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  1. It really sucks to hear whenever these sort of things happen whether it be fraud accounts or piracy. I had a girl I went to school with who is apart of this community, she is a feedee. And about six months ago I came across an account on F of someone supposedly in Nevada that was using photos of her's, some revealing shall I say photos she had posted on tumblr a few years prior. We had a bit of a falling out a couple of years back and we had not talked to each other since. But I knew I had to contact her and let her know. I went on social media and contacted her and let her know and gave her the account information. She was grateful and I assume she made sure it was handled. I had never known anyone who's identity and or photos that were used to catfish people before, it was shocking. You give so much to us and put so much into your clips and your Curvage Casey brand. Having clips leaked on other sites is unfortunately unavoidable, people will find away to get a hold of them and post them else where. Does not make it acceptable or right, but it is apart of how things seem to go. But posting your bonus clips, which are revealing, that is something that goes from something unfortunate that happens to just messed up. I know there is a no revealing clause if you will when it comes to models' content here on Curvage and that is why your main videos do not have any. But there is also you not necessarily wanting to have it in your videos either. If you did, you would be posting videos places that do allow it, which you don't. And you only send those sorts of videos as bonus clips at times. To post those is just a straight up violation of your trust and wonderful nature to do something like that. It really sucks that all of this has happened to you. I am just glad this has not scared you away or deferred you in what you do with making video and communicating with your fans. If getting rid of bogo sales and bonus clips is what needs to be done, than so be it. (Though something I just thought of as I am typing, does this also include the fan of the week idea you have recently came up with and initiated or is that not affected it?) On to some more positive subject matter. I am definitely looking forward to purchasing your new health update video and your thanksgiving video that will be coming out soon. Will probably buy them sometime next week. How is your weight gain coming along? Are you hitting your goals and do you think you will reach 300lbs by the end of the year? I really hope so. If I am not mistaken, but are you also moving soon? If so, how is the move going along? It must be really tiring, especially for a fatty like you. How is your journey to becoming a full on doctor coming along? I hope it is going well.😊 P.S. Sorry for not being as active lately. Between work and recently getting a new video game, I have not been commenting, posting or reviewing as much. I know you will so that it is no big deal, but I feel like I am missing out on things and miss talking with you and seeing all the amazing photos and posts you post on your page and forum as they are being posted. Will try and be more active starting with this post. 😊
  2. You have changed so much these last few years whether it is packing on 150+lbs on to your body or the truly pig like behavior and appetite that you have developed more and more as you continue to grow bigger and bigger. Breaking that coffee table is only the beginning soon it will be a chair, a couch and even that bed of yours. The bigger the hog, the bigger the furniture that will break. 😈
    Big fat wobbling Casey, she has changed so much in these last few years. Not only has she packed on 150+lbs and tripled her size from the once skinny fit stick figure crossfit competitor she once was. But she has grown into such a fat piggy both on the outside and even more so on the inside. Her appetite has become insatiable. Her sex drive has gone into overdrive, she can't even go to sleep at night without stuffing and masturbating into a delirious bliss like state, passing out rather than actually going to sleep. She is amazed and so incredibly turned on realizing how big she has gotten and how much bigger she continues to become. There is her huge jiggling udders, her big hanging gut and something she sometimes forgets, her huge wobbling fat ass. She gets so turned on and so out of control in this video, she even breaks her coffee table and her shock is amazing. This video is a must have and you need to buy it RIGHT NOW, DON'T WAIT DO IT!!! IT IS SO HOT!!!😍πŸ₯΅πŸ€―🀀
  3. We all comment on how incredibly sexy your body is on such a frequent basis. But don't let that make you think we don't love everything about you, including that beautiful face of yours. You are so incredible beautiful and sexy inside and out from your kind, caring, generous, inclusive attitude/behavior to your incredibly beautiful and sexy body, head to toe, including that beautiful round face of yours. It sucks you are not feeling that way right now, hopefully that will change soon and you see the beautiful person we see from head to toe, inside and out. Always beautiful and sexy.😊πŸ₯°πŸ˜
