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    I like severe, tropical, and winter weather, video games, freestyle, folkstyle, and Greco-Roman wrestling, food, classic rock and lofi. Memes and history are some of my other interests.

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  1. So for muscles fading away, its obvious that one would notice the loss of strength, but did your muscles feel any different when used besides the weakness?
  2. Checking your profile, I saw that you are based in New Jersey. IDK much about the obesity rates there, but I know that the Mid-South and Deep-South have a lot of guys predisposed to being fat or are already fat. You can't go a city block on a busy day without finding an overweight man sometimes; its insane lol. Also, great story. Gotta say that I really enjoyed the FFA perspective.
  3. I must say, I like the bite sized releases. It makes it much easier for a tired me to read at night lol. Also, I must say that I like your writing style. Keep it up!
  4. Sorry for such a late response. I didn’t really have too much time to check in on this website for a while and once I did I forgot about this thread. The team’s heavyweight just graduated and we do not have a replacement so far. I am also forced to wear a cast on my leg until mid October due to surgery. I think I’ll start to bulk while working out my upper body for a bit but make sure not to put on too much weight and once I get cleared to lift weights again I’ll really start to bulk. Currently I have no clear plan however because life’s been a bit crazy lately. I was planning to bump up from 195 to 220 anyways so I’ve been gaining muscle (mostly) since late May. I’ll have to check with my parents to make such a big jump though. I think if I do go heavyweight, I’ll have to slowly bulk into it by my senior year. Sorry if this is a incoherent mess. It’s late and I’m writing this on mobile lol
  5. (Posting this here bc this is just been eating away at me.) Hey, lurker/FA that has been thinking about getting into gaining recently. This is my first post here, and I have a lot of questions that came up when I thought of seriously trying to gain. I would've already made the decision to start if it weren't for a few things: I am a high school wrestler who shows a lot of promise and even might have a shot at a college career. I enjoy being strong and fit, but this fetish has already controlled my sexual desires for years now. I'm also very much into health and medical research, so I already know the health risks. I'm not really worried about the health affects, as mentioned above. I just feel like starting this early would throw off my wrestling career and distance me from my family and friends. My lifestyle would have to completely change for this to happen. My main concern is that the people around me would not approve. I know that I can already lose weight pretty well because I've had to do it for my sport. I have considered doing it after college. My brain is split in two, and I don't know what to do. If I were to continue to wrestle, I could go up to heavyweight (currently sitting at ~190 lbs in the 195 lbs weight class), but it would require much more timing and planning and also pain. I love the sport of wrestling, but if I want to fulfill my sexual fantasies now I would have to quit it. I've been chubby before, but I remember not liking it much (pre-"awakening" for lack of a better word). I'm split. I know this is incoherent and messy, but I need a place to get this off of my chest. If y'all need more clarification (which is probably the case lol)l, I'll be happy to give it.
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