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    Very nice stuffing! Were you able to finish the soda later while you still had some bloat?
  1. "one person wasn't meant to eat this much"... not that you let that stop you!
    Very nice hon. You're looking softer from your face to your knees! Your assignment for today is to stuff that belly with sweets until it's bigger than a prize-winning pumpkin!
    Congratulations! One a day before bed maybe?
  2. A year from now... well, it's going to be hard to "grow out of" with all those pleats... not many seams to break... but even if you don't manage that, it will be absolutely indecent, showing off everything if there's even a slight breeze. Something to wear when you want to be ravaged.
  3. Rocking the mom-bod look You could tell them you were a mother of three and they'd believe it, especially if you sat around stuffing your face with pastries while "complaining" about how you just can't lose weight, "I just don't get it! Why do these dresses shrink in the wash so much, they're so cheaply made"
    You might as well buy that bigger tape measure now... Think about it - only a few more inches and you'll be bigger around than you are tall! _Technically_ you have slowed down vs your average last year, so it's win-win. You're taking it easy AND reaching new milestones in size and weight
    Why yes, I can fix a tower of waffles and keep them warm for when you wake up...
    Great as always to see you stretching your belly! How big are you willing to get?
    Fun! I long to clip a leash on that collar and lead you home to feed you more . Pet you and pleasure you when you're a good kitten, 'correcting' when you're a bad kitty. Potential propieter pursues precious plumptious pet puss, prefers pleasurable pampering plus periodic provocative pain. (that was fun to piece together)
    Fantastic fat chat between you and mochii_daddy. You talk a good game about getting your mobility back but your hedonism keeps grabbing the wheel!
  4. Yay! Direct purchase!
  5. Yeah it's kinda absurd. They said something about a week(?, don't remember specifics) between transactions to avoid the "too often" block...
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