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  1. Gawd damn 😍 she’s not stopping anytime either. You can just tell.
  2. She is ballooning in front of our eyes and documenting the whole thing for us. Hope she continues to swell 😈
  3. Holy shit you're hot. WHERE HAVE I BEEN
  4. This. I discovered this fetish 15 years ago and I am barely sort of scratching the surface of not caring if people know that Im into fat chicks. Luckily for me though Im in a steady relationship already but my gf is finally starting to put on weight and its noticeable
  5. You gotta find an attractive girl who’s already sorta chunky but not fat, close though, that you’re into and date her. As the years go by and she’s happy and comfortable, the pounds will come 😈 meanwhile, you reap the benefits, no one really bats an eye because that’s sort of what is expected from a long term relationship. The only downfall is there is no immediate gratification.
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