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  1. breadfruit

    Brazilian Plus-Size Models

    Danish, that's the best Mayara update in about 4 years. Look at her front fat too! Look at the width of her hips! She hasn't been this big and hot since alem do peso days. Last I saw she was 118kgs, about 20kgs up since second stint on ADP, but I think she looks 125+ in this vid
  2. breadfruit

    Mayara Russi

    Ok, if we're playing guess the weight I'm saying 320. Which I think would mean a gain of close to 150lbs in about the last 6 years
  3. breadfruit

    Mayara Russi

    No such thing as over posting on this thread. She looks great
  4. breadfruit

    Mayara Russi

    Mayara was 244lbs when this pic was taken. She must be over 300 now. ;D
  5. breadfruit

    Mayara Russi

    Another June FB pic.
  6. breadfruit

    Mayara Russi

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