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  1. “Riding you (POV)” is my favorite clip of all time. From it being a (POV) clip, I got really creative and put that clip in my Virtual Reality headset and threw some headphones in. Omg I literally felt like I was there! It was by far the hottest thing I’ve watched in a long time! The way you your belly just spilled down was so hot!!! 🥵 I couldn’t take my eyes off it 👁👄👁. The way you slapped, jiggled, and moaned made the clip extra special with my VR!! And the way you stripped down 🥵 like omg words can’t describe how hot that was! I just love how soft you looked in the video and I just can sit back and enjoy the ride in my VR. You’re so pretty!! By far the best and most amazing video!! Thank you Casey!!
    Wow!!! Loved this video it was Hot!!! 🥵 Your transformation is incredible! Loved how jiggly you’ve become. It’s hot to see you out of breath. The camera angles were amazing. Can’t wait for what’s to come up next. 10/10
  2. Good evening! How are you girl?

    Omg what a really hot video. Loved all the angles. The juiciest video to date. Loved all the belly play and strip. This is the by far the best video I purchased and what a deal. You guys are missing out this is a must buy. Thank you Kitty!!! Hope you continue to rule curvage like you always do!!
    Wow just being new to follow and my first purchase. OMG it was so worth it your measurements were hot 🥵 Just seeing the comparisons you had from the previous was incredible. Loved those jiggles you are a queen at it. Your gain is amazing 😍. Can’t wait to buy more content 🙌🏻
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