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  1. Have you tried a VPN? It's actually a surprisingly decent enough 2 episode documentary, avoiding the cliched narrative about controlling feeders and unhealthy eating. Although it does unfortunately focus a bit too much on the web modelling/ money making aspect of feedism, and despite the title, actually only features one feeder. Still, it's a great chance to see the likes of Caiti Dee, Leighton and Ivy looking huge at home!
  2. This woman is seriously out of this world! So beautiful! 😍
  3. Some recent pics...she is still stunning! 😍
  4. Curvy British Beauty -in addition to being an influencer and model she is also now the Curve editor of Cosmopolitan magazine. The video below has a lot of good shots as of as well as mini interview at 2.59. (Also in the video is fellow influencer Antonia Jade). Lauren has delightful curves and a lovely round face- here's hoping her success goes to her waistline!
  5. She is stunning- I hope she wins! It's also great to see the comparisons between her and the rather thin Lottie who was on the show earlier!
  6. The new series of Great British Bake Off started tonight with the delightful Laura in the tent. Here are some pics I have found....one to watch over the next few weeks!
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