  4. Yet another amazing and incredibly hot video Casey. Hearing about your friends and family reacting and commenting about your weight and your reactions to them is so incredibly hot. If only they knew how their comments, which are meant to sham and guilt you to "turning your life around" and losing weight, really made you feel. How their comments just make you want stuff that fat face of yours even more and make that fat body of yours even rounder and jiggle and wobble even more. And to one day make them watch as you waddle your massive body into the room and see their shocked and speechless reactions to what you have become all the while not knowing how their comments unknowingly motivated you to become this way. I can picture it now, and I can't wait for that day to come and to watch as you along the way as you stuff, binge and gorge your way to that reality and hear about their reactions to the massive barely mobile whale that you have become.😍
    Poor fat horny Casey, she just can't escape the nearly constant lectures and subtle yet not so subtle jabs about her weight and how the people in her life are so worried about her. They ask her, "are you okay?" "are you depressed?" "should you really be eating that/eating that much?" They think that this will get poor Casey to feel guilty and try and "turn her life around" and try and lose the 150+lbs that she has gorged, binged, chugged and force feed on to her once tiny stick figure athletic body and be the girl they once knew and were so proud of. But as we all know that will never happen, Casey is far to gone to ever remotely go back to who she once was. This just turns her on too much, she can't even go out with friends with out them making a comment on her weight and it turning her on so much, she just has to stuff her face and get herself off as soon as possible. In this video, Casey can't help but to get herself so incredibly turned on and excited when talking about some of these incredibly hot interactions she has had lately with her friends and family when it comes to them commenting about her weight after not seeing her in a long time whether it be months or even years prior to her massive gain and change in life style. I highly recommend this video to anyone reading this, like all of Casey's other videos, this one is so incredibly hot, it is a must buy, trust me. 😍
  5. Sorry about missing this one, was not in the creative writing mood. But I did buy your evil feedee and outgrown halloween costume videos last night. I will be watching those soon along with the fat shaming by friend video which I have yet to come around to watching yet. Really looking forward to all three. 😍πŸ₯΅πŸ€―🀀
  6. If I had to guess, I would say 14 tacos. But I dare you to eat more.😍😈
  7. Poor, poor hopelessly fat, hungry and horny Casey. You can't help but to stuff and fuck yourself silly every single day of every single week of every single month. You have gotten to the point that you are literally pushing that fat body of yours to it's limits and causing your hips and skin to hurt from all the constant gorging, gaining and expanding you are putting it through. You can't even go out into public with at least some of that fat jiggling body of yours hanging out or ready to burst out at any moment whether it is your bottom belly sticking out of your shirt, your top belly oozing out of the space between your top and skirt, your fat udders spilling out of any top or dress you wear or that fat ass bursting at the seems of your bottoms. Every night you leave yourself in a food and masturbation induced stupor unable to move due to the every expanding girth and packed gut pinning you down like the horny massive beached whale you work so hard to become. Even though you want to continue to stuff that fat face and rub and vibrate that fat pussy, you eventually can't even muster the energy to do it anymore. You wear and stuff yourself out of any little energy that fat, round, jiggling, wobbling out of shape piggy body has left in it after you gorged and chugged 150lbs+ onto it over the last few years. If only you had someone to be there for you. Someone who could continue to fatten you up and force you to binge even more, even when you think you might lose consciousness at any moment. Someone to treat you like the prized hog you are, to lead you to the scale and see what progress his fat hog has achieved and punish you when you just haven't gained enough to his liking. Someone to grab you by the back of the head and force your fat face into that 3rd cheesecake of the day, even after eating loads of pizza, burgers, fries, and fried chicken all day long with 3 pitchers of heavy, thick, calorie ridden weight gain shake to along with it. Someone to parade you around town in ill fitting clothing because a piggy like you does not deserve to allowed to wear clothes that fit, you are just going to out grow them soon any way. And when the day finally comes that you reach mobility debilitating weight where you simply can not get out of your pig pen(that is what you call your bed). He then grants you with that big shiny 1st Place blue ribbon for being the fattest greediest most insatiable pig of all. But you won't even care will you? What will a hog or rather blob like you do with a blue ribbon? Food is all you care about, food and sex, food and sex that is and will always be top priorities for a big fat hog like you. As you read this you fupa is completely soaked and