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    I’m here and I’m finally posting content!

    Favourite foods: McDonald’s, Bangladeshi traditional curry dishes and Indian/Asian sweets, West African food like Jollof rice and stew, beef dishes, fried plantain, Amala beans and deserts like carrot cake, coffee cake, birthday cake and cheesecake. I also love dairy products, Greek yoghurt, cheese boards, ice cream, malted milk milkshakes 🤍

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  1.  So today I’m baby sitting my friends kitten while they’re away and Maccies isn’t far away so I ordered and I’m about to enjoy this feast with two cokes and a ls McFlurry I’ve pout in the freezer to keep it cold



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    2. Residentsteven


      I was just about to say is this a snack 😂 followed by pizza later 😂.

    3. BingeBabe


      I wish I had pizza later lol 

    4. Hank Scorpio
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