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  1. Is it me or is she looking more beautiful with each broadcast?
  2. Tonight's news - her double chin was definitely on display...I think I'm in love! 😍
  3. Until we get to 2022 when she is clearly at her curviest- yesterday I had the news on in the background, and having not seen Alice in a few months - I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the beautiful round face staring back at me from the TV! I think it is safe to say I finally have my first newsreader crush! 😍
  4. Clearly however, Lockdown has its impact, and by 2021, she is looking bigger and more beautiful with each report...
  5. After having a child in the mid 2000s however, she starts to get a lot curvier, and by 2020 starts to thicken up quite noticeably...
  6. What do you get when you combine gorgeous Thai looks with a warm well spoken British accent and beautiful blossoming curves? You get Alice - possibly one of the better justifications for the BBC TV license! Here she is in the early 2010s as a fresh faced young news reader...
  7. Welcome to the community! Happy to have you here! 😁
  8. I know right? Interestingly, she has said in the past that she very nearly got a gastric bypass before doing Bake Off - it seems being in the spotlight has firmly made her pro-body positivity! Even 5 years ago someone in the same position would probably be promoting her mega weightloss diet by now...looks like society is making some progress!
  9. Zerogoki92


    She was looking fantastic on the Late Late Show - she is so lovely in both looks and character 🥰
  10. She certainly seems sympathetic to body positivity...maybe she will change her mind about losing weight in due course!
  11. WOW! She is blossoming into a beautifully plump young woman! Long may it continue! Let's hope she gets on the body positivity train! 😍
  12. I'm suprised no-one's shared this! Some phenomenal shots here!
  13. A stunner like no other- with a classy new haircut to boot!
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