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  1. New video up!




  2. New video up for approval today!

    A huge bacon cheeseburger stuffing with lots of fat talk, LOADS of shameless burps, and lots of belly rubbing!


  3. I'm feeling a little tired and worn out today, so I decided to play video games and order takeout... and do literally nothing else with my day. I need to rest and get my strength back! And by the way, as you hear in this video while I voraciously eat a huge cheeseburger and chug soda and gatorade, I am NOT fat. I haven't gained any weight at all... I'm just bloated. And I need to eat as much as I can to get my strength up!


  4. Do you like my new panties?





    1. In Love With Bellies

      In Love With Bellies

      New pounds new panties 😎

  5. Don't forget to get my super sexy Fridge Raiding video for $4.99!


    giphy (1).gif

    giphy (2).gif


  6. Self care is Chinese food and your favorite movie! Growing up as a little theater kid, I know every word and every choreographed move to Nightmare Before Christmas. It's getting harder to dance the more food I eat though...


    My feeder told me all of this food has to be eaten by the time he comes home...




    1. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Loved that movie growing up! Still holds up pretty well too. :D 

      I'm sure you'll be able to eat all that. Look at all that belly, there's plenty of room in there. :D 

    2. NagitoKowaru


      @Jay Rock I ate about three pounds of Chinese food and filled it up, lol!

    3. freddfatt


      Look at that lardy fat belly jiggle! Big fat piggies like you need to be constantly stuffed. Hot!😍

  7. Me: eats in bed


    Also me: man why are there crumbs in the bed?!

  8. Well... honestly, I've never had a weight gain goal -- I've only just kept eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. Recently, though, I grew into a size 18 jeans. Something keeps telling me how sexy being in 20+ jeans would be. I've never been in pant sizes that started with 2... Thank you all so much! ❤️
  9. Don't forget to check out this sexy as hell video for $4.99!



    ice cream.gif

  10. Who else loves to cook?


  11. There was a comment here about a year ago about "big thighs."
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