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  1. It's crazy, her ass is so big that this baby bump almost makes her look more proportional than than she normally does. Still, looking hot as always! 😎
  2. Hey guys, I'm trying to find a thread from a while back of a girl who gained a ton of weight with most of it going to her ass. She was white with brown hair and over a series of pictures (maybe 15-20) she blew up, with the last few pictures showing her with this gigantic butt both naked and in a very tight red skirt. There was a reddit thread on her which I believe was pulled from here, and the title of it was something along the lines of "When all the weight goes to the trunk" does anyone know what I'm talking about? Thanks.
  3. Are those both her???? Damn she blew up if so!
  4. Does anybody know who this lovely lady is? https://spankbang.com/vrdu/video/sexy+bbw+wife+on+webcam+show+sexy+wife
  5. Sweet Jesus. Hummina hummina. Wish she would have moved the box and her hands out of the way when she was sitting down. I really wanted to see that belly overflowing into her lap. Otherwise 10/10, especially the last shot. 😌
  6. I think you're totally right dude. You can definitely see it in her belly/waist in this shot AGT just put on their Instagram:
  7. Am I being optimistic if I think she's put on a few lately?
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