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  1. She certainly seems sympathetic to body positivity...maybe she will change her mind about losing weight in due course!
  2. WOW! She is blossoming into a beautifully plump young woman! Long may it continue! Let's hope she gets on the body positivity train! 😍
  3. I'm suprised no-one's shared this! Some phenomenal shots here!
  4. A stunner like no other- with a classy new haircut to boot!
  5. Unsurprisingly, she's just as gorgeous without makeup! (And her face looks delightfully chubby!)
  6. She might be busy with her business and other projects these days but Sophia is still one fine lady!
  7. Lockdown has definitely done her body good!
  8. Sophia is stunning as always!
  9. This woman is GORGEOUS! 😍
  10. Zerogoki92

    Dani Harmer

    It's been quite some time but Dani Harmer is back in the role that made her famous as Tracy Beaker. She's looking way curvier than has before (despite apparently being a size 10!)
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