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  1. After selecting the videos I want and go to my cart and press checkout the option for payment info is not there at all. So I can not click on CCBill. What do I do?
  2. I just tried to checkout to buy some videos but it does not give me the option to put in my payment information. Only things on the checkout page is coupon code option, accept terms box, place order and pay button, and the break down of what videos I am trying to purchase on the right side. But the part where I put in my payment info is not there at all. What do I do?
    One can only imagine how insanely hot it was to see such a gigantic, rotund, jiggling, wobbling hog jumping up and down at that trampoline park. Every inch of lard jiggling as you went up and down. Beads of sweat pouring off of your beating red face. Your clothes barely able to contain all of that jiggling fat, your gut maybe even popping out of your shirt bouncing up and down for everyone to see. Being completely worn out and drenched in sweat afterwards and having to stop at multiple fast food places on the way home to replenish your energy and satisfy your gluttonous appetite until you got home to stuff and play with yourself into a orgasmic food coma bliss thinking of what happened. And this video certainly puts that imagery into overdrive making it even more incredibly hot and sexy. The way you describe the physical and sexual feelings and urges your gigantic wobbling jiggling body makes you feel is amazing. This is definitely a must buy even without the rogo sale attached to it. BUY IT NOW!!!😍πŸ₯΅πŸ€―🀀❀️
  3. OF COURSE I AM EXCITED!!!!!😍❀️πŸ₯΅ And for a request I would again love to see some more roleplaying scenarios whether you are playing off of one another or a POV where you two are addressing the viewer, maybe with huge stuffings added in leaving the two of you with massive stuffed guts pinned to the couch, seat, or bed rubbing your own bellies and each others with sexy fat chat as well. And as a request/suggestion, maybe trying a more elaborate played out roleplay scenario where you two are being more mobile and not just sitting on the bed the whole time. What I mean as more elaborate and played out are videos like Ivy Davenport and Ivy and Friends videos as examples. I am only suggesting this because I remember how your Lucious collab videos did not sell as well as you would have liked and how bummed you were when that happened. Don't get me wrong, your Sorority Sisters roleplay video with MissSugarPlumpFairy from last time is insanely hot and I love it and both videos yours and hers seemed to have sold very well. I just think a more elaborated played out video would make things even hotter and maybe sell even more. But only if that is possible since it is just the two of you shooting these videos and there is only so much just the two of you can do on your own.☺️❀️
  4. There has been something I have been wondering about for a while now. As far as I know, it has been a long time since you have done a weigh in. I know you wanted to reach 300lbs by the end of last year. And now you want to gain 30lbs in a month. Will we be getting a weigh in video soon to see where you are? To see if you are over or under 300lbs and by how much. 😁❀️
  6. POV Feedee Feeder/BF Roleplay scenarios like you being skinny and athletic when you first started dating then jump to present day and you are massive in outgrown food stained clothes gorging on massive amounts of food until you are delusionally full unable to move with fat talk and oil belly rubs. Or Feedee patient Feeder/FA Doctor POV Doctor appointment where either he is either secretly encouraging you to get as massive as possible and is so turned on and proud when you come in bigger than ever before each time he sees you and you want to gain as much as possible for him or he lectures you for always gaining so much weight each time you see him but you know he loves it and you finally get him to admit it and show off your massive body for him and he finally gets his hands on you and admit he wants you much bigger. POV Roleplay videos are my favorite kind of videos.😍
    Such a rare sight seeing such a Fat Hog like Casey actually finding the energy and will power to actually clean herself. It must be such tiring work having to try to just hold up and move all that wobbling jiggling fat she has packed onto herself let alone try and reach every inch of that massive ever expanding mass of lard she calls a body. If only she had someone special to be there for her so she did not have to exert so much unnecessary energy. Someone who could reach every last wobbling jiggling filthy inch of her with ease and pleasure. But who would want to be there for and make sure to clean and feed and pleasure such a fat, round, gluttonous, disgusting, insatiable, sex driven hog, society calls a woman?! I would 😈 πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅πŸ˜«πŸ€―🀀
  7. Have you and your feeder ever thought about you collaborating with other models on videos? If so, which models and why? What are some of you and your feeder's biggest fantasies/goals that you have not achieved yet but wish to do so in the future? And how far away to some of them do you and your feeder think you are? What are some video ideas that you and your feeder have not done yet that you wish to do at some point? Roleplaying? POV? Public? Having gained 150+LBS in a the span of just one year, do you and your feeder want to slow down your gain and enjoy the size you are at for now? Or continue to try and gain as much as possible? I know the answer of this question very much depends on the results of the doctor visits you just had during your content break and I am sure you will be making a video all about that soon if you haven't already. Do you think that you have missed out on anything during this extreme transformation/journey because of it happening during the pandemic/quarantine? Like going out to eat all the time? Wearing tight or outgrown clothes in public because nothing else fits? Reactions from strangers in your tight or outgrown clothes or you stuffing your face at a restaurant or buffet with your massive stuffed gut hanging out afterward waddling back to the car? Reactions from people you know as you gain, outgrow clothes and lose more and more mobility rather than not seeing them for long periods of time and gaining a lot in between? Or do you think you did not miss out on anything because you would not have started and or have been able to reach such a extreme weight gain otherwise and being just the two of you made it more personal and intimate? Having gone through this journey and been able to fill out some of your darkest fantasies and become so huge, have you developed any desire to become a feeder or gaining coach/mentor yourself and help another get as big as you like your feeder/bf did for you? If so, would you want a female or male gainer/feedee to help fatten up?
