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    I love sports, anything Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Rugby, Boxing, Cricket, Ice Hockey, any MotorSports like motorcycle racing, Motocross, or NASCAR. Sports are my life. Grew up in the Los Angeles area, so I am a Clippers, Chargers, Angels, and Ducks fan, also pay attention to the Galaxy, and LAFC in the MLS. I got family in Michigan, so I also follow some of the Detroit teams, Pistons, Redwings, Tigers, Lions, but yah my interests are mainly sports.

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  1. @BloatedBarbie Just wanted to show this girl the love she deserves. These are hard times with what is happening and not everyone is lucky enough to stay at home. My prayers are with your man, both him and me have to be out in the midst of the global pandemic. Firefighters don’t get time off, and I work at McDonalds and we don’t shut down so it is the everyday grind still. So my prayers are with both of you during this time to stay healthy and safe. The only positive I can see from this whole thing is that you get to stay at home and stuff your quarantine gut, by the time this is over you’ll be massive. I don’t know if anyone has tried my idea for brownies so I thought I would give it to you and it might help. You know the serious mass weight gain powder stuff you put that in brownie mix and put the two together to make weight gain brownies the idea makes sense for me, I don’t know if it would work but I think you should definitely try it. Respect queens hope you stay nice and stuffed and keep ballooning during these times while staying safe. Much respect, Go show this queen some love that she deserves looking this good. God Bless. 


    1. BloatedBarbie


      You’re so sweet God Bless 🙏🏻 please be safe and careful out there!!!!

  2. @BBW Casey I actually should be going to sleep around now because I have to get up early to go to work in the midst of a global pandemic but of course McDonald’s doesn’t close so the grind doesn’t stop. I couldn’t go to sleep though before praising this girl a little;) I love how the saying quarantine gut sounds. It fits this girl so perfectly. People shouldn’t be going places for health reasons, what does that open up endless possibilities for Casey to get even bigger. Casey is already ballooning like blowing up a balloon just look at her gut. I get a special feeling around Casey I know I say that a lot but I don’t fake anything being a man of god. This might be an obsession that could be a bit of a sin but I will just confess to it because there is nothing else to do about it. I am already drawn in it is like Medusa. I will probably dream of stuffing her gut and rubbing it during the aftermath with her jean buttons popped, etc. I probably say it way to much but there is nothing sexier than Casey’s growing gut;) I just keep falling in love 😍 The quarantine is still happening so we will probably not recognize Casey once it is over she is going to grow that much, so I hope she keeps her gut nice and stuffed. In the mean time my prayers are with her for her health and safety, God Bless. Just a question would you let me rub your growing gut;) Ok that is all I have for now I got to get to bed to get up for the McD’s grind and you bet I would promo this girls meal. 


  3. @HungrylilKitty This girl asked me what I would like to see for a next video idea possibly this doesn’t even have to be a video I was just trying to think of the most fattening things. I came up with two main ideas that would stick to her gut. The first idea I came up with was a massive amount of Mac N Cheese throwback to childhood. The Mac plus the cheese makes for Carbs heaven and I think a big plate of the right stuff will do wonders to a weight gain. This second idea I have no idea if it would work or not but I thought of it. Brownie mix with weight gain powder. You know there is the chocolate or they have other flavors of the mass weight gain powder you would bake that along with the pre brownie mix to make a baked concoction of basically weight gain brownies. I have never tried that but I can only imagine eating a whole tray of brownies like that over a couple of days would do wonders. Just a couple of ideas for this beautiful girl;) best wishes, God Bless, stay safe and healthy and keep that gut nice and stuffed. 


  4. @HaydenBlue Officially my new favorite photo on this website;) 😍😍


  5. @HaydenBlue I definitely have an addiction 😍😍


  6. @Kaybearcutie95 This girl is my weakness 😍😍 That belly, everything, there is nothing quite like big growing women. 


  7. @Deesweightgain Might just be my favorite growing girl;) 😍😍


  8. @acdc34434 Laura would you let me rub the belly is the question? 


  9. @HungrylilKitty She said it herself this was the toughest video she has made. Absolutely over doing it with the weight gain shake pushing herself to the limits that is dedication. She is putting in the hard work to pack the pounds on that deserves respect. On top of the gain this girl has the looks rivaling some of the most beautiful supermodels or women in general, the kardashians, Kate upton, etc. Words can’t describe the beauty of this girl. She is putting in the work to surpass the main goal right now of 200. There is going to be one big celebration when the scale hits the big 200. Go show this growing goddess some love by buying this new video of hers, just look at the pictures and you can decide for yourself. 


    1. HungrylilKitty


      Awwww @GodBless22 I'm speechless! This is the kindest status ever 🥰 I'm so glad you enjoyed my video sweetie that means so much *kisses* 💋💋💋 mmmuahs! What would you like to see in my next video? 💕

  10. @BBW Casey The official Goddess of bigger girls. 👑👑 Worship this growing goddess I got nothing else to say right now about this girl, she knows how I feel about her;) 


    1. BBW Casey

      BBW Casey

      some of my favorite pics from my journey ❤️ love your support always!

    2. AaronMcmanaman
  11. @BBW Casey I think I am falling in love;) words can’t describe this girls beauty. 


  12. @BBW Casey About to burst. Belly queen Casey, worship queens. 


    1. BBW Casey

      BBW Casey

      Thanks love!! ❤️ 

  13. @goodgirlgrow This is to prove I work at McDonald’s. This is our break room at my store. I know all the in and outs of the store. If you ever came up to order at my register I don’t know if you would ever openly admit to myself that the four large shakes are all for you, but if you told me that I would either do a survey or just promo all of them to make it free just for you;) Trust me you wouldn’t leave my store without a decent sized food baby belly. That would go for anything if you got any combo or multiple sandwiches I would do my best to make anything free for you;) in turn you get a bigger belly. The last thing I will say is you need to do that shamrock shake thing one more time this upcoming week on Tuesday. St. Patrick’s Day is on Tuesday go back with the same outfit but go above four shakes, since it is the 17th push it to 7 shakes you can at least try to do 7, if not 7 large, you can try 7 medium shakes instead. Got to do a special stuffing on the actual day do a rematch with the shakes at McD’s that would be amazing;) Go show this girl some love, Respect Queens, God Bless. 


    1. Submissivefeeder


      Love the scenario and how you wrote it!

    2. GodBless22


      @Submissivefeeder Appreciate it 🙏

  14. @goodgirlgrow I will be honest this is the first time seeing this girl. Why this post stood out to me was of course the Shamrock ☘️ shakes. I have worked at McDonald’s for 3 years. So I know it well. I usually do maintenance or cleaning but I know how to use the register. This girl walks up to my register I would have no idea that all four shakes were for her. Trust me those shakes are filling I have one small one on my lunch break and that is more than enough. By the looks of it if I am correct those are large cups and all four of them in this one girl that is more than impressive and deserves respect. The real question is though did she manage to drink all four? I don’t know if I would believe it. I can’t believe I haven’t shown this girl any love before. Now that I know of this girl I will start to follow her more. Respect queens, God Bless. 


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