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  1. I hope you start posting video on here soon when you're ready 

  2. Welcome, welcome!!!!  So happy to see you on here.  Even if you do not post content here (that would be great, though), this is a great place to interact in healthy discussions on feederism.  Sure, you might encounter an a**hole or two, but for the most part these are great folks, guys and gals, who share your interests.

    btw. There is a thread already here on you - it is not all positive - but please do not be personally offended.  Your experience on YT was confusing, and resulted in a lot of speculation.  Take it as a sign of the interest you have generated, and a compliment to yourself, and what you are doing.  Best wishes.

    1. >_< 0_0

      >_< 0_0

      But how do we know? 🤔

    2. Dr_Chef


      hopefully not an impostor, she's one of the best!

    3. Jordan


      I hope your experience here is awesome

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