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  1. Happy girls don't hate & Hatin' girls aren't happy! 

    I've been that bitchy, two faced mean girl- it was a sad life, now, am conciously kind to everyone. Just because I'm friendly, does not mean I am not fully aware of what you think of me! ;)  



    1. Porky Princess

      Porky Princess

      Yes babe 😘💗🐍🐍

    2. John Smith

      John Smith

      I would be curious to see you sharing a Curvage blog about how you've changed as much from inside as outside. :)

  2. Remember when I told you since I joined Curvage less than six months ago, in Janurary I wore my first ever bikini, even though I am 26? Sad. 
    Well, if I am to be candid, when you’re anxious, agoraphobic and occasionally depressed, the last thing on your mind is sexy underwear. I had a handful of sports bras because I did not want my big boobs to make me look even ‘fatter’ as an insecure teen and I was queen of granny panties. (which I still love, but I’m talking about real bashed up and ‘oh well nobody is gonna see them I’m too ugly’ pants) 

    Last night was the first night I had ever worn a garter and stockings (they took me 40 mins to work out how to attatch)

    I did not think any of it was going to fit, but here we go.



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. BingeBabe


      @BloatedBarbie @Porky Princess thank you sexy blonde queens 😍

    3. KittyPiggy


      This look is everything! 🔥

    4. PeterK57


      Dear lovely Lady, You are absolutely stunning. 

  3. Oh Darlings, guess what? @maybejames fixed my video format for me and now you can download my new sexy taunting/jealousy/role-play video with my LUSH new hair, that I am far too obsessed with in full screen! 

    ALSO.... It's Wednesday, mid week, generically the most stressful and boring day of every week, SO ALL MY CLIPS HAVE GONE DOWN TO JUST $4.99!!! Let me entertain ya, either erotically ;) or by seemingly dropping food over myself or the floor in every video (literally unintentional and i don't know why this happens)


    £4.99 EACH, BUT IF YOU LEAVE A 5* REVIEW FOR ONE, YOU GET ANOTHER FREE. SO THAT'S TWO FOR $4.99... BargainBabe or BingeBabe ;)




  4. God Damn. I had to share this pic, the sweetness of the donuts & the spicy ness of the stew 😍 #TrueFoodie


    1. Porky Princess

      Porky Princess

      I’ve never tried those donuts they look unreal!! 😍

    2. grateful


      You're making me get fat!  😍😁

      Best food porn!  😍😋

      Yes, I agree1 Thanks!  😊

  5. Jollof Rice, Beef stew, Mikate African donuts and fried plantain on route. My stomach is doing heart eyes 🥰😍


    oh and, I might just have morphed into a Real life pig 🐷 🐽  

    1. BloatedBarbie


      Sexy piggy work it girl! Enjoy the food 😋🐷 🐽

  6. Yes. When you can’t wait until you’re home to eat... I’m about to tuck into Big Mac meal, cheese share box, 20 nuggets & Cokeimage.thumb.jpg.fdb54ddb5b4e5a07485579af92a57f51.jpg 

    1. Jimmy Irish

      Jimmy Irish


    2. grateful


      Hot  😍❤️🥰

      Great update!  Thanks!  😊

  7. Ruby acts out one of her fantasies, of making her ex jealous & go crazy over her weight gain and huge assets. In this roleplay Ruby's ex boyfriend who she had trusted became interested in feedism with her but eventually cheated and left her for a girl that was 24lbs heavier.. So in six weeks Ruby gains 30lbs bringing her weight near 340lbs, standing at 5ft 5". Her belly hgas swollen, thighs have grown so much and her big tits are no9w spilling out of her bra and Ruby teases him and jiggles her tits and body to remind him of what he will never have again. She just wants to torture him, if you like a dominant, big, pretty blonde girl you'll love this fantasy. Any technical issues, just contact me!


  8. Revenge is SWEET and its also calorific. 

    all going down in my new Roleplay video coming in 10 mins. 
    Personally I think that I look the best I have ever looked






    Thank you so much to anyone who spoiled me from my wishlist, thus becoming my favourite person on earth and getting all of my content as well as custom content of your choice or skype/facetime!

    ALSO don't forget if you leave a 5* rating you get any other clip for free!

    ❤️ BINGEBABE ❤️

  10. Can you guess which two milkshake flavours i chose? One has four flavours inked the other has one 😘



    I genuinely can’t get over how someone has been blessed with a gorgeous face and a body made to be worshipped... I swear watching this i almost forgot I knew you and turned into a 17 year old boy with one of his old socks if ya know I mean 👍🏼😘💕inspiring creative video for me x




    Thank you so much to anyone who spoiled me from my wishlist, thus becoming my favourite person on earth and getting all of my content as well as custom content of your choice or skype/facetime!

    ALSO don't forget if you leave a 5* rating you get any other clip for free!

    ❤️ BINGEBABE ❤️

  12. 14 minutes of showing off sexy new lingerie, eating boxes of chocolates and answering Q&A questions. This was by far my most favourite, yet the most difficult video to film, as I was gifted a perfect new camera by a special gent from my Amazon wish-list, so now my videos will all be of great quality and dimension. They also bought me new hair, underwear and more so there's plenty of things to make fun new content. But because there was so many different aspects to this video, it took a while to finish editing (never used editing software for videos in my life). So although we're a couple of days past valentines day, if you really love me *cute pussy kat eyes* then you'll forget that I'm late to the party! I knew I would be single this valentines, so I added a random Q&A to give the effect of being on a date and getting to know someone. Love Ruby x


  13. also she is NOT painfully thin buddy, she looks healthy like most normies in those pics to me.
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