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    The video quality indeed is sub-par; I found it disappointing that there was little to no dialog present in most of the video. This lack of dialog fails to connect the audience with DairyQueen and her massive gut. I don’t feel that I as a viewer understand how she feels and therefore am slightly disconnected with the video. However despite these issues the video succeeds in capturing great positions DairyQueen’s massive belly! I could not believe what a wonderfully round belly DairyQueen has; her belly is THE perfect belly! The video intended to showcase a massive stuffed gut and that’s exactly what DairyQueen shows. It’s very obvious to see that DairyQueen is full and the belly rubs and views of her belly all make the video worth it! Furthermore, her provided customer service was very helpful! I had problems playing so I contacted her and I quickly got a response! I was so happy that I ended getting that product I pay for; I was definitely satisfied with my purchase!
    Oh my God! It is unfathomable of how great this video is! Casey talks about her life while showing the progress she has made. If you like content where she is super happy and content with her mighty belly then this video is for you! Her belly is the best out their and the video really makes you want to have it! Awesome video would very very much recommend!
    Awesome video! Less chat but very much more belly! Tune in to mighty burps and sexy belly rubs! thicccollegegirl doesn't fail to show off one of the mightiest bellies out there! I would highly recommend!
  1. Wait it isn't thanksgiving yet. Does that mean no actual thanksgiving video?
  2. What you need is a feeder! Have you ever thought about getting one?
    I was impressed with the belly mound when she laid down but this is a good video! thicccollegegirl has a uniquely beautiful round belly. Great feature of belly rubs and sexy belly play!
    The preview pictures speak for themselves! Just a very sexy video!
    Great video! The video was intimate belly play really; it really shows how big her belly is. Definitely recommend if you like huge round belly play.
    Was a good feeding video just don't look forward to her eating very much; she mostly just eats bread.
  3. Please do a buffet stuffing video

  4. You need to eat at a buffet.

  5. Do you plan on gaining weight?

    1. BloatedBarbie


      Yes 🥰I explain my plans in this video 


  6. I do not intend to use the question as a statement; I am asking a genuine question. Do you like being fat/chubby?

    1. chucklehead2


      I'm sure she does

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