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  1. davros

    Stacey Poole

    Better yet, one that isn't so messed up
  2. Whaaaaat? A London feedee? This never happens! 

    1. Lana Gainer Babe
    2. davros


      Let's hope this trend catches on haha. Everybody is thin here! 

  3. davros

    Curvy Candids

    The awkward moment when she sees you taking the photo and you move from voyeur to sex pest
  4. Is it no longer the case that the idea is 'words words exaggerate the impact necroposting has on enjoyment and underestimate how annoying/ computationally expensive "solutions" are words words'?
  5. A lot of photo threads are not updated every month by the thread starter. This idea would have one of three consequences: *One poster would have multiple threads dedicated to their pictures *mods would spend more time merging these threads *fewer photo updates more than one option possible Necro posting isn't a big deal. Most threads are repeats of stuff you've seen before with different names anyway.
  6. think it was but she's gone again.
  7. I'm not too sure about that. It's all down to how much loyalty the Ukranian armed forces show to Kiev. A full strength Ukraine could well do a Finland on Russia, and Russia got a pretty heavy nose bleed when it invaded Georgia, a country 1/10th the size. They lost tanks, jets and around a thousand men. Now nobody is pretending Ukraine is at full strength, but we don't really know what its real capabilities are atm. You're right about a military option not being on the cards, but I think the risk that they might lose or at least suffer heavy losses is a contributing factor in that.
  8. Gas doesn't even come close to 1% of my income. Only way it could hit 33% would be if you were on benefits.
  9. Ukraine is hugely important from a geopolitical point of view. As president of the united states it would be irresponsible for him to not get involved.
  10. I think you might have been a bit too slow to respond.
  11. You get paid to do a phd in the UK. I'm not sure you would have the same luxury in the US. The North has a much healthier attitude towards fat people. I'm originally from Liverpool and whenever I go home the first thing I notice is the extra 20kg the average female appears to be carrying there.
  12. A lot of people go down the "genetic determinism" route here, but the evidence there is only shows genetic links that influence weight on average by a few lbs. From what I've seen the most important factors (by a long shot) are how much you eat matched with how many calories you burn. (BSc/Mphil Genetics/ Molecular Biology... which doesn't actually show a sufficient level of knowledge to confidently state either or is true, but merely adds weight to my having not heard significant evidence to the contrary).
  13. There's a scale of "odd". Having a building collapse like that due to the effect of buildings nearby collapsing is odd, and I don't think many would expect it to, even with the immense force exerted on it through the collapse of WTC, but compared to any and every other explanation available it is by far the most likely. Strewn pieces of aircraft, burnt corpses that are DNA matches... a black box detailing the entire conversation between the pilot and hijackers. Oh, and a hole in the ground. Fortunately a lot of people have already done the work for you and the ratio puts wtc conspiracy theorists in the same category as young earth creationists, climate sceptics and people who think elvis is still alive.
  14. A bit of rubble? Are you serious? A single contained fire? If by single you mean multiple and by contained you mean rampaging, and if by a bit of rubble you mean two huge skyscrapers, then sure. Should that have destroyed it? I don't know. Did it? Yes. It would baffle anybody. What is more baffling is that anybody thinks flight 93 just disappeared when the wreckage was found. Regardless of whether you have it, you've not used any engineering knowledge. A technical explanation of how a building would be expected to survive the stresses and strains to the point where it is inconceivable that it would fail to do so would be adequate.
  15. I find it quite amusing that people think governments are capable of keeping such secrets. The US couldn't even keep a blowjob in an office secret, yet a conspiracy that would involve a plethora of government departments, thousands of individuals and multiple countries whilst offering no explanation as to why they would comply is believable? It doesn't have to. Ever seen the effect of heating metal rods on their size? Jet fuel would not need to melt steel. The heat would seriously weaken the strength of steal which, when supporting a skyscraper the size and weight of the WTC, causes serious problems to its structural integrity. In this case bringing the building down. With all due respect people with a university level understanding of chemistry, materials science or structural engineering, when applying said knowledge, do not come to the conclusion that a jumbo couldn't take down the WTC. People with a high-school calibre knowledge of the subject do. This says a lot about the science behind this particular conspiracy theory.
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