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  1. Have you seen DestructiveOrgy's morph of you on DA yet? If not, you should it is amazing.😍
    One of my favorite type of videos is an apple shaped belly heavy fat hog running on a treadmill with her round massive gut jiggling and wobbling as she makes her sad pathetic attempt at exercising knowing full well she will not last very long. And Casey, you do not disappoint with yet another incredibly hot, gluttony driven, heart racing, jaw dropping, erection exploding video. The way your entire body jiggles and shakes from your jiggling double chin, bouncing fat utters, wobbling fat gut, massive fat ass all the way down to those fupa rubbing thunder thighs. Though like I said before, it did not take that long for your fat ass to run out of breath and give up. Reverting back to what you really are and that is a lazy, gluttonous, bariatric oinker of a hog stuffing your face full of fatty foods yet again. But no worries Casey, your not just a hog to us. Your our prized hog forever growing fatter, slower, lazier and more out of shape everyday. And I love it 😍😈
  2. As a big anime fan myself, what anime are you watching?😊
  3. I am so incredibly happy to hear how happy you are in all aspects of your life. And for you to see how truly beautiful you are both inside and out. I can't wait to see you grow bigger, sexier and more beautiful than you already are with every pound. To Dr. Casey the most kind, generous, sexiest, beautiful, hard working psychiatrist around with an insatiable appetite and fat wobbling gut, udders and ass to match. 😁πŸ₯‚πŸŽ‰πŸ·πŸŽ‚πŸ˜πŸ₯΅
  4. You were attacked?! A book shelf thrown at you?!😱 Are you okay?! πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜₯ I hope you feel better soon and that everything is alright. And I can't wait to buy the video and get to watch as you struggle to get into skinny Casey's itty bitty clothes with all that wobbling jiggling fat of yours pouring out and bursting the seams wide open. 😍
  5. Yet again I am not getting notifications for Curvage Casey's account or forum. Please fix this and have it stay fixed this time.
  6. I am not getting notifications from Curvage Casey's account or forum again. Can someone please fix this. Thanks 😊
  7. Poor fat gluttonous horny Casey, stuck home alone with nothing else to do other than to stuff that fat greedy mouth of yours with endless amounts of fatty foods and fapping that fat fupa to oblivion. That is, when you can actually reach that fat soaking drenched fupa since that fat gut of yours is going to be packed to the absolute brim nearly the entire time, preventing you from getting those fat sausages you call fingers to reach it. Though they are really more like hooves than fingers since that is what they resemble with all the various kinds of fatty foods clinched tightly with in them on a nearly constant basis. But none the less, I hope my favorite piggy was able to pry herself from her most recent binging to waddle herself to her favorite store, Target, and get as much junk food and other fatty foods to fill your home with for this upcoming storm. Stuck home all alone with no one there to help you stuff that fat gut with all that fatty food you worked so hard to waddle and jiggle your fat ass to the store for. If only you had a feeder there to take care of you like the prize hog that you are. Stuffing you in your newly built pig pen, keeping you stuffed to the absolute brim and reaching that fat fupa when your are unable to reach around that globe you call a stomach and to even clean off and dig out your car out of the snow so you don't have to burn such precious calories let alone heave your fat ass up off the bed or couch where ever it is you plopped your massive body down upon, whichever was closest to the fridge if I had to guess. But alas that is not yet to be, and you know what that means? That just means you will have to stuff yourself even more in order to make up for those calories that wretched snow will force you to burn lugging that fat body of yours outside to free your car of the snow smothering it from all sides just like how all of that wobbling jiggling fat that smothers that once fit athletic body. But unlike the snow, that wobbling jiggling fat will never go away no matter what. There will only be more packed on to your already massive body making it harder to move, harder to breath, harder to do everything you once found so easy. Now go pack the fat piggy body with even more fatty food as you spread out and let that fatty food be converted to even more unsurmountable fat and imagine where it will go. Will it go to your ever growing round face adding another chin the two you already have , or to those fat jiggling udders that were once so much smaller but have filled with so much fat your back can't take much more of, or to that massive ever expanding glob that has attached itself to that once flat rock hard stomach, or to that massive, wide, wobbling, jiggling surprisingly frim fat ass of yours that brings all the boys to the yard, or rather barnyard. Or just maybe the new fat will settle all the way down to those massive juicy thunder thighs that rub together constantly whenever and where ever you go. For the next two whole days, do what your do best more than anything else, even being a doctor, and that is feed. Feed yourself and fap yourself like never before, be the pig you were always meant to be end the year with not a bang but with a 300+lbs deliriously full and completely satisfied hog looking you back in the mirror as you chug and gorge yourself even more as that big ball on tv drops down into the new year, the year of the 400lb hog you will become the next time that ball drops down. Now Casey, FEED!!!😈
  8. @Curvage CaseyWhen I try to click on your profile or on a notification from you, it says that your account is private. What is going on? What do I do?
