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  1. 💞 ALL CLIPS ONY £5.00 💞

    Check out my latest clip... 


    Make sure you leave a 5* review on the video and I'll be giving you two free to cheer us all up in dire times  💞!

  2. New Video Uploading ❤️



  3. I am currently obsessed with Taco Bell's churro's since the flagship opened in my city; I have been ordering at least 10 for the last week, today I stuffed myself on 10 churros for breakfast with a burrito, but I couldn't help but order 10 more this evening after dinner. Eat with me, watch me bounce my boobs, corress my gut, burp, chew, munch and enjoy the delicious crispy yet light, sugary yet almost savoury, doughy treats... Don't forget to leave a 5* review on any clip and get any clip for free


  4. so picture yourself sat with your hair up, no makeup on, comfy, in a bikini, belly out, with a five guys shake, japanese katsu curry, chicken dumplings, and a sushi platter, coke and a banana split ice cream, getting 5 minutes into a mukbang for curvage and being interupted by family turning up, then when you get back to your room your food is cold and melted :(

    1. Jordan


      That sucks but hope the food was awsome ☺☺

    2. goodgirlgrow


      No. NOOOO!! I’m so sorry.

      rihanna nightmare GIF

    3. grateful


      Text ahead please, normal by appointment only!  😂

      Wow, I 😮can identify!  🤬

      Thanks for the update!  😊

  5. It's been a while since Ruby made a video, the coronavirus outbreak anxiety has rained on her parade and this is a time where most of us are probably a little bit terrified. There's not much a classic, nostalgic Chocolate cake and custard pudding, that we ate with our school dinners on a Friday back in 2001, when I was a little angel... Ruby explains what her tattoo between her chest is and shows it close up, finally unravelling the mystery that is my obnoxious tattoo.. A mandatory stomach massage with my new Aloe Vera gel, a wonder-cream! My new favourite product.


  6. New videos on the way today 💓😅E0D738A5-6EBC-4CED-88E3-3D4E2267F81D.thumb.jpeg.5715bf3579dd7065e27e594d7ec1812d.jpeg

  7. Being somewhat self aware and intelligent I have always considered a hindrance, I spent all of my teenage years being a social justice warrior without even knowing it, and that constant battle between people, the universe and politics is just depressing.... I prefer to stay as naive as I can be, all whilst being informed enough to be safe etc... anyway, chrurros are my new addiction737E962B-7966-4A2D-8667-CD76E90D82A8.thumb.jpeg.a2b2ba81b076e5dfffa9f01590e70c7e.jpeg

  8. 6FDA2914-10B4-4A91-9EDB-226ED2C382E5.thumb.png.9fe36feaca667d50c9f71d1129657195.pngMy favourite is malted milk, and secondly chocolate peanut butter 💕F5F51DEA-DA7B-4FF4-9718-68D401426B37.thumb.jpeg.480ec91ea0d34308175cf8e05d00d7c2.jpeg

    1. grateful


      Yes!  😍❤️

      Thanks for sharing!  😍 Now I'm hungry!  😁



    Ok, so I joined one year ago almost two the day, but didn't post my first clip until three months ago, when I finally gathered just about enough of the courage to upload something... (and by courage, I mean a little bit of dutch courage- i was riding high on christmas spirit, clotted cream and festive liquor). I thought it would be one of those one time things that I feel are too 'forced' or that i'd have to sport some alter ego fake personality and knowing how impossible it is for me to 'fake the funk'. I did not think I'd enjoy it so much! Reflecting on my fears of posting my first clip,  In hindsight, I don't know why I was so surprised to find out that something which has been the bane of my life & that I do every single day, far more than the average human (stuffing my face and getting fat) turned out to be something I am so good at 😛  

    OK so to summarise that little emo rant, I'm declaring a week long sale on all of my clips to mark the pleasure, passion and whole new lust for a life i've got now with this exciting new hobby to induldge in! And, how much fun i've had getting to know myself infront of a camera. This marks the beginning of Ruby 2.0, this time three months ago I only had two bras to my name and I didn't even have a single piece of equiptment but now my bedroom resembles a cross between a fancy dress shop and that of Christian Gray if he was a ultra-girly, pastel pink loving, blonde, chubby, female (LOL)! I'm purchasing a new camera and equiptment this month, my huge list of bizarre, sexy, hilarious & fun video ideas, meeting new girls to film with & the voyage of my upcoming clips getting a glo' up!

    Love you guys! All clips are marked at £5 💞



  11. spicy. Delicious, gorgeous goat jollof and dumplings 😍92658A74-D433-4880-B99D-90BA9C615033.thumb.jpeg.a327345f9f5c2e5163c2ad761dd4ebeb.jpeg

    1. PeterK57


      Enjoy Your meal, and make Your Belly grow

  12. 5’4 and a half...Thunder thighs...More like earthquake thighs 😳396FDA22-30BD-4F36-A648-77D41240060F.thumb.jpeg.7636b28cbbf7e3e66befa58a4a908661.jpeg

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. degek2001


      Sexy curves ❤️ Henk

    3. PeterK57


      Very sexy esrthquake thights presented perfectly

    4. gingerbread


      The way your belly is poking out xx

  13. If you want to make sure you have a perfectly plump, round stomach when you wake up, make sure you stuff yourself with extra, easy to digest calories right before bed. Sleepy Ruby chuggs an extra 1500+ calories of Banana and Chocolate milkshake before she goes to bed, to make sure she achieves her gaining goals.


  14. ❤️ I also just stumbled across the date I joined Curvage on my profile, 25th March 2019 😳 it’s almost my one year anniversary Of self acceptance, finding a new way of thinking, feeling confident for the first time in years, dare I say, feeling attractive for the first time in... ever! Hmmmm, I need to do something special for my 1 year celebration in two weeks.. I definitely deserve a big two tier birthday cake!! 20056B10-7399-45A9-A7DB-813E1201DF43.thumb.jpeg.7e6d3cfc8a289930d0a6603736a7e0bf.jpeg

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Bellylover777


      I find you absolutely sexy - also your legs - pretty round girl 😘

    3. jj22


      You look absolutely gorgeous in that bikini!

    4. gingerbread


      You’re so pretty ruby 

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