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  1. Zerogoki92


    Lizzo posted some pics of SZA who was surprise guest at her most recent concert...and as someone who hasn't been following SZA's gain i was shocked to see that there seems to be a lot less between the size of their asses and legs than I would have thought...I am definitely following her now!
  2. Some great shots from Alice in a restaurant on the 6.30 bulletin (plus bonus big beauty in the background!) You really get a sense of how plump and gorgeous she looks at the moment!
  3. She's gorgeous! And I love her accent!
  4. Alice is looking more beautiful by the day! 😍
  5. We saw a fair bit of Alice in today's news programme given the chaotic events in UK politics- and she was looking THICC! She might genuinely be the curviest newsreader on British television (along with Charlene White)! 😍
  6. Welcome! Always nice to see more Londoners about!
  7. Zerogoki92

    Kate Bush

    I know right? A lot of younger women get the attention on places like here but I think chubby and fat women over a certain age can look just as beautiful as Kate shows! Unfortunately she seldom makes public appearances, and photos from the last 8 years are rare, but here are some more from 2013-2014! Who knows, maybe she's been eating good with the royalties from Stranger Things!
  8. Zerogoki92

    Kate Bush

    However, at her last public appearance, she definitely hasn't turned into a 'Babooshka!' - instead aging like a fine wine with some lovely curves to boot!
  9. Zerogoki92

    Kate Bush

    The singer of hits such as "Running Up That Hill" is seldom seen in public these days, but she has certainly seen a transformation in the decades since her debut! When her career got off to an exceptional start with her debut 'Wuthering Heights', she was a mysterious waif-ish beauty...
  10. Well they say that dating these days is a numbers game, and if that is the case, it may be best to be up front about what you want in a girlfriend in your profile. Yes you may get dozens of rejections, but really, all you need is the one to reply who is open to it. It's what I wish I did, and is what I would do if I ever find myself single again. Think of it as a high risk, high reqard strategy!
  11. Is it me or is she looking more beautiful with each broadcast?
  12. Tonight's news - her double chin was definitely on display...I think I'm in love! 😍
  13. Until we get to 2022 when she is clearly at her curviest- yesterday I had the news on in the background, and having not seen Alice in a few months - I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the beautiful round face staring back at me from the TV! I think it is safe to say I finally have my first newsreader crush! 😍
  14. Clearly however, Lockdown has its impact, and by 2021, she is looking bigger and more beautiful with each report...
  15. After having a child in the mid 2000s however, she starts to get a lot curvier, and by 2020 starts to thicken up quite noticeably...
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