  8. I absolutely loved this interview, it is AMAZING!!!!! The interviewer was so kind and open and supportive to you and that was great to see. And getting to know you and your thoughts on this fetish even more than I already did was amazing and very hot as well. Hopefully others who have this fetish that have their insecurities about it are inspired to get involved or more involved and one day embrace this side of themselves like you have. There may not have been a video like this back when you first started out but hopefully this will be that video for so many who have the chance to see it on yt or any other site this podcast is available. Amazing job Casey, keep being the amazing and beautiful person that you are inside and out. 😊❀️
    Seeing how far that you have come in just one year is astonishing to say the least. Going from a skinny health nut vegetarian two years ago, to finding someone special that shares your fetish as much as you do and for the two of you to end up together and start this insane journey together is amazing. And all the while sharing it with the rest of the community through all of these absolutely incredible and insanely hot videos, that are just as good if not better than the last, is an honor. I know that depending on the results from your doctor visits you have coming up, you will either continue going as hard as you have or more than likely easing back the level to which you and your feeder fatten you up. But regardless of what happens, it has been an amazing journey so far and I can't wait to see where it goes from here. 😊
    All of these remake videos are absolutely amazing and incredibly hot!!!! To see you 100+LBS bigger and tackling these stuffings again with even more food than before and a side by side at the end of each of them is stroke of genius especially leading up to your one year gainiversary!!!! You and your very talented and loving feeder keep up the amazing work!!!! I can't wait to see the damage you have done to your once tine tiny skinny body when you finally weigh in!!!! And how much larger you are a year from now on your two year gainiversary!!!! 😍
  9. I tried to use a Vanilla Visa Gift Card to purchase some videos. But when I pressed the place order button a notification popped up saying that it can not be processed and to try a different payment method. I tried pressing the button a few times when it initially happened and the notification kept popping up even though the information is correct and the card is activated with the full amount on there and it exceeds the amount of the videos. I called the support number and it gave me a option to register the card for online use and using at a gas station and I did what it said. I want to try and see if it works now but I am afraid of doing so and it not being able to process again and being labeled as fraud. What do I do? What is going on? Please help. UPDATE 3/12 2:44pm EST: I just tried and use the Vanilla Visa Gift Card to buy the videos and it worked and was completed. Is there any way that I can know for sure that it went through and I don't have anything to worry about. Thanks. 😊
    Naughty greedy gluttonous horney Casey, when she puts her mind to something there is nothing and no one that can stop her. If that professor of her's thinks his 400lb wife is huge, he hasn't seen nothing yet. Casey was just a tine tiny twig of a thing when she first walked into her professor's class freshman year, 120-130lbs. And just one short school year and summer break later and now look at her. She has gained over 150lbs and is waddling in at nearly 300lbs. She has had to have her uniform replace multiple times over the course of last school year and had to go up multiple sizes once she came back from summer break. Ever since this school year started she can't possibly waddle her fat ass around campus like she use to just a year ago. She is forced to take the shuttle bus around campus all the while stuffing her fat face with junk food from the many food halls and vending machines around campus. By the time she gets to her last class of the day she is practically ready to burst out of her uniform, which has happened on numerous occasions to both her and her favorite professors delight. But her rapid weight gain does not stop just short of 300lbs oh no, she is determined to surpass her professor's wife's massive 400lb frame. That means gaining over 100 more pounds and then some. But don't think that will stop Casey, she loves her ever growing body and all the physical and mental challenges that come along with it. What will her fat loving perverted professor think of her at the beginning of next school year when Casey rides in to her professor's class on her motorized scooter at a staggering and floor shaking weight of 450lbs, wearing her special custom made 5XL uniform that has already become too ill fitting for her massive round frame? And her scooter's large front basket filled with junk food, soda, and greasy fattening meals still steaming hot from her recent visit to the nearby mess hall where she had been stuffing her face for three hours straight before coming to class. And yet she will still be cramming food down her jiggling gullet due to her nearly insatiable appetite and endless need to get even fatter for not just her professor but her own sexual desires. Will the professor leave his soon to be twig of a wife for his ever growing whale of a student Casey? How can he resist? Could you? Congrats Casey, you have out done yourself yet again with another insanely hot must buy video. That school girl outfit has been tucked away in that closet of yours for far too long, but that is okay. Just think, this may be the last time you ever wear it with how much weight you are continuously packing on these days. By the end of the year, heck maybe even by the end of the summer I am sure that outfit will be long past ever fitting that sexy body of yours. I can't wait for Part 2 of this video, I bet it will be even better than this one. 😍😁😈
  10. Have you seen DestructiveOrgy's morph of you on DA yet? If not, you should it is amazing.😍
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