you have already begun to touch yourself over all of this because it turns you on so much. And the reason that it does is because you know it is true. You know you want are all those things and you want all the rest to become your reality. Now, after you finish yourself off, go into the kitchen and make yourself a nice thick pitcher of the most calorie filled weight gain shake possible along with two pints of ice cream and then come back and stuff yourself silly and rub that fupa and don't stop until you either physically can't reach it anymore because your gut is too massive, or you simply don't have any energy left to bring yourself to move anymore from being so incredibly stuffed and worn out like the good hog that you are and future whale you rub yourself out to one day becoming. NOW FEED 😈
  8. 1. I would love to see Casey reach 600lbs one day. 2. My dream stuffing with Casey would include cake and weight gain shakes 3. First position I would fuck Casey in would be Doggy position as she stuffs herself with food without using her hands. Then switch over to cowgirl as she continues to stuff herself with her hands. Then switch to missionary as I force her to eat more even though her gut is packed rock hard with so much food already. 4 & 6. Depending on the mood we are in, but most of the time dom, making her stuff herself beyond her limits on a continous basis and fat shaming and or fat worshipping all the while. 5. Contrast, but she will need to gain quite a bit more for the contrast to be significant. She is heavier than me now, but not as much as it will need to be to have a huge contrast between us. 7. If I had only one night with Casey, with it being in COVID times in mind, it would entail hoping from one fast food chain to the next ordering a bunch of food at each and once she is done with one go straight to the next. And as she eats each meal, fat shame or fat worship her and her sexy body, belly rubs, feeding her and making out. And after she thinks she has reached her limit, go to one more place and order a bag or two worth of food and force her to eat that. Then drive her back to her place, help her inside with her fat gut hanging out of her top as I do. Get her inside and plop her on the couch and depending on what she is wearing, help her out of any tight clothing. Find a movie or tv show to watch and give her a nice sensual belly rub with lotion or oil as she digests all the food packed tightly in her gut. Then once the movie or a couple of episodes of the show are done, have some desert delivered using doordash or grubhub, make a picture of weight gain shake and things get hot, sexy and chocolate and weight gain shake covered from there. 8. My favorite video of Casey's so far has been the becoming a pig series, they are all so hot I am not sure which is my favorite. 9.My dream clip would have to be a roleplay pov video where the viewer is her feeder/bf and it starts out with pictures and maybe some video of Casey when she was skinny and or JUST starting out gaining and voice over from Casey talking out how skinny and fir she was and how you(the viewer) and her started dating and how you revealed to her how you like big women and how she was not so sure about possibly gaining at first. But after a while she fell in love with stuffing herself, her growing body, how freeing it was to not have to exercise and watch what she ate, and how much you loved it and made her eat more and more and how much it turned both of you on. Then it cuts to present day, it is your's and Casey's two year anniversary of dating/gaining, she has gone from a 115lbs fit crossfit competitor to now being a nearly 300lbs fat, lazy, out of shape insatiable hog who constantly is pouring out of she ill fitting clothing, that is when she bothers to wear some that fit her and don't have food stains all over them. Though she barely leaves the house anymore in order to have to wear any in the first place. She is almost always incredibly horny and begging you to fuck her in between and most of the time during she countless food binges. You walk into you and Casey's home with a bunch of food in hand, adding to the mountain of food she as already been gorging on all day so far. You find her in her usual state, that being beached on the couch pinned down by her own weight stuffing her fat face where wearing food stained ill fitting clothing with her fat gut completely hanging out and her fat udders nearly pouring out of her top. You give her the bags of food, which she thanks you for with a mouth full of food. She is so glad you are home, especially with more food to eat. She gets into how much she loves to eat, how fat she is, how skinny and fir she once was and how you changed all of that and how grateful she is for it and how much she loves you for it. And then she goes into talking about how she does not want to stop, she wants to gain so much more weight and how you are going to help her in doing so like you have done so far. But it has not been enough, she needs more food, more sex, and to get bigger and bigger as fast as possible. The video ends with her calling you over to give her a belly rub and as you do, she expresses how stuffed she is, how she does not want this to stop and how much fatter you are going to make her, 400lbs, 500lbs, 600lbs, immobility she can not wait.
