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  1. USSBBW, Ultra Super Sized Big Beautiful Women are 500+ pounds of beauty and are the biggest of the biggest. It is a niche being attracted to that large of women but I like them big. Top picture she is the lightest out of the three at 600 pounds, the bottom left in the Orange she is the heaviest at a whooping 800 pounds, and then the bottom right in the black she is 728 pounds and continuing to get even bigger. That is some impressive size on any scale and I think it is incredibly sexy all of the fatness and they are all beautiful women. Just thought I would share some love to all of the beautiful USSBBW women out there;) 


  2. @CurvyCannabisCat Last post of the night before I go to sleep and start my weekend after a long week. I don’t think there is anyone that looks better in those TikTok leggings than this girl. Fills them out so well and is probably my favorite outfit of hers so far. But as she said they are tight tight especially when that beautiful double belly of hers is sitting in her lap begging to be fed more. Now October 2nd officially kicks off the holiday season which for all the girls means it is gaining season time to pack on those pounds like never before. I look forward to seeing her future gain as she grows bigger I think it is going to look amazing as her belly hangs lower. I can’t wait to see all of the girls but especially this girl who is special gain all of the holiday weight I am looking forward to it. Let the gains begin;) 


    1. CurvyCannabisCat


      🥰💕💕 let the gains begin 

  3. @gorJESS I had to make a congratulatory post about this girl breaking her all time weight. The heaviest yet and still more to come and looking hotter than ever doing it. On the brink of the big 200 pound mark my fantasy would her hitting the scale between 230-250 I think would be incredibly sexy on her. It is going to be a sad day when Jess isn’t getting any bigger. It is all going to the belly, I will say the bigger she gets it is almost like the pregnancy glow because she is always glowing as she continues to get even bigger. I know physically sometimes eating a bunch of stuff and all those McStuffins she doesn’t feel so good but looks wise it is sure doing her good and doing the trick because she is as gorgeous as ever. I am hoping she doesn’t slow down and that this is motivation for her to keep packing on the pounds and stuffing that belly growing a bit more I think it will only do her good up to a certain point of course. But congratulate her on her account for that accomplishment and make sure to go show her some love and I hope to keep seeing amazing content from this girl;) 


  4. @gorJESS Jess I was just wondering if you have any plans or celebration ideas when you hit the big 200 because that is a pretty big milestone and it is coming up soon. You should be doing extra McStuffins to get the scale to hit that number. I think like a clothes try on or belly play would be a perfect celebration video.
  5. @Curvage Casey I will keep it short and sweet, the definition of Sexy. The fattest of them all. I want her so much bigger though and I know she will. The curvage queen without a doubt, the only thing she should be doing is gorging that gut as much as possible I’d take care of her on the brink of immobility. She is officially a full time fatty make sure to go show her love on all of her bangers, the girl of my dreams;) 








    1. Curvage Casey

      Curvage Casey

      Awwwww this is so sweet! Thank you always ❤️ it's posts like this one that keep me going!

  6. @gorJESS You got to stuff yourself like silly girl your so close to the big 200 I think you might be able to hit it before Thanksgiving if you really try and then you deserve a big celebration once you hit that milestone it is going to be exciting best of luck;)
  7. @Mskristinaxo The biggest it has been yet with the holidays coming up it is going to be even bigger if that is even possible;) make sure to go support this growing girl on her gaining journey. Definitely deserving of a spot on my screensaver. 


    1. Mskristinaxo


      Awwwwe 🥺 thank you so much for this post! I appreciate you so much! Also cute big belly screen saver ☺️

  8. @Curvage Casey it has been way too long since I have dedicated one of my posts to the beautiful growing Casey. There should be no excuse because this girl deserves to be worshipped like a goddess daily. My last post about Casey was all the way back in July these past couple of months a lot has happened for myself as I might have mentioned before I have worked for McDonald’s almost five years but at the beginning of this year they shut down the store I worked at for like 4 years and I considered those people like my second family, but I was able to transfer to another McDonalds location not that far away pretty close to the other store but then just about a month ago they transferred me to another McDonald’s location under the same owner which is actually the closest to my house which is a good thing it is just a lot of change all in one year 3 different McDonald’s so I have been all over the place and not very settled in so I haven’t been on Curvage seeing all of the amazing content from these beautiful growing girls lately I have missed that. I am hoping now that I am finally at a location I see myself at for now I think I can settle in and get comfortable for the long run meaning I can be back paying full attention to these girls who deserve all of my love. I have work early tomorrow morning so I have to get to bed here soon but before I went to sleep I had to post about Casey because it has been way too long for me. She is just as fat as ever and more to come especially with the fall/winter and the holidays coming up I like to think of it as the gaining season for all of these beautiful gainer girls. I heard her goal of 20 pounds by Halloween which is still about 2 months away so she has some time I think if she fully indulges I believe she can surpass that and might even hit 30 pound gain by then but that might be too much to ask for but I guess we will have to wait and see but if any girl can push the limits of gluttony it is this definitely Casey. That is just up to Halloween all of the fatness and then there is Thanksgiving plus Christmas she is going to get absolutely massive the ending of this year and I can’t wait to witness all of her fatness to come. It has been long overdue for myself but I am back and I will definitely be following my favorite belly girl this gaining season it is going to be a good one as she packs on the pounds just the beginning she can gain so much more. Make sure to go support on her account she will not disappoint go show the queen some love. Big girls are something special hope everyone has a blessed rest of their night and let’s help Casey with those gains first goal to get here up 20+ by Halloween which I think she can surpass with your help. 




