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    Travel, Food, Languages and Philosophy . Current Graduate Student in International Relations. I am very interested in laws pertaining to consumer rights, privacy and big data especially on an international scale.

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    Mina is the dream Pinay Wifey! She cooks, has a sense of humor and a double belly that can make any man melt. Not only does she know how to make a great Ambrosia, but she also knows how to make herself irresistible. I wonder what tastes better… the ambrosia or some Mina?
  1. What happened to your neck, it disappeared!
  2. You are huge! Bunny finally became a hippopotamus, congratulations. Amazing transformation over the years.
    You could not believe that a year ago mochii was a fit athletic woman. The amount of weight she has gained in less than 2 years is shocking. She has dedicated herself to gluttony and it shows. While I would love to see an immobile 600lb mochii- that may be delegated to the realm of fantasy. But we have to honor the work she has done so far.
  3. From fit athlete to full fledged fatty! Kelli has some of the greatest rolls to show off, and a growing double chin that is covering up her neck. by the way Kelli, I love the Urs Fischer book-great taste in art!
    Chyy is both! This bulging and belching Barbie has the body to make any Ken melt into submission. Her stretch marks are hotter, her belly and breasts busting out of their constraints. You also get to see her killer booty that could make Megan jealous. This is a must buy for anyone who wants to see a Barbie turn to a Blob!
  4. I was thinking about the success of squidgame and how no one seems to have made a morph of the female lead?
    Mochii never disappoints. She is at her most slovenly in this video, absolute slob devouring a whole Turkey like it’s a snack. I can only imagine if she did this at the real thanksgiving dinner how fantastic it would be. We all know leftovers are non existent when Mochii is around.
  5. What a feast! Looking like a bigger butterball than the bird haha.
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