  9. You always need to plan for growth and get 2 or 3 sizes bigger than what you think you are. Then if it is loose than it still fits and you have room to then outgrow it. 😁 And I HAVE to see this tight costume in action. Take some pics with it on and post them on here. Or have you ripped it already piggy?! 😲🀭🐷
    To be completely honest, all of your videos are amazing and I look forward to and wonder what your next amazing video will be about. But the videos I have been most looking forward to lately is the next installments of this insanely hot video series "Becoming a Pig." And boy does this new installment not disappoint. This is so insanely hot and turns me on so much!!! If anyone is reading this to decide whether or not to buy this video, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING READING THIS BUY THE VIDEO NOW IT IS SO HOT!!!! Not only is this video series and this video in particular insanely hot, but it is another great way for Casey to be really packing on the pounds. She has been talking about lately how when she was first starting out, she gained weight incredibly fast but after gaining 100lbs she felt like her gaining slowed down and was not gaining as much as before. But lately, her gaining has rocketed back up to where she was at the start of her gaining and is packing on the pounds like crazy. So as this video series continues, she is going to get way bigger each time and the videos are going to become more and more insanely hot then they already are. BUY THIS VIDEO NOW!!!!😍
  10. Too bad you don't have a roommate, they would be getting one hell of a show right now!!! I know I would absolutely love to see it!!! 😍🍿 And would love to be called up to participate?! I sure as hell would love to do that as well!!!πŸ·πŸ·πŸ•πŸ”πŸŸπŸ©πŸ₯΅πŸŽ‚πŸ¦πŸŒπŸ€―🀀
  11. A Casey fantasy of mine would to become your feeder/bf and make you eat an insane amount of food all day long until you feel like you are going to explode by the end of every single day. To make sure all of your sexual desires and urges are met and that you are left satisfied physical and emotionally every single night as you pass out into a major food and sex induced coma. And every two weeks get to see you waddle and jiggle your ever growing body up to the scale and see the number get higher and higher each time 270lbs,285lbs,305lbs,330lbs, 365lbs,395lbs,420lbs,450lbs and so on and so on. You will outgrow your clothes so often, we will not be able to keep up with your ever expanding body and you'll have no choice but to at times go out in public with way to small clothes on and your fat utters pouring out of your top and your massive gut hanging out of the bottom them since the shirt will only go half way down your fat wobbling gut and it will be for all to see, but especially me. This will continue and as you grow fatter and become even larger and more insatiable. Then the inevitable day will come, a day we have strived and saved up for, for so long, the day we will have to get you a Bariatric Hospital Bed with a built in scale because you'll be to massive and out of shape to get yourself out of bed let alone have a scale other than the one built into the bed that could even properly weight your fat ass. At this point, you'll be wearing nothing but bed sheets since that will be the only thing that will cover you properly. And as you get bigger and bigger cleaning yourself will get harder and harder until you will need help reaching all the massive expanse of flesh you simply can't reach on your own when in the shower and once your in your Bariatic Hospital Bed, I will give you sensual and thorough sponge bathes to keep your jiggling wobbling flesh nice and clean. Then there is the added challenges there will be to satisfy you as you get larger and larger. Getting to your fupa will become more and more of a challenge as your massive gut becomes larger, rounder, heavier and harder to lift up and your thunder thighs turn to tree trunk thighs and the space between them gets smaller and smaller but also gets wetter and wetter as you are turned on more and more by your ever expanding girth. But the harder it gets to reach that fat juicy fupa the more motivated and determined I will be to reach it and satisfy you as you continue your non stop bingeing on the mountains of food laid out around and on top of you. And of course we can not leave out your adoring fans on the fun as we continue to make the amazing content that they have come to enjoy from you. But all the while as they get off to your videos and photos as you continue to pack on the pounds and are pushed past your limits, by yours truly, I will get the best seat in the house, right by your ever growing side. 😈πŸ₯΅πŸ€―🐷😍
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