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  1. alshere

    Anyone heard of Sapphire?

    Her name is Sapphire, on 3-1 and let me tell you, she is very tiny in that GIF compared to her current weight of well over 260!!!
  2. alshere

    Weekly Poll

    2 Dozen doughnuts, AND a box of eclairs!!!
  3. alshere

    Kerry Marie

    I just corresponded with Mellie, asking about the site and what was happening in the future, this is part of the reply! "Kerry and I have just filmed some new video diaries and content. I am currently going through it. Please be patient" Good news! ;D : Later, 8) Al
  4. alshere

    Kerry Marie

    I agree, and mentioned as much to Mellie, in my last correspondence. Having said that, Kerry has little to do with the technical side of the site, she pops in to the forum now and again just to say Hi, she shows up whenever Mellie arranges a shoot, but, whenever a tech issue arises, it is always deferred to Mellie. Now, with both of them being occupied with more pressing issues, it is likely that Kerry has no idea there has been such a lull in activity. The members don't complain much, only one asked why no recent updates, and part of what I told you above was addressed by Mellie, so, I guess over all, patience is a virtue.
  5. alshere

    Kerry Marie

    I am a charter member of OKM, with unbroken membership to the site. I have been in somewhat regular communication with Mellie, and here's the scoop. The sites will continue as will both of their modeling careers. Things will be slow for now, probably some recycled stuff with some older unseen stuff and some new material sprinkled in for now, but, they will both be back to full time modeling in time. Kerry has some personal family issues taking priority in her life right now, and I can assure you she is NOT pregnant. Mellie is coming back to life after an awful relationship that has finally ended, and Her Mom is the top priority in her life at the moment as well, after them both loosing their Husband & Father a couple years ago, the adjustments are still difficult. Be patient my fellow Kerry and Mellie fans, I can tell you with certainty our Queens will rise again! Neither is retiring! Neither is shutting down sites, life happens while you are busy making other plans! They are merely on a brief hiatus. Later,
  6. alshere

    Kim KardASShian

    Now that she's pregnant , that ass is gonna get BIG and W_I_D_E!! hopefully she'll blow up like a balloon!!