i guess.
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