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  1. Omg, just found this thread today, total fucking sploosh. BTW im mike myers
    Candii I just want to say that I am big fan of yours and I really hope that you go on and enjoy yourself in life. I can totally get why you don't want to do this anymore, I wouldn't want people like me to have sexy pictures of me either😂. Don't ever stop blocking out people who tell you that your body isn't a treasure, even if that body is bigger than it used to be. I think this community is proof that there will always be people in this world who are attracted to how anyone looks. Just keep listening to your gut 😉 I hope my words have brightened your day as you have so often brightened mine. Now as this is a review, I do feel inclined to say that other than the fact that this Candii's last video, this video isn't very special. I know what kind of things I love in a video, and this one doesn't have much of it. The whole thing is as advertised, Candii trying on clothes, and while I feel like a bad guy by saying this, it doesn't get more revealing until the end and is quite frankly a "new merch try-on" youtube video. I think everyone on this site knows what I'm talking about, as we all have gone to great length of searching: Thick women youtube stars, Youtube.com, Trisha paytas trying on clothes, google, tube socks that are great for clean up. I would recommend this video if you would like to see your last glimpse of Candii's progression, and I do not regret buying it for that reason. Candii if you're reading this part and are currently disgusted at this turn, I want you to know that I am very blunt person who will always give people an honest criticism, and an honest compliment. I mean no bad by it, I am simply doing my job in writing a review. And most importantly, to tweak a line borrowed from the Chapelle show "I AM MIKE MYERS BITCH"
  2. I'm not sure exactly what you meant by everything that you said in the comment on Candii's thread but you said you "can't argue" with me- so I LOVE IT!!! LOL! The jist I got was that yeah- we are here for our dicks but you don't have to be a dick!

    If so I think that's a really good point!!! I get that it's about getting off and sometimes guys say dumb stuff, I just can't wrap my mind around Candii's (or any model's)  ENTIRE appeal being about her gain!!! Like hello!? She's gorgeous!!! Any weight, any time, anywhere!!!

    It's got to suck having built a fan base around your gain because then if you stop they throw tantrums. I've been very very very lucky to have wonderful people support me even though they know I'm not trying to gain!!!

    Also you said something about wanting to have sex with me, which I take as a compliment 🙏thank you💗 I replied here because I didn't want to hijack the thread

  3. Guys I’m actually Mike Meyers, I’ve just remembered 😎🥸😱

    Let me start by saying that I absolutely loveee what Candii has done to herself. She is probably my favorite model on curvage, as I have a bit of a thing for blondes, especially when they go the way of the dinosaur and gain hundreds of pounds. I think it's really cool that her boyfriend is cool with her making videos so that we can all enjoy the breathtaking sight of a truly stunning woman get three times larger; all I can say without going into too much offensive risque details is that guy is one lucky man. This is a great video, like all of Candii's others, and I have found enjoyment going back and watching it many times. I highly recommend, even though there will most certainly be videos featuring a bigger Candii, it's still always nice to go back and see how much she has grown. Thank you for doing what you do, PLEASE DO NOT STOP. Candii, you are beautiful, and it's not that big of a secret.
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