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    I love sports, anything Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Rugby, Boxing, Cricket, Ice Hockey, any MotorSports like motorcycle racing, Motocross, or NASCAR. Sports are my life. Grew up in the Los Angeles area, so I am a Clippers, Chargers, Angels, and Ducks fan, also pay attention to the Galaxy, and LAFC in the MLS. I got family in Michigan, so I also follow some of the Detroit teams, Pistons, Redwings, Tigers, Lions, but yah my interests are mainly sports.

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  1. @acdc34434 @KyraKane @Deesweightgain @Kaybearcutie95 @Thatfatguineapig @Mamahorker @HaydenBlue I am a terrible McDonald’s employee. If any of these women came into my store rested their growing bellies on the counter to order instant free food from my pocket and I am a poor mf. Get’s me thinking who could eat the most Big Mac’s, ladies give me your guesses on how many you could eat down below. Here are my guesses 

    mamahorker - 6 

    thatfatguineapig - 6

    acdc34434 - 6

    Kayla - 5 

    Kyra - 5 

    dee - 5 

    hayden - 4 


    Did I get any wrong ladies? 


    1. cecilia


      can we get a cringe button added please?

    2. John Smith

      John Smith

      @cecilia You damn know there does already exists one.

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