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    I’m here and I’m finally posting content!

    Favourite foods: McDonald’s, Bangladeshi traditional curry dishes and Indian/Asian sweets, West African food like Jollof rice and stew, beef dishes, fried plantain, Amala beans and deserts like carrot cake, coffee cake, birthday cake and cheesecake. I also love dairy products, Greek yoghurt, cheese boards, ice cream, malted milk milkshakes 🤍

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    5' 5" (165cm)

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  1. Everybody who knows me knows I probably eat a takeaway every day... My goal is to have a video with every different type of food.... KFC, Mcdonald's, Dominoes, Chinese... etc :D Here's some I've made already... REMEMBER

    • If you buy one of my clips & leave a 5* review, you will get any other clip for free!!!!



  2. So, I thought I would be able to set up my tripod/lighting in a straight forward manor, and make a KFC stuffing video, but I’m so bad with instructions... secondly, my first ever bikini arrived and trying it on made me feel insecure... I have never worn one in 26 years so it’s a big step... but until then, here’s my cute new black dress..


    1. jj22


      I bet you look AMAZING in that bikini - and I reckon Curvage-users would love to see you in it.  But it's all about you and what you feel right doing.

    2. grateful


      Can you get help?  Don't stress  ❤️❤️❤️

  3. So for the last four days I’ve been SO ill and away from social media, but I’m back with my anti biotics and Big Mac meal,

    but behind the scenes I’ve just been to view a flat, so FINGERS crossed tomorrow I’ll get the call that I finally have my own high rise place to stay! 

    As well as that, upon my body positive journey I bought my first EVER bikini this week, of course a few sizes too small to make extra sexy and sultry videos falling out of it 💕 oh and did I mention some amazing gentleman gifted me a lighting and tripod setup? IM SO HAPPY! I’m so greatful, sometimes I don’t think people know how much they are helping to benefit your life just by giving you that little push 💕 help someone to help themselves...


    so my next video is going to be SO much better.... I’m so excited 😍 I just have work out what food I fancy.... 

    1. Funferall


      Things are looking up!

    2. jj22


      I love to read these kind of posts - feels like we get to know the real person a bit more.  Bet you look AWESOME in that bikini, BB!

  4. Hi darlings!

    I just ate dinner... and I wanted to recommend that everyone starts eating cheeseburgers with HALLOUMI cheese over American cheese. It’s so fucking gorgeous, it tastes so good and the texture is so nice 😻

    Paired with Peri Peri salted fries, Cheesey Garlic bread and mayo. Washed down with a thick creamy Mars Bar (Milky Way for our American friends here) and a Banana Shake
    After I finished, I devoured two huge slices of sweet Apple pie, two thick homemade New York cheesecakes and a strawberry cheesecake just for good luck 🍰 

    Do you know what I like watching whilst I eat?  Mukbangs! Which are basically stuffing videos... you should watch one of mine next time you sit down and feast! And yes I unapologetically talk with my mouth full sometimes 💁🏼‍♀️💕

    If you leave a 5* REVIEW on any of my videos you will get a FREE VIDEO of your choice sent to you straight away!

    1. grateful


      Now I'm hungry and need to go cook supper!  😂

      Impressive set of treats!  😍❤️

      Great update! Thanks!  😁

  5. Taking Selfies at 02:26 


    I’ve been so busy working for a big client and because I’ve been sat in the same position designing all day my left shoulder blade is aching so much, it feels like a repetitive strain injury because when I move in a different direction I get relief... 

    if anyone has got any tips on how I can remove the strain and loosen up my muscle let me know! I’ve already tried anti inflammatorys, tramadol and deep heat cream... 😩 

    It’s times like this where I wish I could be slim for one day so I could go and get a professional massage... but obviously someone of 300+ lbs is going to break their table... 

    “Oh wow, a girl who doesn’t ONLY post status’ when they want to sell content, over and Over and Over again 👀 lmao... “


    wait, who said that? It wasn’t me 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. BingeBabe


      @grateful hell yeah, we should start a gofundme to open up a BBW unisex spa with heavy-duty everything, and LARGE towels and robes that actually close x

    3. grateful


      @robes  😂

    4. jj22


      Was busily reading comments about massages - but got distracted by those photos.  Holy crap, you're beautiful.


    I’m having nostalgic thoughts about the pizza I devoured last night 💕😍 I was so obsessed with how delicious it was, I actually forgot I ordered chicken wings too... lmao! So I ate them cold 💁🏼‍♀️


    guess what just arrived? NEW BIKINIS! I can’t wait to make a full body shot video in a tiny bikini being swallowed by my flab 💅🏽

  7. Watch me stuff myself with fizzy Pepsi & stuffed crust, pepperoni pizza from Papa Johns. My hair is shoved up and I'm looking like a slob, and burping like one, pardon me! My belly literally goes from pretty empty to stuffed and puffed out within 15 minutes! There's nothing I love more than full fat sugary Pepsi, loud burps and belly button rubs. I demonstrate how deep my belly button is because of how fat and huge my stomach is... I have to use my fingers to play with my belly button, wishing I had some sexy toys.. Enjoy my disgusting binge. I'm such a fat slob.


  8. Do you like my header I just made for my page :D



    1. grateful


      Yes!  ❤️😍

    2. Alex4


      It looks professional.i love it

  9. no hair, no makeup, not showered & wearing mismatching PJ’s because I’m working on such a important project and tight  time scale but still had time for a selfie!


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. grateful


      Agree with all above!  😍❤️🥰

    3. Alex4


      Beautiful 😍🥰

    4. jj22


      You look stunningly beautiful.

  10. 5 Different Clips in one Purchase 💕

    WOW what an unflattering double chin main pic, haha!!!  

    Videos ranging from 5 minute long chubby bunny sessions, slamming my tummy on a surface asmr and tummy rubs/leggings/exposing etc 💕

  11. I would love some of your opinions of which bikini I should buy to film my next video as I am the only girl without a sexy (too small) bikini :D I just don’t know how to bloody show ya’ll haha

    1. jj22


      Any bikini will do, as long as it's small.

  12. OK so 1. thing I'm SUPPPPPPER excited for, is meeting up with a fellow cutie with a bootie to make a video hotter than Kim Kardashian's cover of PAPER magazine... she's a curvage model too, she's blonde too, she's got a jelly belly like me too, and even some matching outfits too... :P I wonder if anyone can guess


    2. I just uploaded a new video playing Chubby  Bunny with malteaser's and dipping them in double cream




    1. Diego34


      You are amazing babe

      wonderful women 😊


    2. jossbrazier


      I honestly can’t guess, can’t wait to see

  13. CLIP DETAILS: 1. A chat and a late night solo game of chubby bunny with malteasers, followed by eating a pint of double cream with them. Stuffing and filling my mouth until I can't take it and have to spit it out. (5:43 mins) 2. Belly rubs (11 seconds) 3. Belly rubs (32 seconds) 4. Tummy Slamming on the table (32 seconds) 5. Leggings & peekaboo with my Tummy (1:29 mins)


  14.  So today I’m baby sitting my friends kitten while they’re away and Maccies isn’t far away so I ordered and I’m about to enjoy this feast with two cokes and a ls McFlurry I’ve pout in the freezer to keep it cold



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Residentsteven


      I was just about to say is this a snack 😂 followed by pizza later 😂.

    3. BingeBabe


      I wish I had pizza later lol 

    4. Hank Scorpio
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