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  1. Does anybody know of a show (might of been Russian) where a girl is eating in a cafe/restaurant then starts to gain weight suddenly. Think she was wearing blue and with a boy?
  2. Does anybody know who this woman is? Can’t get over the size of her lower body/bottom!
  3. Anyone know who this actress is? It’s from an Australian purplebricks commercial
  4. Does anyone have a better version of the Tina Fey clip on just for laughs?
  5. I’ve just been shown this thread and I’m quite new on here, it was good content but I have nothing different to share 😫
  6. Anyone know any good bottom heavy weight gains?
  7. Ah maybe, what was the name of the show you are talking about? The scene I’m thinking of a girl in blue clothes sits down to eat with a guy and half way through starts to gain weight
  8. Ah maybe, what was the name of the show you are talking about?
  9. On the show ‘Angelica’ are there any other scenes where the blonde girl gains weight? I swear there was one in a cafe but can’t find it anywhere
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