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    I love sports, anything Basketball, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Rugby, Boxing, Cricket, Ice Hockey, any MotorSports like motorcycle racing, Motocross, or NASCAR. Sports are my life. Grew up in the Los Angeles area, so I am a Clippers, Chargers, Angels, and Ducks fan, also pay attention to the Galaxy, and LAFC in the MLS. I got family in Michigan, so I also follow some of the Detroit teams, Pistons, Redwings, Tigers, Lions, but yah my interests are mainly sports.

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  1. @kitkatfeedee 😍😍 Super underrated here on Curvage. One of the cutest bellies;) 


    1. kitkatfeedee


      Aww thanks lovely!! 🥰🥰

    2. GodBless22


      @kitkatfeedee That dress on the bottom Center you need to try that on again and see if it got any tighter;) 

    3. jackal27


      Underrated? Maybe for now, but I think Kat is beautiful, she’s getting noticeably bigger and her curvage reputation is climbing to eventual top where she belongs. I can’t wait to see her future content when she posts it 😍🔥👍

    4. kitkatfeedee


      @jackal27 you're so sweet, thank you! 🥰🥰🥰

  2. @Tinchii I think it is partly that beautiful belly;) but man am I feeling that dress. Drop dead gorgeous in that dress absolutely stunning no cap. 


  3. @808beauty I will never forget this Hawaiian beauty;) I’d feed her and rub that beautiful belly. Hope your staying safe and are doing well. 


  4. @BloatedBarbie Wishing this growing queen a happy birthday. 


    1. BloatedBarbie


      Thank you so much!!! 🥰🥰🥰

  5. @Mochii Babii Who is that pretty girl on my lock screen;) 


  6. @Mochii Babii Just wow 🤩😍👑


    1. Mochii Babii

      Mochii Babii

      Oh wow! I’m so honored and flattered 😍 you’re making me blush 🥰

    2. degek2001


      Wow, beauty! ❤️ 

    3. GodBless22


      @Mochii Babii whoever looks at my phone they will be greeted by a growing queen 👑🙏

  7. @BBW_Summer Fat women are my weakness 😍😍


  8. @Deesweightgain Dee always looks amazing. Make sure to go show her the love she deserves on her account. I feel bad I can’t order any of these beautiful girls videos because I don’t have a credit card and I don’t have that much money working at McDonald’s. I would give queens the world because they deserve it. I have followed Dee since the very beginning of her journey. She has gained into an absolute goddess;) although she was already a queen before. The belly hanging out 😍 Dee’s belly was always one of my favorites. I just worked a full day of work today but I had to show some love towards Dees new post. Belly rubs from Los Angeles;) I hope Dee keeps herself nice and stuffed, as well as being blessed with health and safety during these times. God Bless this queen. 


  9. @Fatasticbabby Say hello to this brand new beautiful girl. I got to welcome all the new girls to our community here on Curvage. First things first make sure to visit here account and go show her the love that she deserves. Already large and beautiful. Who knows if she could get bigger and even more beautiful, that is what we are going to look forward to. I am a belly man myself and definitely like myself a BIG women so I might be a little biased;) but I do think extra weight would look gorgeous on this girl. Society doesn’t do big girls justice, they deserve a lot more love than they get. And that is where our amazing community comes in handy showing these beautiful girls the love they deserve. So make sure to go follow and support this new girls journey here on Curvage. Definitely looking forward to seeing more amazing content from this queen;) Everyone make sure to have a blessed night, and stay healthy and safe out there with everything that is happening right now. God Bless. Welcome to Curvage towards this beautiful girl;) let’s do her justice that she deserves. 


  10. @HaydenBlue I notice the little things about increasing weight in these beautiful queens. The gain is quite obvious in the belly hanging lower and her hips wider but I think most people would notice that. In these photos definitely shows extra weight in the upper arms, and a fatter face. The weight going to those other extra places really show what a gaining goddess this girl is;) she has a supersized hourglass figure and that is rare but incredibly gorgeous as she already knows. Quarantine has done this girl good. Hope she keeps stuffing that belly and growing into more of a fatter queen. Much respect make sure to go show this girl the love she deserves on this new video. Hope your staying safe and healthy during these times, and of course stuffed as much as possible. God Bless this queen. 


    1. HaydenBlue


      Aww thank you so much! What a sweet thing to write and say. I appreciate you. I've been keeping inside and stuffing myself safely from the comfort of my bed ;)

  11. @Mochii Babii This is far too late. I should have been worshiping this growing queen a long time ago. Hands down the best gainer on here almost 100 pounds gained already, forget about queen she is a gaining goddess. Drop dead gorgeous this is the first thing I saw when I got home from work, and I have been working since 6:45 this morning. The little stretch marks on the belly that look like ripples makes it even better. She went out in public like this I would have been stopped in my tracks, instant double take. The funny thing is I just keep imagining her getting even bigger and her belly starting to seriously hang, etc. going from a bbw which she is now to ssbbw status. Which is 400+ pound women, I think Michu Babii could easily pull that off looking good at that weight. I had to show as much love as I could represent to this incredible girl on her gain so far. An absolute Filipina growing goddess. Much respect make sure to go show her all the attention she deserves;) God Bless. I could go on for days to make up for not showing this girl any love yet. 


    1. Mochii Babii

      Mochii Babii

      I totally forgot to respond to this, but thank you again so much! I really appreciate you taking the time to write this about me! I’m so glad I have your support and excited to have you along for the continuation of my gaining journey 🥰 much more fun to be had and more fat to be added to my growing body 😘

  12. @Blossom Just wow 😍 go show this queen the love she deserves;) 


  13. @Lexi Foxxx Some men are boob guys, and some are butt dudes, but I am proudly a belly man. Go support this beautiful girl;)


  14. @Natusik The growing Russian Goddess. One of the best belly’s on Curvage hands down;) 😍


    1. naranja


      Everyone knows fat Russian ladies are the best 

  15. @kitkatfeedee 😍 he will definitely want to rub that belly when he gets home;)
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