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  1. A lot of my close friends and my significant other know that I'm sexually attracted to fat women and I've told them as much. However, I've been throwing around the idea of gaining myself and I haven't told any of them about it. I know I don't need to justify wanting to gain to anyone, but I think that it would be easier for me if a couple people close to me knew and we're supportive. Especially considering it would be a major change for me. I'm currently 5' 8" and about 145 and would been looking to at least reach the obese range and possibly catch up to my girlfriend in size (she's 5' 7" and about 290 so I'd be looking at doubling in size). I don't want to tell a lot of people that I was thinking of getting fat on purpose, but at the same time I don't think I could do it if I keep it a secret from everyone (the fact that it's intentional. It's kinda hard to gain 50-150 pounds and keep it a secret lol). Does anyone have advice for how to go about telling your close friends you want to purposely get fat or how to tell your significant other that you want to get as big as she is? I'd definitely appreciate any advice.
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