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  1. zorist

    Loey Lane

    Damn she is looking big here I’m usual skeptical but damn
  2. God yes definitely looking fatter, and delightfully so.
  3. Bro what she looks 0% real
  4. Bravo sir, if I could give you another upvote I would
  5. Think it’s just u bro, she still is looking crazy hot tho
  6. Damn you’ve really co-opted this whole starfire speech thing
  7. Thank you @goodgirlgrow
  8. Bro I can tell you right now that I don’t have a problem with fat bodies. I had that fatphobia instilled in me from a young age like most of us do, and I’ve had to overcome it on a personal level. The fears I know I still have (which I know are also largely irrational) are about other people’s judgements of me based on what I like, and about people I think are beautiful taking it the wrong way if I say I like bigger girls. I just don’t appreciate being mischaracterized for having basic human fears about others’ judgements which I’m working to move past.
  9. @NikkiMaialina I didn't come here looking for any sympathy. I know that there's nothing shameful about me liking bigger women or having a feedism fetish. I've gotten over that part. My initial intent here was to share the positive experience I've had opening up despite my fears about judgement from others in the hopes that other people in my position would be able to do the same. I honestly don't even understand what you're trying to get me to change my mind about. I've agreed with you about the horrific way fat people are treated by society and told you that I'm working on opening up. The only reason I engaged in this argument is because you tried to tell me that the fears I had (which I think many people share, and which I've said that I'm working on overcoming) were invalid and somehow indicated that I didn't see fat women as human beings.
  10. Wow! you are absolutely gorgeous.

    1. KristenMoons


      Thank you so much! ❤️ 

  11. @NikkiMaialina I just don't understand why it has to be one or the other. Again, like I said, the purpose of my comment was not to compare what fat people and people who are attracted to them have to go through. My point was that it's insensitive to tell someone who's struggled with something that their feelings and experiences don't matter because other people have it worse. Just because different people face different levels and kinds of judgement from society doesn't mean it's kind or productive to minimize or dismiss the challenges anyone has faced. I understand that the judgement I face is only a secondary effect of society's hatred towards fat people, but I also don't think shaming people into "coming out of the fridge" because you seem to think we're cowardly for being in there in the first place is a good way of addressing these issues.
  12. @NikkiMaialinaI literally said that the judgement bigger women face is a terrible thing nobody should have to deal with. I understand that that’s something we should all be fighting against and I said that I was working towards being more open about it. It’s unempathetic to respond to someone saying that they’re trying to improve upon something they’ve struggled with by accusing them of not seeing women as human beings and saying “So you get judged a little for being with big girls. And?”. I would never tell you to just get over the comments about your size and the people telling you they were ashamed of you. Judgements hurt. I’m not trying to say that the impact or scale of these harms are equal, but these issues are deeply intertwined and I don’t think trivializing anyone’s experience is a way to move us forward.
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