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  1. Happy Tuesday!!! One day closer till Fridayyyyyy👏🏼😃 I’m looking to do a new video.. any suggestions?😍

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    2. blondepeach


      @cai man I’m so ready for it!!! 

    3. cai man

      cai man

      One thing I know for sure.  My weekend starts 5 hrs earlier! 😂

    4. dj2k1357


      pizza stuffing!!! btw, Are you open to filming showing your lips atleast if not full face?

  2. Put this on sale because Im in a good mood😇🍑😃Enjoy!! 


  3. It’s available!! Don’t miss out 😍😍😍

  4. Guys I’m having a sale😍😍 18 pictures for $3.99!! You can’t beat these sexy fat pictures.😍😍😍

  5. Keep an eye out!! It’s pending approval xo

  6. Guys you really need to check out mine & @Curvybaby new video!! It’s our second video and u can expect us laughing,dancing,taking measurements and lots of belly play! Let us know what you think we can’t wait to show you😍

    1. Curvybaby


      Pending approval! Find it here!!!😍

  7. My new video is available now!! Nothing like watching a fat girl in the bath jiggling around 😍😍 click on my profile to find it xo

  8. Filming a video tonight with my bestie CurvyBaby!! I cant wait for you guys to see what we do💚☘️🦚stay tuned!!!!😍

  9.  New video out guys!! You need to see all the jiggling in the bathtub!! ❤️let me know what you guys want to see next😘!! 

  10. Good morning to the curvage world😍have a great Sunday! New video today 😃

  11. Version 1

    Blonde peach gets in the bath last night she loves to play with her extra jiggly fat belly after a long day of eating lots of fatty foods😘 she can barely keep the water in the tub because she is so fat😍enjoy a nice 4 minute video of lots of stomach play!! Happy Sunday xo


  12. Good morning, I’m super starving and I need to eat some food to start off my day great😃. I need to stuff my big fat belly until I can barely breathe!!😍happy Saturday! New photo clip is posted from last night, lots of fat to see!!😎💕

  13. a new photo clip for my loves❤️Enjoy me in a bikini with my nice big full fat tummy🍑 let me know what you think xo

  14. Waiting for new photos to upload with special guest curvy baby!!! 😘 can’t wait for you guys to see my nice and full fat belly xo 

  15. Version 1.0.0

    18 pictures of me at the sauna, and some extra bonus photos of me AND CurvyBaby! Enjoy!😍🍑