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  1. Do I look rounder? I definitely feel rounder... I reached a new level of hedonism here. I ate so much I got dizzy 😵 past out of breath by a mile...


    My newest videos:






    1. jacksprat


      Yes, You DO look more Beautiful than Ever! That's what you mean by more "round", amirite? 

  2. Being a ** means we have special dirty talk... Like how I'm your big slutty pig who loves how fat she's gotten 💕💕


  3.  I'm in love with my newest clip honestly 😍 we all know that as feedists, there are certain things that aren't sexual that get us going sooo quickly...



    1. bmw8890


      I think you are super cute I would like to help you gain weight I would like to feed you

  4. I'm a dirty girl... 🐮



  5. Dani can't keep her hands off of her bulging fat, and it's all your fault. "You've turned me into such a fat, greedy pig... look, you can barely even see what my underwear says." She talks about how as she gains weight she gets hornier and hornier, constantly wet from her own greed. She's so in love with all of the new blubber you've piled onto her petite frame. So in love in fact, that she eats a quadruple decker breakfast sandwich while fondling her breasts, thighs and gut. "You've turned me into such a porker, baby," she moans between belches. She goes on to eat MULTIPLE other breakfast sandwiches, constantly touching herself and asking you naughty questions like "Do I look cute with my mouth full of food?" She tugs her underwear up, using it as a hammock to show off her new jelly belly. She even talks about how she's trained herself to get horny while she eats. She even fingers her deep belly button sensually, forcefully, over and over, making ripples in her fat and forcing gigantic belches out of her grease-stained lips. She chugs sugary soda and lays on her side, panting as she rubs out burp after burp.


  6. Flash Sale! $1.99 - 60% off

    Meet Dani - Answering Your Questions & Stuffing My Face!


  7. Some of my favorite shots and gifs of me! Come check them out! 😋
  8. I'm still running this 70% off flash sale!! 💕🐮 I really made a sloppy pig out of myself, huh? Who even left this cake out in the open for me?




  9. Sale time 😍😍 70% off for 24 hours!




    1. ExponentialGrowth


      Think about it: you're one of the biggest pigs on this website. And that's saying something!!! 🐖

    2. Kevinmorad


      I really do love your weight gain journey I will be blunt I want you so big that it becomes a struggle to get out of bed to the point where your too lazy and tired to lift yourself up the progress you put on your body is proof of how big you are also I want to bet your past double h cup the best way to find out is by getting one I bet your a triple H! ❤️ 

  10. Well... Fuck. 🥵 It's getting a lot harder to move around lately.



    PS- Check out my flash sale! 💕🐮


    1. DrPepper1991


      Living for that butt crack in jeans 👖🥵

    2. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      Wearing those jeans you are looking fantastic.

    3. Lucas Netto

      Lucas Netto

      that ass is amazing 🐷

  11. 24 HOUR SALE! 💟 Come see me glut myself further out of my teeny weeny cow bikini 🐮



  12. I've got your vore fix, baby 🥵 we'll have lots of fun together...



    1. Zander123


      Omg your belly is so sexy! You know what be really sexy is that you should definitely do a video of you wearing tight low waisted jeans and a tight shirt while driving. You being in a seated position and wearing tight low waisted jeans would make your belly and love handles bulge like crazy and would be so hot! Hopefully I’ll be able to purchase that video if you create it and other of your videos as well. I can already tell that your content is truly outstanding!

    2. NagitoKowaru


      @Zander123that's an awesome idea and one I'll most likely do! I've wanted to do a car video for a while

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