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  1. In the last photos she's got written on her jacket texts from tabloids like "did she gained weight again?", "maybe she is pregnant?".
  2. Sadly it's not so big difference to start business based on it.
  3. Obesity rate among polish young women is really low (but steadly rising). However Ewa is of polish nationality, but from Czech Republic, where obesity rate is higher and there is different eating culture and cuisine. She was struggling with weight for years, but often says she likes to eat and doesn't take media too seriously. For example this song is about her "weight problems" with title referencing one tabloid article:
  4. Talk to him about it, but don't criticize his preferences. Jak coś to mogę porozmawiać w prywatnej wiadomości.
  5. Acording to some tabloids her boyfriend of two years might be FA! : And look how big she looks compared to others:
  6. It's the first time that czech portal, not polish one is commenting her weight: http://prask.nova.cz/clanek/novinky/z-kocky-machnou-za-pul-roku-podivejte-se-jak-farna-za-rok-nakynula.html
  7. Stupid stereotypes. I always prefered thin girls who are getting fat, over fat ones from the start. This is the story with my girlfriend, she has started out thin and now is quite chubby. And I can't be pushy about her weight gain... it's too risky. Kastemel don't listen to him and write your own story, for now it's really good.
  8. Actually it's real, this video made small career in polish media. Cześć ziomek.
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