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    Love the viewing angle on this one. I thought she was going to spill some on the bed, but her huge belly caught it!
    Another smoking hot video from Savannah! Her sultry voice is almost as sexy as the belly hang, and that’s saying something! I love the whole body jiggles Savannah drops that huge gut - and the fact it clearly turns her on is so sexy!
    Fabulous Fat-Girl Fashion! The purple set was my favorite! Especially with the panties below that massive belly! So hot!
    So what if this review is 2 years after the video, it has to be said: this video is hot! It is Curvage appropriate, in the best way possible (i.e. barely)! Wow!
    What a tease! Another great video from Mina. The sound when Mina is finger fucking her wet belly button was almost too much to handle!
    Love the story - the delivery makes me believe it’s true. Belly and thigh lovers MUST see the last 4 minutes - heaven!
    This is hot! The belly reveal, the belly play, and especially the hot talk! I’m a fan!
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