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  1. Good morning curvage😘so sorry I have Been away..  I’m super busy with my school work but thankfully am almost finished😍can’t wait to start making videos all the time😍I’m going to film a video this weekend guys stay tuned xoxo!! have a great day my loves!!

    I ate SO much yesterday that I could barely breathe i kept hiccuping and then breathing heavily 😂I woke up still kinda full and now I can’t wait to stuff myself to the max again today 😍I’ll show off my big belly later😍 have a great Friday!!! TGIF
  3. Filming a video tonight of me trying on clothes that are way too tight after eating almost and entire tray of pizza with 50 wings😍😍😍my stomach is so bloated! 

    1. Jordan


      Button pop video


  4. Happy Tuesday!!! One day closer till Fridayyyyyy👏🏼😃 I’m looking to do a new video.. any suggestions?😍

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    2. dj2k1357


      Id love to see a burp contest with you and @Curvybaby with either beers or maybe a 2 liter for each of you 🐷🐷🐷

    3. blondepeach


      Thanks all 😍😍I’ll definitely look into all of your suggestions!!!❤️So excited! 

    4. Basstrix


      pizza buffet or just any buffet with afters and before ;)

  5. Put this on sale because Im in a good mood😇🍑😃Enjoy!! 


  6. It’s available!! Don’t miss out 😍😍😍

  7. Guys I’m having a sale😍😍 18 pictures for $3.99!! You can’t beat these sexy fat pictures.😍😍😍

  8. Keep an eye out!! It’s pending approval xo

  9. Guys you really need to check out mine & @Curvybaby new video!! It’s our second video and u can expect us laughing,dancing,taking measurements and lots of belly play! Let us know what you think we can’t wait to show you😍

    1. Curvybaby


      Pending approval! Find it here!!!😍

  10. My new video is available now!! Nothing like watching a fat girl in the bath jiggling around 😍😍 click on my profile to find it xo

  11. Filming a video tonight with my bestie CurvyBaby!! I cant wait for you guys to see what we do💚☘️🦚stay tuned!!!!😍

  12.  New video out guys!! You need to see all the jiggling in the bathtub!! ❤️let me know what you guys want to see next😘!! 

  13. Good morning to the curvage world😍have a great Sunday! New video today 😃

  14. Version 1

    Blonde peach gets in the bath last night she loves to play with her extra jiggly fat belly after a long day of eating lots of fatty foods😘 she can barely keep the water in the tub because she is so fat😍enjoy a nice 4 minute video of lots of stomach play!! Happy Sunday xo


  15. Good morning, I’m super starving and I need to eat some food to start off my day great😃. I need to stuff my big fat belly until I can barely breathe!!😍happy Saturday! New photo clip is posted from last night, lots of fat to see!!😎💕

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