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  1. Hey Kitty, have you ever considered waist training? I'm not saying you need it, but could you imagine? 😂
  2. I’m not an admin around here but just a polite reminder of common sense: don’t post personal life stuff or vent about personal goings on around here please - be it models or members. This is not Facebook and no one needs to see it. 


    1. goodgirlgrow


      Oh, boy... what brought this on

    2. FoolMeTwice


      Just a friendly reminder to everyone. We are here to enjoy ourselves. So let’s just enjoy ourselves! 

  3. Nice one, shit stirrer 👌

    COSPLAY, GLUTTONY, THE HOLY GRAIL OF STUFFING CLIPS KP smashes it again!!!!! I literally lose my shit when she releases an Insatiable clip (or any stuffing clip for that matter) but Insatiable's are literally the ultimate, the pinnacle, the got damn holy grail of stuffing clips. This luscious lady proves to us yet again that eating and gaining is as natural to her as breathing. This time we even get some costume play involved. More eating, more fantasy, more weight!!! A sexy maid outfit, a stool at least half the width of her rapidly expanding booty and natural lighting that transform her eyes into great sapphire-esque pools that even white walkers couldn't contend with. I just want to dive right in! Take these 5 stars, KP. You have more than earned them. Heck, have all the stars. Literally all of them.
    KP is become the queen of many if not ALL aspects of this fetish. Fantasy, rapid growth, indulgent stuffings and all round a cute, bubbly and genuine person. But to top it off, her size has gotten to the point now where every day human activities have started to become ever so, well, not possible. You know a girl’s devoted herself to growing when she becomes so fat her ass and hips form a human dam, stopping water from getting to the other end of the tub! Amazing! and managing to flood her bathroom just from sitting back? Even more amazing! I thought her stuffing and fantasy clips were amazing, but even her ‘fat girl problems’ videos are just rich with fun, cute moments. Kitty’s the girl that gives as much as she grows. A real blessing on the community. If you don’t already know and support this lovely lady, can you real call yourself a true FA? As always. Five. Mother. F-ing. Stars.
    KP knows how to wear a dress!!!!!!!!!!!! I swear this girl gets visibly bigger with every clip she releases, and she releases so damn often. 2 ULTRA tight dresses and the tiniest crop top leave me wanting so much more. Her hips and belly seemingly want to just burst from the dresses and spill out everywhere! I can't even think straight typing this out! Once again another top notch, top quality, top tier, top shelf, top everything clip from this jiggling, giggling, growing goddess. If you aint supporting this piggy, you aint got your head screwed on right 🥵
    Oil videos are an absolute gem. But when a girl like KP makes one, you have yourself an absolute work of art. Throw in a mirror for two simultaneous angles and you'll have a real hard time figuring out where to look! The way the oil drips over her curves and rolls down her body, the way that the mirror, as skinny as it is, makes her look even fatter (she has gotten so huge!!!!!!) and when she shakes her ass ... lord when she shakes her ass. Not only this but when the oil hits her panties, everything becomes a lot more see-through, its better than a wet t-shirt contest! I cannot fathom how she manages to look bigger in every video despite how frequently this lady releases. Absolutely amazing stuff Buy and support KP, guys. She's only gonna keep getting bigger 🥵
    There is something about watching a British babe consuming large amounts of one of their ‘national dishes’ - Kitty just has such a way with what she does. With the usual girl-next-door vibe, she makes her way through her breakfast/lunch as if she hadn’t eaten in days! More great camerawork letting us see Kitty from all angles. I love when she sits cross legged, hips and ass spilling out behind her! Buy this clip and watch this greedy piggy enjoy herself in her natural state, with a face full of fattening food 😁
  4. People normally say fat girls shouldn't wear leggings but I couldn't disagree more 😍
  5. That thought is ridiculously hot - video idea perhaps? 😏
    Well what can I say - I feel like other members have already reviewed this work of art so eloquently! One of my first clips here and I must say that Kitty is jaw droppingly gorgeous. Everything about the clip from the slow, sensual movements in the start, to the ensemble she’s wearing and then to the way she eats those strawberries ... it’s just ... no words. I came here for a clip to appreciate - I left with a clip that sticks in my mind - the music, the lighting, the goddamn makeup and lingerie - it’s all so thought out down to the fine detail! And as if I didn’t think the clip could have gotten any better, the music fades out to let us listen to just how juicy that fruit really is. Kitty’s little moans, the crunch of the fruit and thickness of that chocolate - the audio alone drives me crazy! As another reviewer said here, Kitty can do fun and bubbly, but this is a whole other side of her - a side that elevates her past a Curvage Model - If there is a crown, it needs to live on this goddesses head, rightly so, as the Queen of Curvage ... 5 Stars is an injustice ... this clip deserves more stars than this universe can muster up. Buy this clip, see for yourself, thank me later
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