    OH MY GOD!!!!! This video is so incredibly hot!!!!! Seeing such a fat ass like you trying to put together some semblance of one might call actually working out is so amusing but also so incredibly hot. That fit muscle toned girl next door on the left of the comparison has long been gone, buried and suffocated under all of the 150+lbs of pure unadulterated lard that you have gorged, binged, chugged, and packed onto yourself over the last few years. I would love nothing more than to be that incredibly lucky guy to be with you, feed you, fatten you up, take care of you as you get bigger and bigger and your health issues and mobility gets worse and worse. Making sure you never come anywhere close to ever doing another jumping jack, sit up, push up, jog(though more like a waddle) or squat(other than you trying to bend down and pick up the food you dropped as I was off getting you more food}. Making that once fit active crossfit competitor you once were nothing but a distant memory. To be there when you get home already to stuff you to the absolute brim with mountains of food. To come home and walk in on you sprawled out on the couch or bed just gorging on mountains of food covered in food stains and crumbs from head to toe with that fat gut doubled in size from when I last saw you earlier in the day. And I step in and feed you myself so you don't have to exert all that energy it takes to bring all the food, cream and soda all the way to your fat greedy mouth. Rubbing that fat gut and fupa off and on the entire time I am stuffing you. Bring you to an all you can eat buffet multiple times a month bringing you plate after plate of food until you are about to burst and that fat gut is completely hanging out and is pinning you to the seat and having to help you up and help you waddle your fat ass back to the car with some extra desert for later on in bed. Before you even know it you will be so incredibly fat and gigantic no possible exercise clothing line will even come close to having anything in your mammoth size. And as you get fatter and bigger, your health along with your mobility gets worse and worse to the point you are bed bound unable to get up, stuck on your very own bariatric bed. Giving you sponge baths and pleasuring you multiple times a day since doing that yourself became impossible hundreds of pounds ago. Though even despite all of the health issues and immobility, you are still a professional and a damn good doctor and continue to see your patients. But due to your inability to get out of bed you can only see your patients through zoom(using a still photo of yourself from a few hundred pounds or so ago where you look at least some what presentable) or on the telephone. This is the life you desire, the life you deserve, the life I would love to be apart of, that is one Curvage Casey fantasy I would love to come true. One can dream such a paradise.😍
  9. It really sucks to hear whenever these sort of things happen whether it be fraud accounts or piracy. I had a girl I went to school with who is apart of this community, she is a feedee. And about six months ago I came across an account on F of someone supposedly in Nevada that was using photos of her's, some revealing shall I say photos she had posted on tumblr a few years prior. We had a bit of a falling out a couple of years back and we had not talked to each other since. But I knew I had to contact her and let her know. I went on social media and contacted her and let her know and gave her the account information. She was grateful and I assume she made sure it was handled. I had never known anyone who's identity and or photos that were used to catfish people before, it was shocking. You give so much to us and put so much into your clips and your Curvage Casey brand. Having clips leaked on other sites is unfortunately unavoidable, people will find away to get a hold of them and post them else where. Does not make it acceptable or right, but it is apart of how things seem to go. But posting your bonus clips, which are revealing, that is something that goes from something unfortunate that happens to just messed up. I know there is a no revealing clause if you will when it comes to models' content here on Curvage and that is why your main videos do not have any. But there is also you not necessarily wanting to have it in your videos either. If you did, you would be posting videos places that do allow it, which you don't. And you only send those sorts of videos as bonus clips at times. To post those is just a straight up violation of your trust and wonderful nature to do something like that. It really sucks that all of this has happened to you. I am just glad this has not scared you away or deferred you in what you do with making video and communicating with your fans. If getting rid of bogo sales and bonus clips is what needs to be done, than so be it. (Though something I just thought of as I am typing, does this also include the fan of the week idea you have recently came up with and initiated or is that not affected it?) On to some more positive subject matter. I am definitely looking forward to purchasing your new health update video and your thanksgiving video that will be coming out soon. Will probably buy them sometime next week. How is your weight gain coming along? Are you hitting your goals and do you think you will reach 300lbs by the end of the year? I really hope so. If I am not mistaken, but are you also moving soon? If so, how is the move going along? It must be really tiring, especially for a fatty like you. How is your journey to becoming a full on doctor coming along? I hope it is going well.😊 P.S. Sorry for not being as active lately. Between work and recently getting a new video game, I have not been commenting, posting or reviewing as much. I know you will so that it is no big deal, but I feel like I am missing out on things and miss talking with you and seeing all the amazing photos and posts you post on your page and forum as they are being posted. Will try and be more active starting with this post. 😊
  10. You have changed so much these last few years whether it is packing on 150+lbs on to your body or the truly pig like behavior and appetite that you have developed more and more as you continue to grow bigger and bigger. Breaking that coffee table is only the beginning soon it will be a chair, a couch and even that bed of yours. The bigger the hog, the bigger the furniture that will break. 😈
    Big fat wobbling Casey, she has changed so much in these last few years. Not only has she packed on 150+lbs and tripled her size from the once skinny fit stick figure crossfit competitor she once was. But she has grown into such a fat piggy both on the outside and even more so on the inside. Her appetite has become insatiable. Her sex drive has gone into overdrive, she can't even go to sleep at night without stuffing and masturbating into a delirious bliss like state, passing out rather than actually going to sleep. She is amazed and so incredibly turned on realizing how big she has gotten and how much bigger she continues to become. There is her huge jiggling udders, her big hanging gut and something she sometimes forgets, her huge wobbling fat ass. She gets so turned on and so out of control in this video, she even breaks her coffee table and her shock is amazing. This video is a must have and you need to buy it RIGHT NOW, DON'T WAIT DO IT!!! IT IS SO HOT!!!😍πŸ₯΅πŸ€―🀀
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