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  1. hey guys!

    if you're like me, you're stuck at home and don't have much to do except eat and masturbate... and that leads me to two exciting things!

    1. I'm releasing new content over the next few days!

    2. I'm reducing the price of a TON of my content! :)

    • My Two Burgers and A Whole Large Pizza Stuffing video is now $19.99 instead of $29.99.
    • My "No Way I'm Fat!" Video is now 14.99 instead of $19.99
    • My 2018-2019 Weight Gain Diary via Private Pics is now $1.99 instead of 5.99
    • My Happy Birthday! Whole Cake Stuffing video is now 15.99 instead of 23.99
    • My Stuffed To The Limit in Lingerie video is now 14.99 instead of 29.99
    • My Pizza and Strawberita Stuffing video is now 9.99 instead of 19.99.
    • My Taco Bell and McDonald's Stuffing is now 14.99 instead of 25.99
    • My Face Stuffing in Outgrown Underwear video is now $1.99 instead of 14.99!



  2. No, not pregnant - just stuffed to the top with McDonald's.

    I've been replaying all of the kingdom hearts games - and like you do when marathon gaming, I surrounded myself with two liters of soda and family-size bags of chips. And of course, soooo many pizza rolls... I've been stuffed constantly for about three consecutive days. My feeder keeps me full, hand feeds me and rubs the deep painful burps out of my gut while my hands are busy with the controller.

    This pic is showing what I usually do when I'm massively stuffed. The skin on my poor fat belly is stretched so tight with all of the food and sugary soda I've forced into it. I can feel myself growing and stretching to fit all the new weight on my frame. So I sit in the shower and let the hot water beat down on my sensitive, swollen gut, as my burps echo loudly off the shower walls.


  3. somebody pleeeease send me a message! i need an encourager right now, i'm really trying to finish this pizza and wings. i'm so horny and i need help finishing this. i'm stuck in my computer chair, panting, and my panties are soaking wet...

  4. Me: Hey Babe... can you order me some food? You: Yes, of course Princess. But you have to eat EVERYTHING I order you. Me: Yes sir! Me: I didn't expect you to order so much... two cheeseburgers and an entire large pizza! I'm going to be fed all day! ❤️ You: No. You will eat all of it, right now. Me: Oh... I'm so stuffed... my tits are falling out of my shirt. My gut is hanging down onto the bed... I don't think I can eat anymore. You: You will. And you will send me a video of you eating every last bite.


  5. Hey friends!!

    I'm having a flash "sale" for Halloween week!

    From now until next Wednesday, if you order one of my videos ($10 or more) on here, I'll gift you my newest photo set or a video worth $5 or less! Message me with proof of purchase to get the content!

    There are 11 videos on my clip store that are eligible, and I really hope you take this as an opportunity to see how much effort I've put into my voluptuous new body. ❤️

  6. I just ate 1/5 a gallon of ice cream... what would you do with this tum if I was sitting in your lap? Or better, if you were kneeled down between my legs...?


    1. Rebeljoe


      I'd Fuck your bellybutton.

  7. ugh, one of those stupid horny nights. who wants to play with my voluptuous breasts while feeding me mac and cheese? ❤️❤️❤️ 

    1. AJ-Xander


      This guy

  8. one of those nights where you can’t stop eating...

    tonight i’ve had 3 cheeseburgers, a footlong sub, a family size bag of doritos, and two bottles of wine...

  9. I found a folder of all of my favorite sexy selfies from the past year... and wow, have I blown up! I think this is an adorable photo set because these are pictures I've taken for private viewing... pictures that weren't posed, weren't for a photo shoot... just pictures I took in the moment as I felt sexy. The best way I could describe these is "what I send you while you're away and I'm missing you and feeling sexy." Imagine these popping up on your phone while you're at work and I'm being flirty, or showing you how much I've gained with your help!!


  10. I thought I should do some cleaning out of my closet! Even though it's starting to get cold where I am, I figured I could do a tryon of some clothes from last year and see if they still fit... long story short, they do not. At all. Want to see me try to squeeze my fat, voluptuous ass into a size XL bathing suit and size 14 workout leggings? I even break my bathing suit!!


  11. My pricing is the way it is because this was my first video filming in my underwear!
  12. New video in my store guys! Don't forget to check it out! I love being showered with affection... ❤️

    "My favorite thing to do is relax and play video games all day. I love to get up, cook myself a large breakfast (today was especially large) and spend some time rubbing the burps out... in this video I talk all about how stuffed I am, what I've eaten, and play with my round, stuffed doughy belly in my tight shorts and pretty blouse!"


    Screenshot (23).png

    Screenshot (24).png

    Screenshot (25).png

    Screenshot (26).png

    Screenshot (27).png

    Screenshot (28).png

    Screenshot (29).png

    Screenshot (30).png

    Screenshot (31).png

    Screenshot (32).png

  13. My favorite thing to do is relax and play video games all day. I love to get up, cook myself a large breakfast (today was especially large) and spend some time rubbing the burps out... in this video I talk all about how stuffed I am, what I've eaten, and play with my round, stuffed doughy belly in my tight shorts and pretty blouse!


  14. Don't forget to check out my video store!!! Here's a goodie for you guys:


    1. zeldafan


      Omgggg they are hugeee 😍

    2. Rebeljoe


      I Love juicy strawberries.

    3. NagitoKowaru


      They're H cups ;)

  15. Check out my new video!

    "No Way I'm Fat!" - Chugging, Stuffing - Weigh In

    30 minutes, $20

    I was getting ready to go out with my friends, and I was so excited! I haven’t been able to go out to the bar because I’ve been so busy with work and school, but I had a free night, and we were so ready! But… I tried on my old favorite clubbing outfit, and I realized that my dryer is broken… there’s no way my clothes are this tight! I mean I know I’ve put on a bit of weight… but not this much. Since I had extra time, now frustrated with my clothes and knowing I’ll have to pick a new outfit, I decided to have a snack. I’ll be late to dinner anyways. The snack turned into an ENTIRE box of my favorite pastry, honeybuns. I ate like a savage, moaning and panting as I stuffed the creamy treats into my mouth without thinking. It was like my gluttony had taken me over. Then I chug some water on top of it, because I’m so addicted to the feeling of being unbelievably full. By the time I’m done, and snapped out of my ravenous bingeing, I realize that my clothes are REALLy tight… I rub my poor straining gut, moaning and burping… then decide to go weigh myself. I end up stripping half naked -- not that you can see anything past my huge hanging belly. How much do I weigh?

    (Also includes downloads for the screenshots and preview images.)

    Screenshot (20).png

    Screenshot (21).png

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