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  1. This image portrays your beauty ♥️ Without a doubt the girl on the right is sexier, @Midwestchubbygirl He has certainly done a good job this year, I love your content 😍 I'm excited to see a girl as cute as you ♥️
    @Midwestchubbygirl I love how you are not embarrassed to show your belly in public, it is very sexy to go to the supermarket and meet a chubby girl buying delicious food Keep doing this kind of exivisionist videos and show your nice belly ♥️
    I love to see your progress, and to think that one day you were a skinny girl 😍😍😍 You have done a good job, every day you are fatter and I love that, You look very sexy in your Kawaii clothes, it highlights your boobs and the roundness of your belly Me encanta ver tus videos, sin duda me encantaría poder acariciar esa barriga redonda ♥️♥️♥️
  2. I hope you can come back, you don't deserve to be affected 😢
  3. She is fatter than ever, I love to see how you have transformed an athletic body into a chubby and sexy body 😍😍😍 You sure look amazing I love your round cheeks and your chubby face💖💖
  4. how idea would be great, 😍 Any smart man wouldn't hesitate to be with a girl like you❤️ I would give everything to be able to fulfill all your whims 👸🏻 Eres una hermosa Reina gordita. Me encantas 💖
  5. is the image of beauty, A princess resting in her bed, that image is worthy of an oil painting 😍😍😍
  6. No soy de España pero me encanta saber que hay chicas que hablan español 😍😍😍 por cierto @acdc34434 te ves increíble en tu peso actual, no quiero imaginar cómo regresaras después de navidad ❤️
    I loved this video, @Greedy sow a very beautiful girl with big curves, I love to see a girl having problems with her clothes, this video has it all, many curves, food, sexy lingerie and A beautiful girl 😍😍😍 I highly recommend this video if you want to have a good time
    Of the best videos I've seen, @Chanel latina Every day you spend your belly inflates like a ball and it's really sexy 😍😍😍 I can't wait to see your next video 💖
  7. Te ves increíble, al parecer si sigues creciendo el botón de ésos jeans no resistirá más 😏

    Which is better, thin or fat? 🤔

    this reminded me of my anatomy classes and I decided to do this illustration


    I await your comments


    1. FIL1


      Sooo pretty,it's similar to Chanel .well done

  9. without a doubt a very beautiful girl, you look incredible, bigger than ever, when you were slim you imagined being a size 2x 😍😍 The best story I've seen in a long time a beautiful athletic girl turns into a fat and sexy girl 🤪
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