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  1. topofthecharts

    Kate Upton

    15;30, 16;46 and 16:50 is the best side on shot of her belly sitting down. Nice fullness. And someone should gif her running down the stairs at 16:57
  2. Arms and chin make it look like she's put on plenty of chub but she's got to be pregnant to get that belly right?
  3. The size of thigh contrast is noticeable though!
  4. Her Instagram engagement photos are wonderful and show that she's not shedding for the wedding in any hurry.
  5. She gorgeous, unfortunately she's just started a diet and lost 5lbs already. Hopefully it fails
  6. She looks beautiful but I fear the rounder face and softness in her body is gone and probably never coming back. Collar bones are back on view, sadly.
  7. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-5430453/Brielle-Biermann-celebrates-21st-birthday-Miami.html She's put a lot of money in to her face but not a lot of gym time in to her body. Very nice and soft and good from the back. Love the comments too
  8. She's very busty and has stocky arms and legs. From certain angles and outfits she's going to look slim, other times she'll look large. Either way, she has a very appealing body as is and I wish we could see more of her, but I understand how self conscious she'd be on tv especially given just a few years ago she was very slim.
  9. Had heard her music before but not seen much of her. Nothing on here about here either. Anyway she looked super thick in her grammy performance today. Not Rihanna thick but she might get there one day! Apologies for the low quality video. If anyone has better vids or pics feel free to share.
  10. No. She was a bit of a joke when she won Australian Idol way back when, then was out of public view before coming back for I'm a Celebrity, then landing a TV ad but that's about it. More of a tragic figure than a celebrity.
  11. topofthecharts

    Chloe Moretz

    2 bikinis and a bra top? Well done CK. She looks much the same to me but for a reasonably successful actress to stay in that not stick thin and actually a tiny bit soft stage is a big win. Small steps I guess?
  12. I noticed she was looking nice and full on the new season of Chicago Fire. I thought she was slowly filling out for a few years but this is the most impressive I've seen here. She stripped out of her dress in the next scene but it was shot from so far away you couldn't get a good look at her.
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