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  1. 》 Succubus Fridge Raid!!

    Demons get so hungry, I can't help it 🤤 thankfully my mortal servant left their refrigerator full of fattening and filling snacks for me.



    Your Demon Succubus begins this video bouncing her fat belly around in the camera while she devours almost an entire foot long sub. Like most seasoned fatties, she begins to complete lose herself into her food - and gets tired from hauling around so much fat - so she pulls up a chair and sits down, right in front of the open fridge. The chair creaks as her fat juicy ass plops down onto it, and she doesn't stop eating for a moment. 



    So much food disappears into her gluttonous stomach - fries, sandwiches, tea, cheesecake ice cream, soda, leftover Chinese food, and of course almost an entire can of whipped cream! Like a true hedonistic Succubus sl*t, she eats like a whore, sucking on spoons and jiggling her giant fat belly.


    Multiple times in this clip we get an angle from inside the fridge, meaning you get to watch this fatty lean in and continue grabbing more and more to stuff her face. At the end, the Demon Girl has eaten herself almost stuck in her chair! She has to pull her fat body up using the counter 🥵🥵😳😳


  2. On 9/21/2022 at 5:04 PM, jacksprat said:

    Dani knows that guys don't mind a big round belly. (we actually love it!) She will keep on chugging protein shakes as long as her titties keep growing fatter. That's all she cares about: Bigger and Bigger Boobs! "Guys don't care if you have big boobs like me. They will even say I'm the prettiest girl because my tits are so fat." 
    She laughs at skinny girls because they cry about being flat chested. They think it's dumb luck. Sure, they say they'd do anything for a big full bosom. Dani giggles; "It's so easy, you bony girls. Just put on weight and they grow!" 

    Fatter and bigger is the goal 😍😍😍

  3. 12 hours ago, jackal27 said:

    Dani has become one of my favorite curvage models to follow since she seems to lover her weight gain journey, talking about it and showing it off. Plus I think someone else may have already said this but as a fan who has a kink for fatter women who aren’t afraid to burp when they feel the need to, Dani might be the Curvage burp queen with her big, deep belches she bellows out in so many of her clips. I can’t wait to see the same when I view this clip as well. 😍🔥🥵

    Thank you so much for your support and kind words!!! 💖💖

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