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  1. Yeah, there is not much change.
  2. Man this is great, loving it ❤️
  3. Man, I would like to see her get to the point where her tights would touch both arm rests at the same time. Imagine that thickness ❤️
  4. Go few new pictures, can someone please morph them? Thanks.
  5. I'm sad, cause lately girls been losing notable amount of weight, Poki, Lana, even my close girl friend,who's been packing on some weight over the pandemic, of course I wouldn't make someone do something against their will and I support my friend whatever she decides to do with her body, but man I was so happy to see her getting bigger and softer. All I hear these days is how she shouldn't eat so many chocolate treats or she will not fit in her favourite jeans ever again. Yes, I'm quiet **.
  6. I will take another pause to see more prominent progress.
  7. This is taking it to world of pure fantasy, but just imagine if Lana filled as much space as their friend in this picture, that would be awesome stuck situation. ❤️
  8. The best troll on every on every tub stream watcher 😹
  9. I love this so much, hope that one they we will have third stage of this (most likely not). ❤️
  10. Every second of Poki in that video is literal gold.
  11. Here is another one.
  12. It looks great, but you can see that creator took it bit to far XD
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