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  1. How many gummy bears can I cram into my belly button before I vore them?


  2. I filmed a gummy bear vore clip....that is still being edited..... But after that clip I climbed into bed and did a little free style gummy bear vore with belly and belly button play (including cramming gummies in to my belly button)..... Just being a big bellied tease.


  3. Today I am popping inflatables....wanna see?


  4. This was a custom request. Your favorite BBW SSBBW is wearing bra, panties and a frilly lingerie piece, all in pink. I come across some over inflated inflatables in my bedroom and that will never due. I have to pop them. So after a little playing around with them. Throwing, bouncing, spinning. I sit on them and proceed to bounce up and down, harder and harder until my 350+ pound busts their seems and they can no longer hold my massive belly and butt's weight. It was very fun and very satisfying to see my weight destroy something for fun and not in total shame or embarrassment. I hope you love it too.


  5. Do you like it when girls puff out their cheeks?


    1. Kp22


      Love it 😍

  6. Ever seen a sweet girl begging and yearning to be a bloated helpless blueberry?



  7. I was thinking of making a Choclatey Augustina Instructions for Satisfaction? Interested?



    I am gonna stuff myself stupid and fat. I am gonna Bloat with pie and turkey and mashed potatoes and corn and rolls dripping with butter and gravy. I am gonna swell into a butterball. Fatten and plump! Indulge in gluttonous greed.  I hope you have fun!


    1. chucklehead2


      Yeah. I can't say no to that much belly fat. Irresistible. Delicious. Tantalizing.

  9. I love cake.



  10. Your favorite BBW SSBBW is back with a cake from the super store. With walmart it is sooooo easy to blimp up and grow fatter. I sit down with my triple chocolate cake and go to town. I eat and gorge and stuff, all in real time, while talking about my love and lust for cake, stuffing and getting fatter. I also throw in a thank you to all my adoring fans for their support. This was a great pre-thanksgiving treat before I go OVERBOARD with mashed potatoes, turkey and PIE....SO many pies...I made 10 pies last night so I am ready. Enjoy! Contains: Bra and panties belly stuffing, pig tails, cake overeating, friendly chatting, bloating and burps *Video starts at 0:22*


  11. Do you wanna end up in this belly? Vore is a fate you desire and you should come see me! I will make room for you!



  12. My feeder does not feed me icecream or cake or sweets or burgers.....He feeds me Vore Freaks he finds on the internet


  13. Your favorite BBW SSBBW turns out to be so incredibly plump because she is being for ce fed vore freaks.In this clip I am being for ced to swallow vore loving boys who volunteer from the internet. My Dom is making me do it so I can fatten up and it is working in credibly well. I try to resist and plead but my feeder just puts me in cuffs and binds me to a chair, for cing me to swallow his newest volunteer down. I spend the rest of the video rubbing my bloated fat gut and burping. I really go ham on my belly including little peaks under, a few jiggles and spreading my belly button open for you. ENJOY!


  14. Violets Humilaiton. Finally someone puts the berry girl in her place.


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