    1. Curvage Casey

      Curvage Casey

      Awwwww this post just made my night! Thank you so much 🖤 I’m glad to hear you’re doing well and always honored to get a shoutout from you. I can’t wait to see how much fatter I get!

  9. @RosieMarieFeedee The one gain I would pay the most attention to is from this gorgeous girl. She is making sure she is packing on the pounds as of recent. First with consuming an unreal 17,000 calories and since then has still been stuffing her belly so the growth will definitely be noticeable soon. With Labor Day over that marks the end of the summer and the start of the fattest time of the year with fall/winter coming up with all of the fattening holidays etc. it is the gaining season from now until January so which girl am I paying attention to for the most impressive gain during that time is of course from Rosie I think she is going to blow up these next couple of months. 4 big stuffings for this girl first a massive Halloween stuffing, then a huge thanksgiving feast plus all of the leftovers, then all of Christmas week stuffing and to top it off a massive New Years stuffing to bring in the new year of 2022 I think it is fun to set gaining goals I am going to predict from now until January during this gaining season for this girl that she will be able to pack 35 pounds on which seems a little unachevieable but if anyone can do it this girl can. Be on the lookout for more absolute bangers from her she is going to get absolutely massive and look like a goddess while doing it. Make sure to go support her account my favorite time of the year it is gaining season for all these gorgeous girls. 


  10. @Cookie_BBW 💜 An absolute babe with a belly. There is something special about big women. You can tell she is huffing and puffing after stuffing that belly to the brim she is putting in the work to get big. I know she has come so far already getting this big but I just keep wanting her to grow even bigger the bigger the better I fantasy about at least another 50-100 pounds on her would look absolutely amazing. It is that time of year with fall/winter coming up not only for her but all of the beautiful girls who continue to grow and get bigger the perfect time of the year with the season of gaining. Make sure you go support her content and help her get bigger she won’t disappoint you. 


  11. @RosieMarieFeedee I have had this gorgeous girl on my mind all of today just thinking how massive she got with all of the 17,000 calories she packed into the beautiful growing gut of hers. I got work tomorrow and after that I am helping coaching a High School Football team it is that time of year so tomorrow is a busy day for me so I have to go to sleep full of suspense wondering how here stuffing challenge went today. I am sure everyone will be blessed with updated photos and maybe even a video later today or tomorrow and I am sure it will probably be the most popular content this month from this beauty. I have to go to bed dreaming about her results I am sure it won’t disappoint be sure to be on the lookout for that absolute banger of a video because this girl is putting in the work for the gain and that deserves respect she is a growing goddess everyone should be sure to support her content because she deserves all the love her belly is probably so damn big it is impressive I am sure it looks amazing, I will be sure to be on the lookout for updates on the challenge from her tomorrow, hope everyone has a blessed rest of their night. Have a good day tomorrow. God Bless this growing queen I can’t wait till she gets even bigger.


  12. The Bigger the better



  13. @gorJESS I have to be careful looking at this girls account now I don’t know how censored or appropriate I should be on here although I feel like this community tends to be a safe spot for fantasy’s and attractions so I will be completely blunt which is not usually myself but this girl definitely brings that out which isn’t a bad thing at all but she has been looking extra plump lately and now is literally an instant boner every time I look at her account and I will be completely honest on here as well that is rare for me so that tells you this girl is something special and is looking bigger than ever right now. I have to save looking at her account in private for that exact reason, just look at that belly it is like the center piece of all the other beauty. If you haven’t already started to follow this girls gaining journey I would definitely suggest to do so because you will not be disappointed. I liked the Burger King stuffing she just did where obviously she got stuffed as she usually does but unfortunately didn’t enjoy the BK very much but that just fills my ego being a loyal McDonald’s employee and as a rival I like to keep her growing on McD’s instead so proves that my company wins in that competition. Her biggest yet with more to come you can’t miss the upcoming gains from this girl it is going to mesmerizing make sure to go support her account and help her growth in the near future. 😍



  14. @PiggyJRC @fattyval @IvyMars @Sumsbelly @MissSugarPlumpFairy @goodgirlgrow @gorJESS @BiancaBlonde @KinkyCurvyKat @Lindsee Foxxx @RedLipsWideHipsBlonde with a belly it doesn’t get much better than that. Make sure to go follow all of these queens 👸🏼 Got to get them all BIGGER;) 😍








  15. @HoneyBun_TV It is rare to have a girl follow you first so you bet I have to show her some love. New to the Curvage community make sure to go give her a warm welcome by blowing up her account she deserves the support I mean just look at that gorgeous gut. Some men are boob guys and some men are butt guys, I would call myself without a doubt a belly guy. I just can’t explain it a girl with a big belly is just so cute and she has a big one all right could always be bigger though. As a feeder I see girls gain weight differently on different figures all are beautiful of course but some girls tend to gain mainly in the belly others tend to be more round with weight all over, she has it all in that gorgeous belly so I hope she continues to grow it will be noticeable depending on how low her belly starts to hang. Short term goal I would love to see how 50 extra pounds looks on her in these upcoming months it will be easy with the holiday gaining season coming up. I can’t wait to see the transformation but it will be amazing getting to see content from this new model so make sure to go show her some love to welcome her to Curvage.  I am definitely a new fan and will be routing for her to gain even more to add to her beauty;) 😍



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