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    Fabulous Fat-Girl Fashion! The purple set was my favorite! Especially with the panties below that massive belly! So hot!
    So what if this review is 2 years after the video, it has to be said: this video is hot! It is Curvage appropriate, in the best way possible (i.e. barely)! Wow!
    What a tease! Another great video from Mina. The sound when Mina is finger fucking her wet belly button was almost too much to handle!
    Love the story - the delivery makes me believe it’s true. Belly and thigh lovers MUST see the last 4 minutes - heaven!
    This is hot! The belly reveal, the belly play, and especially the hot talk! I’m a fan!
    Another great production! I, for one, would need Maintenance over every damn day!
    Fuuuuuucccckkkk! This is hot! If you’re not a fan of Mina’s after watching this, you may need to see a doctor. Love the dual aspect of real life and fantasy, and I’m not sure which one is hotter!
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